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Side of the Rhode: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in RI Politics?

Friday, November 30, 2012


Who’s Hot

Ed Pacheco -> With rumors heating up about a potential run for Secretary of State, the chairman of the Democratic party had an excellent op-ed last weekend calling for changes to the way Rhode Islanders vote. Pacheco suggested in-person early voting, closing polls at 9pm, increasing the number of polling locations and more collaboration between the Board of Elections and the Secretary of State. He’s right. There is no reason voters should stand in line for hours on Election Day.

Lincoln Chafee -> It doesn’t matter where you stand on the Christmas Tree issue; Governor Chafee won the battle with radio host John DePetro this time around. By giving the press (and the public) about 30 minutes notice and lighting the tree in the middle of the day, Chafee managed to avoid having an angry mob storm the State House.

Allan Fung -> Sounds like retirees are at least willing to meet with Mayor Fung, which could mean he manages to pull off the same type of agreement Mayor Taveras was able to achieve in Providence. Fung’s ability to negotiate here may go a long way in deciding whether he runs for higher office in two years.

Lou Raptakis -> The State Senator-elect in District 33 is calling for legislation that will force convicted criminals have to serve at least half of their sentences before receiving parole. While the bill will certainly need to be refined, it could gain plenty of support in the more conservative Senate, especially with thrill killer Alfred Brissette’s name back on people’s minds.

Susan Pegden -> Congrats to the new legal counsel for House Speaker Gordon Fox. Pegden replaces John Flynn, a well-respected Fox-ally who locked up a job as a Rhode Island Drug Court magistrate.

JetBlue -> Great to finally have one of the best (and most affordable) airlines at T.F. Green. This is a big win for Governor Chafee, who is trying to convince Rhode Islanders that he can put together a plan to turn around the state’s economy

Who’s Not

North Providence Police Department -> While forcing kids to do pushups was funny (and probably appropriate), this is a black eye the police department just didn’t need. In a world where everything a public figure does ends up in the news, these officers should have known better.


James Diossa -> He’s going to cruise to victory in the Central Falls Mayoral race, but Councilman Diossa had a hiccup this week when he declined to participate in a televised debate with opponent James Moran III. The problem for Diossa is that, short of a family emergency, there is no justifiable reason for skipping out on a debate and members of the press have been correct to take him task for this.

Landmark Medical Center -> It may only be 22 jobs, but the layoffs at Landmark Hospital are just another shot at the state’s economy. More than 50 employees have been laid off the year at the Hospital, which is expected to be sold to California-based Prime Healthcare Services in the near future.

Rhode Island Economy -> Speaking of the economy, Rhode Island received yet another dismal ranking when it was rated the second worst-run state in the country by 247wallst.com earlier this week. The ranking didn’t take into account the state’s pension overhaul, but the message was clear: Rhode Island is still in desperate need of a game-changer.

Rhode Island Parole Board -> While it sounds like the thrill killer may now remain in prison, why did it take a media report for this group to make that call?


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Your article has become a must read, probably for all the wrong reasons ... It is a constant source of amusement to see just how tone deaf you are to RealPolitik in Lil Rhody .... Last week you commented on how hot Kilmartin was, for endorsing feel good legislation at the national level ... Do you think National Pols really, umm, care about Peter Kilmartins opinion on virtually anything? This, while his office completely missed the boat on the Thrill Killers Parole .. Now, you claim Ol Linc is hot, because he behaved, umm, so badly in the latest Go Around on Christmas Trees? and, after your deadline, became a National Embarassment on Fox TV? Really? and now, Pacheco, again endorsing feel good legislation (next news flash: Ed Pacheco is against Cancer) makes him "hot"?

Comment #1 by PO Taxpayer on 2012 11 30

RI economy is a nightmare,imagine another 5 or 10 years of this!

Comment #2 by anthony sionni on 2012 11 30

Not for nothing, but every person in the "hot" section, is the reason why the Rhode Island economy, is in the "not hot" section of this piece.

Comment #3 by David Beagle on 2012 11 30

Dan stop drinking the Chafee coolaid. Wow your a winner because of a coward move over a scumbag radio loser. Jet Blue flies in and that's a big deal because.... the media made it a circus. Get real. You are right on David Beagle.

Comment #4 by tom brady on 2012 11 30


Comment #5 by tom brady on 2012 11 30

It is fashionable to trash your "Hot" section, considering it is all Democrats (Can Chafee please just switch, if it walks like a liberal & talks like a liberal..) and Democrats have done nothing but express our great state to the point of ruin. Fung being the only exception, but I am sure if he seeks higher office he will land in your “Not” section. I commend you for starting this outlet, it is much better than the Projo. That being said you are a RI "news" product, which means you need to genuflect at the alter of the Democrats.

“The ranking didn’t take into account the state’s pension overhaul” that's because it will not make a DENT in an economy that taxes too much and spends more.

Comment #6 by Silence Dogood on 2012 11 30

after liatening to linc chaffe on fox and bishop tobin, chaffee perfomed very poorly. not articulate, had the facts wrong, like a spolied brat "this is wrong because i said its wrong"

on the other hand, Bishop tobin is very articulate, organized,accurate with the facts and also complmented chafee on certain aspects of his position.

the clear loser is chaffee.. he won a small battle but he clearly lost the war

Comment #7 by jon paycheck on 2012 11 30

Am I missing something? Chafee is "hot" because he gave the public short notice so they couldn't exercise their First Amendment rights on an issue which the majority of voters disagree with him?!

The fact that Chafee felt he needed to keep his constituents "in the dark" about one of his actions is more problematic than praiseworthy. I suppose Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin would be "white hot" by this standard of measurement.

Comment #8 by Todd B on 2012 11 30

Pacheco will be the second Chairman in a row who sought higher office to lose. That seat will be Terry Hassetts to win or lose. Pacheco may get the support of the party, but the voters just won't back "Baby Chair" once they get a good listen to him! Not to mention everyone seems to forget that DeRamel still may throw his name into the ring...

Comment #9 by Blais Hazelwood on 2012 12 01

Where I grew up, Chafee is a Punk A-- B---h. A winner, he is not. Hot mess, maybe.

Comment #10 by Michael Trenn on 2012 12 01

Same losers every week. The GoloCo regs who opine. It must be nice hearing the your own voice.

Comment #11 by Jonathan Flynn on 2012 12 02

Same losers every week. The GoloCo regs who opine. It must be nice hearing your own voice.

Comment #12 by Jonathan Flynn on 2012 12 02

They need to redo the code for commenting.

Comment #13 by Jonathan Flynn on 2012 12 02

I know Jonathan ... it must be tough to be soooo much smarter than ham & eggers like us ... We should just follow your lead, because, well ... 70+ years of Liberal Elitist Rule have done so much for Rhode Island! What;'s that I hear? mmmm sounds like coffee break at Pawtucket City Hall is over, Jonathan ... move along now ...

Comment #14 by PO Taxpayer on 2012 12 03

Wow, Jonathan .. sorry bout that! I see you are "self employed" working in "Government Relations" LOL ... just what type of Government Relations?

Comment #15 by PO Taxpayer on 2012 12 03

Oh? and a Brown Grad at that? Whoda Thunk? ... And the final part of the Rhode Island Trifecta ... you worked in Communications (A Senior One at that!) at a Not For Profit .... What are the odds?

Comment #16 by PO Taxpayer on 2012 12 03


Gadzooks, Mr Flynn ... Biz a little slow?

Comment #17 by PO Taxpayer on 2012 12 03

Mr. Taxpayer, you can't nationally embarrass your self on "Fox TV." Fox News, in and of itself is a national embarrassment. and, there must be quite a hair across Mr.or Ms. taxpayer's ass to do all that sleuthing. What a clever bunch you must be at the Taxpayer household and with free time and an internet connection. Happy Holidays to you and all the little Taxpayers.

Comment #18 by Jonathan Flynn on 2012 12 04

Does PO stand for impoverished or lacking in resources, such as intelligence? Or is it a grammatically incorrect abbreviation for pissed off? Don't we all love cowards who hide behind not so clever names? Is it your relatives, spouse or employer that require that you hide your name? Why is it that many of the Republican/Tea Party types refuse to use their real names? The last company I lobbied for built the State Police HQ. The last candidate I worked for was a socially liberal, fiscally conservative Republican. You know nothing about me. Please grow up or go away, Mr "PO" Taxpayer.

Comment #19 by Jonathan Flynn on 2012 12 04

Touchy! Touchy! Aaah ... Liberal Playbook Page 10 ... don't refute the facts, resort to ad hominem (sp?) attacks ... Liberal Playbook Page 15 Accept money from whomever, despite the fact that they mite differ from your cause ... Mix in the standard Tea Party association, and what ya' got? Liberal Pablum! LOL .. BTW, its sooo much fun to parry with someone with your cred's ... thanx for the reminder on how much smarter you are than the rest of us .... Did they teach u snarky at Brown? And just when are you going to derive income from the dreaded private sector?

Comment #20 by PO Taxpayer on 2012 12 05

When you lobby for a General Contractor, you are in the private sector. And I didn't differ on the cause, the cause being the fight to make the state put out public contracts out to hard bid. My success in that endeavor saved you, Mr. or Ms. Po Taxpayer, tens of millions of dollars. You're welcome, whomever or whatever you are. Use a real name or don't post. And please tell Mr. Jon Paycheck to shove it for me.

Comment #21 by Jonathan Flynn on 2012 12 05

well said po taxpayer

Comment #22 by michael riley on 2012 12 05

Other than the results Mr. Riley, how did you enjoy the election?

Comment #23 by Jonathan Flynn on 2012 12 06

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