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Cianci Names Cyd McKenna Campaign Manager

Friday, August 01, 2014


Harvard and MIT grad, Cyd McKenna

The Magic of Buddy Cianci seems to be back. The Buddy 3.0 campaign is going to be led by a Providence-native who is a MIT and Harvard graduate - Cyd McKenna.

McKenna who once worked for Cianci in his policy office, has a dazzling resume and is a big get for the Cianci campaign. She maybe the perfect leader of a campaign focused on rebranding Providence under a new Cianci administration.

"After a long search - I interviewed a lot of people - I went with Cyd for a number of reasons, one of which because I've worked with her," said Cianci in an interview with GoLocal.. "Not only does she know the City, she has the attributes and characteristics of a person who can pull the campaign together and make it happen.  She's been on for about two weeks.  I have the utmost confidence in her ability and character."

McKenna earned Master's degrees from both MIT and Harvard and has been seen on photoshoots with Elizabeth Hurley and once wrote a book with Giovanni Feroce for Alex and Ani.

"Cyd is an extremely positive individual that adds value to any situation. I found her depth of knowledge in politics and business refreshing in a field often lacking real world experience," Feroce told GoLocalProv.

McKenna and actress Elizabeth Hurley (L) PHOTO: Guest of a GUEST

McKenna is a Homegrown Success

"I'm excited to be running Buddy's campaign.  I believe in Buddy and everything he's done for Providence, and his leadership now is what is needed to take Providence to the next level," said McKenna in a phone interview with GoLocalProv.

"I was born and raised in Providence -- my dad, Leonard Anderson, as a civil rights worker in South Providence in the '70s and '80s, and my mom worked alongside him.  I'm a homegrown girl -- I grew up on the East Side and graduated from Hope High," she said.

McKenna's addition to the campaign will move Charlie Mansolillo who was the acting campaign manager over to the chairman's position.   "He was holding the spot until Cyd came along, she's the one doing the nuts and bolts now," said Cianci. 

McKenna (L) and Feroce (R)

"I got my BA in urban studies at San Francisco State, came back and worked for Buddy in his second administration in the policy office,  then got my Masters in City Planning from MIT and Masters in Education from Harvard graduate school of education," said McKenna.

Regarding her first stint with Cianci, he praised her policy work. "She was responsible for the historic preservation efforts downtown, as well as the Eagle Square project," said Cianci.  "It was at the time we landmarked historic mill buildings for historic preservation," said Cianci.


Related Slideshow: Buddy Cianci in Pop Culture

Take a tour of Buddy Cianci's career from walk on roles on TV dramas to featured in pop art.

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Shepard Fairey exploded on to the global stage when he designed the iconic "Hope" poster of President Obama, but he had rocked Providence when he attended RISD with his installations/graffiti cut- and-past on Buddy Cianci's re-election posters.  

Photo by El-Pablo via Flickr


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Mike Stanton, the author of "Prince of Providence," wrote the ultimate biography of Buddy Cianci - it was optioned for a movie with stars rumored for the role of Cianci ranging from Oliver Platt to Russell Crowe.

The movie has yet to be produced.

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Jr. High

RISD grad Seth MacFarlane created the ultimate Rhode Island joke with his TV series, "Family Guy." 

One of the show's backdrops is "Buddy Cianci Jr. High School."

We can only imagine the future storylines if Cianci win re-election yet again.

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Narrated by Rhode Island's own James Wood and directed by Sherry Wood, the documentary, "BUDDY, The Rise and Fall of America's Most Notorious Mayor," proved to be a snap shot of Cianci's life.

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Buddy's Book

Nothing says Buddy Cianci like Buddy's own tell all autobiography. The post-jail book tried to even some scores and serve as a balance to Pulitzer prize winning investigative reporter Mike Stanton's, "Prince of Providence." 

Buddy's book with the short title of "Politics and Pasta," failed to deliver the context and range of Stanton's book.

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T Shirt

If former Mayor Buddy Cianci decides to run for Mayor of Providence again, then you may wish to dress for his announcement event in appropriate Buddy Cianci-wear.

The best Buddy T-shirt going. 

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Pasta Sauce

The infamous Buddy Cianci sauce was a favorite for the Mayor to hand out to VIPS.

The profits from the sale of the sauce are intended to support scholarship for students.

Would Buddy's re-election drive sales and distribution for even more Cianci products?

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Early Art

One of the most expressive pieces of Buddy Cianci art was an early campaign poster from the 1970's.

The poster is now a collector's item.

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60 Minutes

After his conviction but before he reported for Federal prison, Cianci appeared on CBS News' 60 Minutes news magazine.

Cianci was resolute in his appearance.

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NBC Star

Buddy Cianci had his appearances on the 1999 NBC prime time drama, "Providence."

The show was shot in part in the Rhode Island capitol city. Cianci seemed to be everywhere during the production of the show.

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"The next Governor of RI" was how Cianci was introduced at the GOP national convention in 1980.

Take a look at Cianci's speech as captured in a Flashback on NBC 10.  


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