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RI Taxpayers Urges Labor Comm to Reject Binding Arbitration for Teachers

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


RI Taxpayers organization (formerly RISC) is urging members of the House Committee on Labor to reject the legislation that would extend binding arbitration rights to teacher contracts.

RI Taxpayers President Ken Block and RI Taxpayers lobbyist Lisa Blais both testified at a hearing on H-5340.

“Going to the arbitration process for teacher contracts presents a very threatening scenario for local communities at a time when they can least afford oversized contract demands that could be forced by outside arbitrators,” said Block. He is the founder of the Moderate Party and run for Governor in 2010.

“Binding Arbitration creates an end run around taxpayers—and local officials—who would lose control of contracts to outside decision makers who are not accountable to the local community,” said Block, “Reaching from Woonsocket to West Warwick, we are seeing local budgets at breaking points, and enacting this bill would only speed the pace at which certain cities and towns may reach insurmountable deficits. We urge that this legislation be rejected once and for all.”

RI Taxpayers Lobbyist Lisa Blais called it a bill that is against the best interests of local communities, specialized school programs, and students--as well as local taxpayers. “Providing for binding arbitration on fiscal matters in our public school system will result in a one-way ratchet up on across-the-board compensation packages. When this happens, it is likely that student programs deemed ‘unnecessary’ will be cut or severely diminished – that is not in the best interest of any student in our state. Furthermore, enacting this bill would result in higher pressure on cities and towns to demand increased revenues to meet the arbitrators’ contract rulings – and that is not in the best interest of taxpayers.”



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Malachi Constant

Isn't Lisa Blais the disgraced former employee of the Education Partnership who used to work for Dan Kinder, the lawyer who ran up the huge legal tab in East Providence?

No WONDER she wants to keep things the way they are!

David Beagle

She could be O.J.'s accomplice, the point is that binding arbitration is the death knell for cities and towns. Worse still for distressed cities and towns that have already been brought to their knees due to unsustainable union contracts. Of course, union hacks all think the world revolves around them.

michael riley

Binding arbitration would be incredibly hostile to the taxpayer and to many towns in Rhode Island teetering on insolvency. Thanks to RISC for testifying against this irresponsible proposal.

Mike Govern

Oh, come on... the teachers need this legislation! How else can people that work 9 months a year for an average $68K a year yet deliver a substandard product get a raise? You guys are just inhumane! It's for the kids!!!!!!

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