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Side of the Rhode: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in RI Politics?

Friday, December 31, 2010


Who’s Hot

Matt Jerzyk -> The Rahm Emmanuel of Providence politics, Jerzyk is well-deserving of a role in the Angel Taveras administration. He’s a polarizing figure, but he got in with Taveras early and you can’t question his ability to construct a nearly-flawless campaign.

Mike Chippendale and Patricia Morgan -> The Republican State Reps-elect deserve credit for making election reform a hot topic this week. They seem authentic when they say now is the time to change the system. Of course, you have to wonder if they would be singing a different song had their guy won the governor’s race.

Brett Broesder -> Nice to see another Rhode Island College grad get a job with the Attorney General-elect. By all accounts, Broesder is a class act and will do an excellent job as Peter Kilmartin’s Director of Policy.

Lincoln Chafee -> Chafee takes a pounding from a lot of the media, the Governor-elect has done a nice job of bringing leaders from both sides of the aisle together in attempt to move the state forward. Now if he could just a few more minorities…

David Cicilline & Patrick Lynch -> Kudos to the outgoing-Mayor of Providence and outgoing-Attorney General for leading the way to help Joe Fernandez retire $100k in campaign debt. His family doesn’t deserve any more stress.

Providence Community Health Centers -> This incredibly important organization deserved the praise it got in the New York Times this week. Nobody does more to help ensure that both children and adults can receive medical care when they need it.

Who’s Not

Angel Taveras -> Because of his Matt Jerzyk appointment, you’re stuck with my Hot or Not list from now on.

Keith Stokes -> After all of that talk about bringing the America’s Cup to Newport, how do you miss the deadline on your proposal? Why can’t our state get its act together?

City of Woonsocket -> There are a number of cities struggling in the state, but sadly, Woonsocket could be the next Central Falls.

The Coalition Against Domestic Violence -> Domestic Violence is at an all-time high in our state. Enough said.

Rhode Island Department of Corrections -> Peter Pytka wasn’t on suicide watch when he killed himself in a jail cell Thursday morning. This after he was arrested just before a suicide attempt after he murdered his wife. Again, why can’t our state get its act together?

Providence Journal -> Ted Nesi says the Journal is only worth $51 million. This after being sold (along with its TV station) for $1.5 billion in 1997. Hard times for the newspaper that still has a lot of good people over there. 


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