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PowerPlayer: Tea Party President Susan Wynne

Monday, March 26, 2012


This week’s PowerPlayer is Susan Wynne, the new President of the Rhode Island Tea Party. Ms. Wynne was kind enough to chat with GoLocalProv about her vision for the Tea Party and her goals over the next year.

1) You're the new head of the RI Tea Party. Tell us your top three priorities for this year.

  • The upcoming elections are our top priority. We will be identifying and supporting candidates who uphold our values as laid out in the Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution.
  • We will be working diligently to educate and motivate Rhode Islanders on the candidates on the local municipal, state and national level. This can be done by building strong, local tea party groups who then become involved with their mayors, city or town councilors, school committees as well as other boards and commissions.
  • We want to continue to gain the attention of the legislature. This is being done by developing working relationships with our representatives and senators and holding them accountable for their voting record as well as how they represent the people who put them in office.

2) Cities and towns are going broke and our leaders have blamed severe cuts in state in aid. What should Rhode Island do to help our municipalities?

The tragedy is that cities and towns have become so dependent on state aid over the years. This “welfare state” mentality needs to be challenged at the core. RI can help our municipalities become a business-friendly state again by dissolving the crippling business regulations. However, the truth is that RI Citizens are the ones who help their own municipalities, by electing people who will practice responsible spending. The spending spree for RI is over, raising taxes won’t fix this, it further hurts the very people who have chosen to call RI home and just like in each home in RI, when money is tight, you make cuts in spending to meet your financial obligations. We need a bare knuckle budget that eliminates as much waste or entitlements as possible, if we don’t do this now we could see many more cities and towns fail.

3) Take us through a day in your life.

After the madness of getting 2 teenage boys off to school, I make sure I incorporate a good- work out to begin my day. Add another 21 year old son and a dog to the equation and you’ll understand why exercise is necessary to keep up with all of them. Following that are the phone calls, tweets, newspapers and GA committee schedules to review. RI Tea Party always has Patriots at the State House and I try to get in there a few times a week as well.

4) There are two separate Tea Party groups in Rhode Island. Why not work together and push a unified agenda at the State House?

The fact that there are two Tea Party groups in RI is positive with each focusing on their own strengths. Our agendas are based on the same constitutional principles and can and should be considered unified. We also should remember that there are many other “good government” groups who also are on the same path, fighting the same battles.

5) Tell us something nobody knows about you.

I’m not always so serious

Quick Hitters

Role Model(s): Anyone who fights for freedom

Favorite Restaurant: It’s RI , I love them all !

Best Beach: Madawaska Lake, Stockholm, ME

Best Book You've Read in the Last Year: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Advice for the Next Susan Wynne: My goal is to make sure that my efforts produce meaningful work leading to meaningful change. Leaders who come in and contribute on very high levels always make room for the next leader to share ideas and opportunities. Wouldn’t it be great if our elected officials would take notice and do the very same?

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