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Saturday, October 25, 2014


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With the General Election now 11 days away, GoLocal is bringing you the daily campaign updates of note -- who's getting new endorsements, bringing in money, or making big, bold announcements, with all eyes on November 4.

In today's Scoop, Jorge Elorza’s campaign has asked the state Board of Elections to investigate possible ballot tampering, Allan Fung tours Brutopia, and more.


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Elorza Campaign Calls on Board of Elections to Investigate Possible Ballot Tampering

Jorge Elorza’s campaign has asked the state Board of Elections to investigate possible ballot tampering by Vincent Cianci’s campaign and to increase monitoring of voter fraud in the Providence mayoral race.

Elorza spokesman David Ortiz asked the Cianci campaign: “Given your previous campaign history of mail ballot tampering and voter fraud, can you assure Providence voters that there are no unlawful activities occurring from people associated with your campaign this time? If so, what is the oversight involved?”

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Fung Tours Brutopia

Republican candidate for Governor Allan Fung visited Brutopia to discuss his plan to create jobs in Rhode Island.

“It takes leadership and real experience to help small and medium sized businesses grow,” said Fung.  “My record in Cranston is evident in companies like Brutopia. Most importantly, the jobs created by Brutopia are local jobs. We are not creating jobs in other states.”

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Citizens Concerned About Casino Gambling Responds to Rhode Island State Council of Churches' Support

Citizens Concerned About Casino Gambling (CCACG) released the following statement in response to the RI State Council of Churches statement urging voters to reject Question 1.

CCACG Campaign Coordinator Liz Taber, said:

“This week, the Rhode Island State Council of Churches released a statement urging voters to reject expanded gambling in Newport.

Citizens Concerned About Casino Gambling heartily agrees with the RI State Council of Churches. Casinos tax revenue is a deplorable mechanism to raise public funds. Enough is enough. With the saturation of the casino industry and a negative credit rating from Moody’s, it is clear that gambling is yesterday's solution to today’s economic challenges.

According to the study, Why Casinos Matter, casinos depend 40% - 60% on problem gamblers for their own revenue. It is deplorable that in this way the state must stand on the shoulders of problem gamblers in Rhode Island for funding. Additionally, this questionable revenue stream is mostly taken from middle and low-income populations. According to the same study, working and middle class individuals are being drained more and more by regional casino gambling. Women, low-wage workers and retirees represent a disproportionate share of casino revenue. A vote to reject question 1 is a vote to further defend Rhode Island’s hard-working citizens from State supported casino gambling.”


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Mitchell Files Complaint with Rhode Island Board of Elections

Campaign Co-Chair of Friends of Marcus Mitchell filed a complaint with the Rhode Island Board of Elections on behalf of write-in candidate Marcus Mitchell, identifying specific violation of Rhode Island campaign finance laws against Councilman Kevin Jackson.

The complaint states that Jackson has continued to spend money on his re-election campaign against write-in candidate Marcus Mitchell, while failing to disclose any expenditure - directly violating Rhode Island law.

Mitchell stated: “I have mounted a write-in campaign because there are too many critical issues at stake in our community.  Compliance with campaign finance laws is a critical part of restoring the public’s trust in City Hall and is necessary to ensure open and accountable government.”

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Filippi To hold Press Conference Against Copar Quarry

Independent candidate for the Rhode Island House of Representatives in District 36, Blake Filippi, will hold a press conference regarding the steps that will be taken to further regulate, and enforce existing regulations against, Copar quarry on October 27 at the Bradford Preserve at 1:30 pm.


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