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Side of the Rhode: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in RI Politics?

Friday, April 13, 2012


Who's Hot

Anthony Gemma -> The only question about Sunday’s “major announcement” is whether Gemma’s Facebook friends in Switzerland, Australia and Zimbabwe will be able to view a live stream somewhere on the Internet. All kidding aside, the combination of Gemma’s bank account and the Congressman’s approval numbers must have the Cicilline campaign concerned, even if they don’t want to admit it.

Rep. Donald J. Lally and Sen. Erin P. Lynch -> They’re not household names in Rhode Island politics, by Rep. Lally and Senator Lynch led the way last year on moving the presidential primary to the end of April in hopes it might bring candidates to the Ocean State. Clearly that strategy worked.

Don Grebien -> The Pawtucket Mayor has asked the Governor to allow his city, Central and East Providence to share municipal services, which could be the first step toward regionalization throughout the state. Kudos to Mayor Grebien for understanding that both his constituents and residents in neighboring communities will be better off if cities and towns can work together.

Mitt Romney -> The almost-certain Republican nominee for President made a stop in Rhode Island this week, a move that all but guarantees a landslide victory for him on April 24. It will be interesting to see if he’ll make any trips to the Ocean State during the general election.

Soren Ryherd and Allan Tear -> Congratulations are in order for the two winners of the Rhode Island Foundation’s $300,000 Innovation Grants. Ryherd and Tear are perfect examples of entrepreneurs who have the passion to make a difference in this state and the ability to make it happen.

Michael Riley -> The Republican challenger to Congressman Langevin kicked off his campaign this week and in addition to being willing to drop $1 million of his own money in the race, it appears he may get some help from national conservative organizations as well. Langevin certainly has no reason to be scared yet, but if Riley continues to increase his name recognition, that race will certainly be worth watching.

Who's Not

Angel Taveras -> The Taveras administration may think GoLocalProv is unethical, but there’s a better description for anyone who forgets to delete 3,000 Social Security numbers from a spreadsheet before e-mailing it out: Unqualified.

David Cicilline -> The Congressman deserves credit for once again proving he is going to outraise his opponents, but it remains to be seen whether his apology has any chance of paying off. The question for him right now isn’t whether his opponents are more popular; it’s whether a path to 50 percent of the vote even exists.

Ruth Simmons -> President Simmons certainly isn’t making friends with the city on her way out the door after again criticizing Providence’s financial situation this week. It is believed that a deal between the city and Brown is imminent, but given her opposition to helping the city, it doesn’t sound like Simmons will ever have a school or library named after her.

Robert Flanders -> The decision to make Judge Flanders a featured speaker at Operation Clean Government’s candidate school later this month is questionable at best. Someone who promotes municipal bankruptcy (and makes a hefty sum doing so) probably shouldn’t be the role model for aspiring political candidates. That is, unless there is a course called, “How to destroy a city and get rich at the same time.”

Chip Hoyas -> How a guy facing 54 felonies for cashing fraudulent checks while serving as deputy chief of staff to former Senate President Joseph Montalbano could ever look anyone in the eye and request a disability pension is unbelievable.

EngageRI -> Everyone agrees that cities and towns need to do their homework before attempting to address their massive unfunded pension liabilities, but it’s wrong for this well-funded group to not endorse the Governor’s municipal relief package after he fell on his sword to support statewide pension reform last year.

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chip...my kid still wants his $$ back..and his shoes
Angel..suck it up..u people blew it not this site..fire some as*es
gemma...there's a castle in your future

Comment #1 by louis rizzo on 2012 04 13

Looks like Gemma is going to be running,good news! How can anyone vote for cicilline? He put providence on the precipice of bankruptcy!

Comment #2 by anthony sionni on 2012 04 13

Are the taxpayers still paying the parking tab for taveras staffers ? Imagine we are paying for parking for people making $175,000 a year,so much for the category 5 financial crisis.

I wonder if they lost any more checks lately,remember the 334k in checks they found a year later at inspections and standards.

When is taveras going to privatize his police detail and save the taxpayers some money? $500,000 a year to be driven around? Are you kidding me or what?

Comment #3 by anthony sionni on 2012 04 13

I didn't know Bob Flanders ruined Central Falls.

Comment #4 by george pratt on 2012 04 13


Sen. Joshua Miller—Democrat leadership

Sen. Joshua Miller, a Democrat has sponsored legislation to have the consumers of Rhode Island pick up the tab for those who don’t pay their National Grid utility bills by charging other ratepayers, rather than writing them off as bad debt. It was defeated in the house but now the Democrat leadership is working on an attempt to get it passed through the senate. The hard working consumers of Rhode Island lose.

Yet another reason to elect Republicans to the General Assembly in November.

Comment #5 by Michael Napolitano on 2012 04 13

hoyas should not even be considered for a disability pension .
with no corelation to his employment .
these fraudulent applications for disabilities make it difficult for the public to correctly view the small percentage that do sustain a lifetime disability during their employment .
whatever happened to the disgraced montalbano ? not a judgeship i hope ?

Comment #6 by vinny coia on 2012 04 13

Where do I go to DISLIKE GoLocalProv.com?

Comment #7 by Irene Walls on 2012 04 13

Wow, talk about how not to handle a data breach. fwiw, I've been unable to get comment on the breach from the mayor's office as well.

Comment #8 by Russ C on 2012 04 13

If memory serves, Hoyas was present in the car when Tom Coderre was busted for drugs.

Comment #9 by Michael Trenn on 2012 04 14

Erin P. Lynch voted yes on binding arbitration - "may the fleas of a thousand mutts infest her armpits"

Comment #10 by Odd Job on 2012 04 14

I agree with Michael Napalitano's comment about Joshua Miller and his National Greed Bill...Miller should definitely be in the NOT HOT category. The Gen Assembly should not be in the business of being a charity and mandating the people to donate...
This is against my basic freedoms and rights and yours --that I have to be forced to donate to anyone is wrong. This is enforced socialism and against our rights...This law needs to be rescinded.
However I believe Senator Dawson Hodgson should be on the Who"s HOT LIST with his term limit proposal.
On Wednesday's agenda at the state house there was legislation introduced by Sen. Dawson Tucker Hodgson, which would let voters determine whether new term limits should be instituted for RI Congress members.
Sen. Hodgson’s bill would limit Senators to two consecutive four-year terms. Likewise, Sen. Hodgson would like to limit Reps to four consecutive two-year terms..
This is what it should be...no more power holds...no more serving 32 years! You serve your 8 years, if you are lucky to get voted in all that time, and then you get out and make room for fresh faces and ideas...If you cannot get your ideas passed in 8 years, you don't deserve to serve your constituents anymore. You are there for the voters not for your own private agenda..

Comment #11 by dis gusted on 2012 04 14

How about Governor Chafee for NOT HOT this week. What was he doing in Afghanistan? Does RI NOT have enough problems for him to deal with right here? How much did that trip cost the taxpayers and what value will we get from it? He's not in congress anymore and does not influence foreign policy. Stick closer to RI where we need the leadership.

Comment #12 by Captain Blacksocks on 2012 04 20

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