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Side of the Rhode: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not in RI Politics?

Friday, September 07, 2012


Who’s Hot

Lincoln Chafee -> Governor Chafee knows he isn’t Winston Churchill, but it was nice to see him deliver a strong speech in prime-time at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night. It’s too soon to tell whether the Governor will be viable in 2014, but there is no question that year 2 has been a significant improvement over an all-over-the-place first year in office.

Anthony Gemma -> It was probably a mistake to admit that he has stopped talking about voter fraud because of internal polling, but Anthony Gemma does deserves credit for posting solid debate performances on the radio and on television this week. One has to wonder what would have happened had he run a more conventional race from the beginning.

Michael Correia -> There was mixed reaction this week to the Providence Councilman’s proposal to fine property owners who don’t take care of their property, but he certainly has the best intentions. This isn’t about the guy who forgets to cut his lawn a few weeks in a row. This is about the homeowners in the city that do nothing to take care of their property and are driving down property values in every neighborhood.

Michael Riley -> The Republican Congressional candidate in the 2nd District picked up endorsements from the two most popular Republicans in the district (Cranston Mayor Allan Fung and Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian) and he continues to put together an organization that must have Congressman Jim Langevin at least a little concerned. If Riley does go on to spend $1 million on this race, it’s going to be much closer than people think.

Paulette Hamilton -> We rarely hear about cities or towns having a budget surplus, so kudos to the North Smithfield town administrator who reports her city finished the fiscal year nearly $630,000 in the black. Whatever Ms. Hamilton and her team are doing seems to be working.

Michelle Obama -> The President delivered a memorable speech Thursday, but his wife stole the show at the Democratic National Convention this week.

Who’s Not

Providence City Council -> It’s a shame that the dispute between Council leadership and finance committee chairman John Igliozzi has led the committee to hold no serious meetings since June. With the city still facing an approximately $19 million deficit, it would be nice to see the group get past their differences and actually get to work.

Keith Stokes -> It’s nice to hear Mr. Stokes will land on his feet, but with 38 Studios still very much on people’s minds, it is concerning that he’ll now be lobbying the General Assembly. It would be nice if both and he and Governor Carcieri would talk to the public about the debacle first.

Chris Young -> He was relatively calm during Thursday’s debate, but Chris Young still managed to call for Senator Jack Reed to be indicted, promote his wedding and ask (with a straight face) whether voter fraud cost him his chance to be Mayor of Providence. Yes he provides some entertainment value, but this act is getting old.

Brian Cunha -> Rough week for the well-known lawyer, who picked up a DUI last weekend. On the positive side, with police nabbing all these public figures this year, at least we know the state is getting serious about drinking and driving.

John Arcaro -> The Pawtucket State Rep. candidate is rightfully being taken to task by incumbent Patrick O’Neill for calling same-sex marriage “sodomite marriage.” O’Neill sent out a nifty attack mailer to constituents that included the statement as well as one where he compared sending children to public schools with leaving them in an X-rated movie theatre for six hours.

Cranston Police -> It is disgusting that the majority of evidence against the man accused of killing six-year-old Marco Nieves has been thrown out thanks to reckless errors by the Cranston police. It’s going to be a real shame if he is allowed back on the streets.

Dan McGowan can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter: @danmcgowan.


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Comment #1 by robert phellps on 2012 09 07

Nice "fair and balanced" hatchet job, Dan. You failed to call me back TWICE so you would verify the 5-yr-old article the twisted quotes were taken from was a piece HIGHLY critical of supposed "Christians" who complain about how bad the world is, but take no action - political or otherwise - to fix it. With that as a target audience, it is deliberately couched in bumper sticker hyperbole. As a Christian myself, I am appalled by this behavior, which is why I stated ON RECORD at State House testimony "and also,anybody that would use any hurtful language against people and would DARE to call themselves a Christian, you give them my cell phone number, and I'm going to have a big long talk with that person. Thank you very much for your attention."
No, the hit piece isn't "nifty" Dan, it is made to look like a police sex offender bulletin and labels me "anti public education', "anti women" and "anti equal rights". I'll tell that to my PTA when I attend next Wednesday with my Haitian-born wife aand sons. Thanks again, Mr. "Fair and Balanced"

Comment #2 by Guido Fawkes on 2012 09 07

My closet brother died of AIDS, as did my uncle - one of the first 20 people in R.I. back on SEPTEMBER 11, 1985. I dedicated my campaign to him, and the "nifty" attack piece is extremely insulting to their memory, as well as my family.

To be labelled "anti" anything without research or explanation represents the ugliest form of campaigning - and "journalism."

Sorry, Dan, but your alleged "unbiased" reporting is NOT 'hot"

John Arcaro


Comment #3 by Guido Fawkes on 2012 09 07

Keith Stokes lands a job and is termed "not hot". No new information about 38 Studios, just one of our 40,000 unemployed landing a job and for that the infinite geniuses at GoLocal annoint him "not hot".

Gemma "hot" for talking about the issues in a debate and not blabbering incoherent, unsupportable rabble?

How about this, GoLocal does not cut and paste verbatim from a Cicilline press release this week - "HOT".

Comment #4 by David Allen on 2012 09 07

Mr. Riley's advertising Buffett makes Go Local hot for Riley but there's no poll to show any traction at all.his debate performances have been break even and enough to hold party loyalists, but not to grow outside the party. He says he would focus on the economy like a laser but his economic plan is an election year mush mash of "strong dollar" (meaning what?) exploiting federal lands to fund social security defiling the idea that we all contribute to it and need to earn our future benefits, and it should be worrisome to the cult of Ayn Rand who appreciate that he carries an Atn Rand Reader with him.

He easily tires of issues. He keeps belittling every other smart leader and business person in the state by claiming to be the most qualified in the state to deal with financial problems. While Gina Raimondo won her post as treasurer, Riley was running a Kara Russo like write in campaign after he lost a primary for Senate 36.

Comment #5 by Michael Gardiner on 2012 09 07

Enough of Cicilline!!!

Vote Gemma on Tuesday! We need jobs,Gemma has created hundreds of jobs!

Comment #6 by anthony sionni on 2012 09 07

Anthony, we still have no proof of creating hundreds of jobs (a lot of W-9 plumbing subcontractors) or even a plan for creating jobs (yeah, yeah, yeah, 8 pillars, blah blah blah - we hear it, but no specifics).

Neither D candidate is suited for Congress. I am just disappointed that Gemma has toned down his hot-headedness...disappointing it didnt show up more often this campaign.

Comment #7 by David Allen on 2012 09 07

The following should cool off David Cicilline:

QUESTION: Why should Matt Jerzyk and Chris Bizzaco join Cirque du Soleil?

ANSWER: Because they're flipping. Like acrobats on crystal meth.

To an audience of U.S. government employees.

Comment #8 by Charles Drago on 2012 09 07

Mr. Gardner. With all due respect, Riley is the candidate who has a chance of beating Langevin in the General. Facts are Facts. To win the election it takes cash on hand, campaign staff, organization and leadership. Money earned and raised is immensely needed to tackle the DEM machine Langevin has in his pocket. The only candidate who has a chance of taking him out of office is Mr. Riley. Truth be told, I think he has a great chance of beating him. If not he is the only GOP candidate who can make it a race.

Comment #9 by Blais Hazelwood on 2012 09 07

Way to go Mike. Riley's ads are not even cookie cutter, they are banal.

Comment #10 by Jonathan Flynn on 2012 09 08

Emetophiliacs of Rhode Island: make your way to Gemmapalooza central on Tuesday night around 9pm for the thrill of a lifetime!

Comment #11 by Edward Smith on 2012 09 08

Michael Riley is the only credible candidate for District 2 Republican primary. The other 3 candidates are just wasting my time. Kara is hung up on social issues, while Rome is burning and is here association with Chris Young kills all of her credibility. Michael Gardiner sounds more and more like a long winded liberal Democrat every time I hear him. He is clearly in the wrong party and has no support. Does he get it? Does anyone even know who Donald Robbio is? I have no time for candidates who are out to build their resume, have no support, and zero dollars. This is Congress we are talking about! Michael Riley must feel like he is debating 3 high school students who just want their names in the media. Bring on the general election and enough with the side-show.

Comment #12 by Scott Dickerson on 2012 09 08

Thanks John. Blais, I remember a very successful car dealer, Richard Lorber, spent a fortune, more than a million in the seventies, to argue his success as a very successful Cadillac dealer qualified him for Senate. From day one my opponent has shown disdain for any issue other than the economy and likened himself to a "leader of men" or a "sea captain in a storm." As he tired of discussing Women's reproductive rights, life, abortion,choice, after just a few minutes of a only his second debate, he showed that Representative in congress is not the job for him. He's smart enough, but there are other skills besides an education and career toward beating the stock market.

Comment #13 by Michael Gardiner on 2012 09 08

Thanks for bringing that up, "Edward Smith" -- as once again you demonstrate that a very, very little bit of knowledge is both a dangerous and a sickening thing.

Comment #14 by Charles Drago on 2012 09 08

@ Gardiner -You can't win an election when you're busy trying to campaign on GoLocal blogs and facebook. You need to be on the streets from 7am to 10pm everyday in the senior centers, knocking on doors, staging areas, attending fundraising events and earning GOP endorsements. All while back in the office your field staff is running strategy. Such as building a target voter universe, expanding upon it, phone banking, establishing a GOTV plan etc. Enough said!

Comment #15 by Blais Hazelwood on 2012 09 08

One more thing your policy stances put you further to the left than Diego Rivera. Become a Dem already. The RI GOP doesn't need anymore pretend members who are afraid to primary a member of the DEM machine so they jump to the GOP in hopes of padding a resume with "Candidate for Congress." Also for Christmas please ask Santa for Hooked on Phonics. Buh-Bye now!

Comment #16 by Blais Hazelwood on 2012 09 08

Poor Sionni--Butler is awaiting your admission come Tuesday. I figure it will be called and over by noon. They will be expecting you around 1pm.

Comment #17 by Blais Hazelwood on 2012 09 08

Thank goodness Anthony Gemma is in this race! I am going to vote for Anthony. After watching the three debates it has become clear that we need to vote for Anthony Gemma. David Cicillini and Chris Young are not right and the former mayor just can't answer why we should reelect him. Nor does he have an answer for the city's finances.

The former mayor also lied about locking out the city auditor. They have all the details up on projo. Check it out.

Comment #18 by John Locke on 2012 09 08

There's definitely something wrong with Gemma. I don't intend to be mean, but this isn't someone who is playing with a full deck. He seems to be very erratic, and he makes allegations that simply don't pass the smell test. I'm no fan of Cicilline, but I could never vote for a fraud like Brendan Doherty. He'll just be another of those Rethuglicans that have no grasp of real-world fiscal, economic and national security policies. The House Republican majority is a pretty hateful, mean-spirited, vicious group. They don't believe in Social Security; they don't believe in Medicare; they don't believe in global warming; they don't believe in anything rational or prudent. Empowering that group of nut cakes by electing another Republican fraud like Brendan Doherty is like Rhode Islanders putting a knife to their throats. I wish I could vote for Gemma, but he's just not dealing with a full deck. And I'd rather have Cicilline in the House representing Democratic ideals than that Fraud Doherty!

Comment #19 by paul rhody on 2012 09 09

"Paul Rhody" is the latest in -- yes, I'll write it again -- a long line of intellectual, emotional, and physical cowards who hide behind pseudonyms and do the dirty, dirty work of corrupt fools like David Cicilline.

And speaking of Mr. Pants on Fire: You do know why David Cicilline is so pissed off at Paul Ryan, don't you?

It's because Paul Ryan is the only politician in American who can cram more lies into a single speech than David Cicilline.

Can you see David Cicilline fuming in front of the TV during Ryan's speech?

"Th th... th... th... that's my gig, you bastard! How dare you out-lie me!"

Cicilline and Ryan ... the "No Truth Tour" ... coming to a holding cell near you!

Comment #20 by Charles Drago on 2012 09 09

Drago, Butler just called and related that they will have a room with a view for you and Sionni on Tuesday. It's over deal with it. Any conventional campaign would have take down Cicilline this primary. Gemma missed the memo I guess. That's why you hire real campaigners and let them tell you what you need to do to win. Maybe next time.

Comment #21 by Blais Hazelwood on 2012 09 09

One more thing Drago since you're such a fact checker. During last debate your leader gemma lied also. When questioned about fake followers, he said "I own a marketing company." Last check Alex and Ani now owns Media Peel.

Comment #22 by Blais Hazelwood on 2012 09 09

"Blais Hazelwood" --

You are lying. Or ill-informed. Or both.

I'll go with "both."

David Cicilline must be proud. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Comment #23 by Charles Drago on 2012 09 09

blais, you dont have a clue lol

Comment #24 by anthony sionni on 2012 09 09

@Blais, My op-eds in this campaign were published in Warwick Beacon, Cranston Herald, Johnston Sunrise and Valley Breeze. My debate performances are well reviewed. More than that Blais, I speak to the crisis in the GOP, the inability to actually support candidates and the tendency to react negatively toward any proposal toward governing that doesn't include the phrase tax cut or "smaller government." Most voters want good competent and effective government and a roadmap to success. Since yo won't do it and don;t want to do it, I'll do it I challenge people to watch the debate and decide. It's on turnto10.com.

Comment #25 by Michael Gardiner on 2012 09 10

I know Mike Riley and he is a man of his word. He has money and is using it to put his best foot forward. I imagine when its all said and done he doesn’t want to strike out taking a pitch and I can’t fault a man for that. It appears someone else thinks this makes him less competent. He is focused and trying to make a difference. This boy doesn’t need the job, title, money, or bs. He feels the need to make some changes and is clearly the most qualified to help Rhody. He is someone I will vote for and encourage others to do the same.

I want smaller government as well as lower taxes. Our tax dollars are being wasted and quite frankly I think Rhode Island is tired of lawyers and religion in politics. Good Luck Mike R

Comment #26 by Chris Sands on 2012 09 10

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