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poll: Should Gov Candidate Ken Block Release His Tax Returns?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The only candidate -- GOP hopeful Ken Block -- that has refused to release his tax return is claiming that it will disclose confidential business information.

The failure by Block to release the info has attracted the criticism of Cranston Mayor Allan Fung's campaign manager - Patrick Sweeney. Fung and Block will face each other in September in the GOP primary.

"One of the steps we can take to restore faith in government is to voluntarily provide financial disclosure. Mayor Fung is committed to good government and transparency, which is why he released his returns," said Sweeney.

Block's Campaign Defends Decision

"Ken Block, unlike all the other candidates, actually runs a company and has a S-Corp.  The way it works, all the company's income is charged to you personally.  So his competitor could go in and look at contracts, bidding strategies, it's not something Ken's going to do," said Jeff Britt, Campaign Manager to Block.

Fung and Block battle - Conflicts v Obama

The battle over releasing tax returns is just the latest in the battle between Fung's and Block's campaigns.

"Ken absolutely agrees that when Governor, he'll release his tax returns, because he won't be running the company, and subsequently filing for the S-Corp.  Ken believes elected officials should release income tax return information so that people know our politicians don't have conflicts,"said Britt.

Similarly, Fung's Sweeney fired back, "It's bad enough that Ken Block voted twice for President Obama and supported ObamaCare, but now he's refusing to release his tax returns. This just adds to concerns that Republicans have about Ken Block. What is he hiding?"

Do you think Block should release his tax returns?


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Until GoLocalProv develops a poll where people can only vote once, this poll and the questions asked here are meaningless.

Comment #1 by Mark D on 2014 04 22

The GOP dog and pony show continues, to the amusement of few. Block cheap shots Fung for parking his car crooked, but Block, like Dirty Harry Reid, won't release his tax returns. What cha hidin' Block?

Comment #2 by G Godot on 2014 04 22

Liberals choose to vilify anyone who is successful and earns a good living. If you remember they attempted to make Romney's tax returns the smoking gun as well. This is the oldest trick right out of the liberal Democrat playbook. Then once released he can be mocked for actually working hard and earning money. The depths some campaigns go to using smoke and mirrors because their candidate lacks any real substance.

Comment #3 by Reagan Republican on 2014 04 22

Once the righties see were the liberal Ken Block stands on the all important social issues there is NO WAY he will get the GOP nomination

Ken Block on the issues....LOL
Do you support requiring parental consent before an abortion is performed on a minor? ....NO
Do you support abstinence-only sexual education programs?..NO
Do you support capital punishment for certain crimes?...NO
Should a minor who sends sexually-explicit or nude photos by cell phone face criminal charges?....NO
Do you support expanding the definition of a hate crime to include gender identity? ...YES
Do you support the enforcement of federal immigration laws by state and local police?...NO
Do you support state funding for the development of alternative energy? ...YES
Do you support enacting environmental regulations aimed at reducing the effects of climate change? YES
Do you support restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns?...YES
Do you support allowing individuals to carry concealed guns? NO
Do you support requiring a license for gun possession? YES
Do you support a universally-accessible, publicly-administered health insurance option? YES
Should marriage only be between one man and one woman? ..NO

Sammy in Arizona

NEVER FORGET in 1983 "Mr Hollywood" Ronald Reagan disarmed the Marines while ordering them into Beirut, 241 Marines died needlessly.

Comment #4 by Sammy Arizona on 2014 04 22

He Sammy if you want to pull up a dated questionnaire then Mayor Fung must also stand up to the same scrutiny.

-Allen Fung was a Democrat
-Cranston residents watched their taxes rise 30 Percent while Fung served on the City Council!
-Allan Fung is the only gubernatorial candidate to submit legislation to ban semi-automatic weapons in Cranston and call for it at the state level. He opposed 2nd Amendment rights.
- Allan Fung as a City Councilman supported giving civil rights to illegal immigrants.
-Allan Fung as a City Councilman voted to support state legislation that enabled cities and towns to implement traffic safety red light monitoring enforcement systems.
- Allan Fung as a City Councilman voted for $3,500 in new fees by voting to increase fees on businesses including the retail fee, victualing fee, salon fee, the tavern keeper fee and other fees hurting small businesses in Cranston.
-Allan Fung as a City Councilman voted to support state legislation that enabled cities and towns to implement traffic safety red light monitoring enforcement systems.
-Mayor Fung called himself an “abortion advocate” in a media interview.
-Mayor Fung donated to Angel Taveras, David Cicilline, Patrick Lynch, Harry Reid, Steven Costantino and William Irons.
-Mayor Fung worked for Sheldon Whitehouse
-Mayor Fung raised taxes 20% in Cranston
-Mayor Fung’s tax increase proposals were actually higher than what his Democrat controlled City Council approved.
-Mayor Fung relied on Obama stimulus money and praised Congressman Langevin for it.
-Mayor Fung opposed Governor Carcieri’s corporate tax cuts and estate tax cuts.
-Mayor Fung took donations from public sector union members, union leadership and even the union attorney while negotiating contracts with unions.
-Mayor Fung approved of an attack ad on his opponent the was deliberately edited out of context
-Mayor Fung took thousands in campaign contributions from the CEO of Deep Water Wind.

Comment #5 by Reagan Republican on 2014 04 22

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