video: Progressive Dems Release Elorza’s Campaign Promises on TSAs

Wednesday, January 06, 2016


The Rhode Island Progressive Democrats are saying Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza has "changed his tune" on tax breaks for developers during his Administration, and released a video on Tuesday which they said highlights the difference between Elorza the campaigner, and Elorza the Mayor. 

"We're releasing this footage now to highlight the contrast between the tone Elorza struck while campaigning and his current support for extending special tax deals," said Sam Bell.  

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"One of Providence's most absurd fiscal practices is to pass special laws saying that specific big developers don't have to pay all of their taxes.  Naturally, the developers who tend to get these deals are the ones who buy the right lobbyists, make the right political contributions, and know the right guy to call at City Hall," said Bell.

"The deals pending before the city right now are even more egregious than usual.  That's because the development has already happened," said Bell. "There's no question of encouraging development--the developers want their special tax deals to continue.  This is just giving the city's limited tax dollars to big developers.  Pure and simple."

"The consensus at City Hall right now is that residential property taxes will be raised.  We believe it is especially inappropriate to hand over three million dollars of public money to these developers when residents' taxes are going up," continued Bell. "One of the things that really inspired us about Elorza when he was running was his commitment to crack down on the abusive culture of corporate welfare.  It's very sad to see him change his tune now that he's won."


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