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NEW: Rep. Malik Defeated by Knight in District 67

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Jason Knight

Representative Jan Malik was defeated by Democratic challenger Jason Knight on Tuesday, in the District 67 primary in Barrington and Warren.

Malik, the Chair of the House Veterans Affairs Committee and Finance Committee member, had first been elected to the Rhode Island House in 1996. 

With all four precincts reporting after 9 p.m., Knight had 865 votes to Malik’s 672, for a margin of 56.3% to 43.7%

About Knight

Knight, a former state prosecutor who garnered the endorsement of Rhode Island Working families, left the AG’s office and started his own defense attorney practice.

Malik had weighed in on some of Knight’s clients — who had charges of sexual assault, child pornography, and DUI, among others, in a GoLocal article in August. 

"I believe it is the public's right to know what a person does for a living and who that person represents," said Malik, who was first elected to the seat in 1996, on Monday. "Personally, I am very disappointed to learn about some of the clients that my opponent represents."


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Speaker Solid Night

Holding Serve for Mattiello

In a year with controversies swarming around Gallison and Carnevale, the Speaker held off challengers to more than ten of his supporters, but lost three races. 

House Majority Leader John DeSimone, Jan Malik and Eileen Naughton all were long-time House members and all were knocked off. Overall, the night was a solid night for Mattiello.

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Score Some Upsets

Sam Bell's efforts to restructure the legislature with a slate of Progressive candidates scored some, repeat some high profile upset wins, but overall did not add big numbers. The Progressive can score four high profile challenger wins, but lost in eight other races.

The big wins were Marcia Ranglin-Vassell, Moira Walsh, Jason Knight, and Jeannie Calkin.

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Morgan Takes a Hit

Morgan's Lawton Gets Beat Badly

Shawna Lawton was Rep. Patricia Morgan's candidate and was suppose to give Steve Frias a battle in the 15th District. But, in the end Frias beat Lawton 80% to 20% -- a proverbial beat down.

For Morgan who seeks to be the House Minority Leader succeeding Brian Newberry the Lawton performance is a significant setback.

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Williams Beats Developer

Controversial Williams Wins

In maybe the most toxic race was the battle between long-time and embattled State Rep. Anastasia Williams and controversial developer Michael Gazdacko. Williams is tied to a number of ethical issues and the demise of the John Hope Settlement House.

Rhode Island State Representative challenger Michael Gazdacko has been working with Lance Robbins for more than a decade starting in California, where Robbins garnered the reputation as one of the most infamous "slumlords" in the country.

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Serpa Wins

House Oversight Chair Wins

In House District 27, Pat Serpa, the new chair of the House Oversight Committee fought off a solid challenge and gave a solid win for the leadership.  

Patricia A. Serpa  454    55.1%
Nicholas E. Delmenico 370    44.9%

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Pichardo is Out

Pichardo Beat

Juan Pichardo, the controversial state senator who came under fire for his dual as chair of the Board of Licenses is out. 

Senate District 2 turned into an upset. Pichardo was heavily criticized for making political decisions as Chair of Licensing, Ana Quezada was focused going door-to-door in the district. 

Ana B. Quezada 1,157 52.2%
Juan M. Pichardo 1,060 47.8%

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Warwick Senate Upset

Calkin Winner - Bernie Legacy

One of the biggest upsets of the night -- la ong-time Warwick Senator went down in Senate District 30 in the Democratic primary

Jeanine Calkin  1,090  51.8%

William A. Walaska* 1,015  48.2%

Calkin said, "For a first time candidate like me, who is motivated to keep the political revolution alive, it is so important to have the support of a Working Families Party." 

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Frias Beats Lawton

Frias Winner - Sets Up Race With Speaker

Steve Frias crushed Shawna Lawton which sets up a battle between Frias and Speaker Nick Mattiello in November.

This was a win for GOP Chair Brandon Bell, who was all in on Frias, and passed on recruiting significant challengers for Congress to focus on District 15. 

This could be a mega-battle in November.

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Ciccone Holds Serve

Ciccone Winner - Holds Off Progressive

Senate District 7 was a battle between the old guard and the progressives and Ciccone held off DeLos Santos in the Democratic primary.

Frank A. Ciccone, III*     1,109    54.6%
Doris Mayleni De Los Santos  922    45.4%

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DeSimone Goes Down

Ranglin Winner - Biggest Upset of the Night

House Majority Leader John DeSimone appears to have been defeated. DeSimone's opponent Marcia Ranglin is claiming victory -- an epic win for the Providence School teacher. The vote in House District 5 was a surpise.

Marcia Ranglin-Vassell   611    51.1%
John J. DeSimone  584    48.9%

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Tanzi Beats Two Back

Tanzi Fights Off Two

District 34 Representative and sometimes lightning rod Teresa Tanzi has beaten two challengers - Tanzi captured nearly 63% of the vote. 

Representative in General Assembly District 34 (View votes statewide)

Teresa Tanzi*  977    51.3%

Ewa M. Dzwierzynski 469    24.6%

Rachel Clough 458    24.1%


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