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Republicans and Workers Unite Against Democrats

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Last week, Rhode Island Republicans stood up in support of the Westin hotel workers, who are currently under threat of a boycott of their place of employment, which is being orchestrated by union activists and the Democratic Party.

As prominent Democrats, Unite Here 217, and socialist activists protested outside the Westin in an attempt to drive the workers’ employer out of the state (or out of business, whichever comes first), Republicans marched boldly past them to attend their State Central Committee meeting, followed by “A Night Out at the Westin” – an event sponsored by the RI Young Republicans. After their meeting, over one hundred members of the RIGOP spent several hours patronizing the restaurants and bars located within the hotel – congregating with the Westin workers, securing their jobs, and tipping them for their outstanding service.

Democrats, as predictable as the sunrise, couldn’t stand by while some people dared to illustrate that the best way to be pro-worker is to be pro-business. So, Democrats did what Republicans expected them to do. They rallied outside the Westin hotel, frantically trying to convince the public that they were fighting on behalf of workers, even as they attempted to drive another employer out of the state. They looked ridiculous.

The current Westin boycott is not a rare occurrence. Democrats and unions frequently betray the working class by forcing jobs out of Rhode Island. A state long controlled by Democrats, and largely influenced by left-wing activism, Rhode Island now has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, and is a place that Forbes Magazine calls “the worst place for business.”

Fortunately, many union members are waking up to union antics, finally realizing that the state’s fiscal desperation has been largely caused by boycotts, strikes, and union-friendly legislation passed by elected Democrats. Many of them now understand that fostering a healthy business environment is the best way to create more job opportunities, thereby pushing wages upward as employers compete for a limited supply of workers. It’s called “capitalism.” It’s called “competition.” It’s called “the American Dream.” Democrats and labor leaders despise all of it.

Along with everyone else, union workers also discovered last week that, after seven decades of Democratic control over the state of Rhode Island, one out of every seven Rhode Islanders now participates in the Food Stamp program. And if the Procaccianti Group – a world-class employer that pays the highest average hospitality salary in the state – decides to finally bail out of Rhode Island, their current employees will be the next recipients of government-subsidized food, and the latest victims of the Rhode Island Left’s economic sabotage.

Democrats are toast. People are suffering. And the jig is up.

Travis Rowley ([email protected].com) is the chairman of the RI Young Republicans, and author of Out of Ivy: How a Liberal Ivy Created a Committed Conservative.


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