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Arizona Shooting: Democratic Deception

Saturday, January 15, 2011


“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. They give you opportunities to do things that you never could do before.” – Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s former Chief of Staff

Two weeks ago, exercising his frustration with the Democrats’ failure to connect with the American People, liberal Projo columnist Bob Kerr accused Republicans of playing hyper-politics by jokingly predicting that Republicans were likely to “play politics [with] the sunrise” sometime in 2011.

Either Kerr is delusional, or is practicing one of the oldest and most prolific tactics of propaganda ever devised - accuse your opponents of your own misdeeds.

Without a doubt, Kerr’s comment was frustrating for Republicans to read because, well, Democrats politicize everything. How embarrassing it will be for Kerr to be reminded that, while his comment about Republicans was made in jest, Democrats actually do politicize natural occurrences. After all, we’re talking about people who try to score political points off of hot summers and hurricanes.

In addition to the issue of global warming, the nation now knows that the Left will politicize even the slaughter of one of its own party members. Just several hours after Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head at point-blank range, scores of liberals nationwide scrambled to blame talk radio and Sarah Palin for the incident. Accusations of over-heated rhetoric, and calls for the regulation of right-wing speech, instantly saturated the media haze.

Right here in Rhode Island, the progressive Governor Chafee is using the Arizona massacre to wage a war against local talk radio. And only hours after the shooting, Brian Hull of RIFuture.org was one of the first to attack Republicans and Sarah Palin for being responsible for the incident. But, thanks to the Internet, it was quickly becoming known that Jared Loughner was a special sort of nut; that he had no ties to any conservative groups; and that one of his friends called him a “liberal” and "left wing” and “a pot head.”

Hours later, Hull’s post was conspicuously scrubbed from RIFuture.org. Hey, I wonder if the Projo could scrub all of Bob Kerr’s columns.

This is how Democrats fulfill their own calls for “toning down the rhetoric” – by charging Republicans of being accomplices to murder.

Of course, the Left’s rush to judgment was just another desperate attempt to find some actual evidence that conservatives, talk radio, and the Tea Party represent a dangerous and violent political movement – rather than just political opponents who annihilated Democrats at the polls last November.

The Left’s latest outcry and their calls for censorship against talk radio and Fox News has nothing to do with the shooting in Arizona. Rather, it has everything to do with their inability to appeal to American voters, and their compulsion to smear their opponents and shut down debate. Democrats need to establish the only political scenario that allows them to thrive – a situation where Republicans are not allowed to speak.

As this writer has said before, all liberal ire is ironic and/or phony. Democrats lie consistently by exercising selective outrage over a myriad of issues. For the past several days we have seen Democrats act appalled over nasty statements and violent metaphors used by Republicans. But for every example presented by a Democrat, Republicans returned with a similar sample committed by Democrats. In fact, the latest tally showed that Sarah Palin’s “cross-hairs map” was exhibited four zillion times on two thousand media outlets. Conservative pundits responded by presenting to the public the Democrats’ own “bull’s eye map” that was used in 2004 to target Republican-held seats.

As far as “over-heated rhetoric” goes, Democrats have some real zingers. Never accompanied by liberal outrage, of course, left-wing activists have joked about Sarah Palin being “gang-raped” and sexually groped by John McCain; they have created works of art that portray the Alaskan governor being punched in the face and shot in the head; President Bush suffered the production of T-Shirts, signs, pins, stamps, books, and movies that advocated for his assassination. DNC Chairman Howard Dean has called Republicans “evil” and “brain-dead.” And in 2005 he stated, “I hate Republicans and everything they stand for.” Liberals were curiously unconcerned with the “over-heated rhetoric” at the time. But maybe they were too busy running from al-Qaeda.

Democrats’ collection of vile words and actions is impressive. “I wish cancer on your children and their children and that you live long enough to see them die,” wrote one anonymous progressive to Central Falls School Superintendent Frances Gallo after she fired dozens of unionized teachers last year. When President Obama publicly supported Gallo, an effigy hanging of the black President was discovered in one of the Central Falls classrooms. No objections were cast by the Left’s ordinary drama queens.

After the death of Ronald Reagan, scores of progressive bloggers celebrated by saying such things as, “[Reagan] is an ugly soul burning in the deepest bowels of hell, where his fat will crackle and his bones will crack forever and ever in agony...amen.” One progressive asked, “Does anybody else love the fact that Reagan is a rotting corpse?”

Democrats are not the soft-bellied liberals that they have come to be mocked for. The Democrat Party is comprised of hard-core radicals, who are unflinching to all levels of indecency and violence, and play politics at every moment of their existence in order to survive within a center-right democracy. Concerned with the plummeting popularity of President Obama after the 2010 elections, and nostalgic over President Clinton’s ability to “reconnect” with the voters after the Oklahoma City bombing, Democratic operative Mark Penn told Chris Matthews on MSNBC that “Obama needs a similar kind of event.” Welcome to the sick and twisted mind of the modern-day Democrat.

Lies and deception are the only tools left for progressives struggling to remain competitive within a democracy marked by a conservative voting population. A recent 2010 Gallup poll revealed that 42% of Americans self-identify as conservative, while only 20% self-identify as liberal.

What else would one expect Democrats to do, but play politics with the slaying of their friend and colleague?

Travis Rowley (TravisRowley.com) is Chairman of the RI Young Republicans, and author of The Rhode Island Republican: An Indictment of the RI Left.


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