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NEW: Doherty Campaign Manager Endorses Ken Block

Monday, February 10, 2014


Ken Block's campaign for Governor has been buoyed by two former strategists for Brendan Doherty's Republican Congressional bid in 2012.

Ian Prior, who managed Doherty's bid in the last election cycle, announced his endorsement of Block for Governor.

"Ken has the right ideas to address the big issues that can put Rhode Island back on the road to competitiveness and prosperity," said Prior. "His ongoing effort to end the Master Lever and his calls for a line-item veto show that he understands the need for the kinds of government reform that would give Rhode Islanders a bigger voice in their government and a greater opportunity to pass the kinds of laws necessary to make Rhode Island a place where businesses will seek out opportunities and create jobs."

Meanwhile, Marion O'Brien of Cumberland has joined the Block campaign as Senior Outreach Coordinator. Her role will be to facilitate outreach and conversation between the campaign and the state's over-62 population. She held a similar position with the Doherty campaign two years ago. Mrs. O'Brien also serves as treasurer of the Cumberland Republican Town Committee after retiring from Global Information Resources, a Boston area consulting firm she helped to found.

"Seniors are very interested in the issues and very concerned about the lack of opportunities for young people in Rhode Island," said O'Brien. "They want their children and grandchildren to be able to prosper here so they won't have to move away. When they hear Ken Block's plans to strengthen the local economy, I'm confident they'll react favorably." 


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Former gubernatorial candidate and Moderate Party head Ken Block has announced his intentions to run again in 2014.  Here is a timeline of his professional and political background.  

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Early Years


Block was born in 1965 and grew up in Milford, CT as the oldest of three children.  He graduated from high school in 1983 and attended Dartmouth College, earning a BA in Computer Science in 1987.  

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Career Beginnings


Block began his career writing software for Wall Street trading desks.  He went on to Bank of New England in Boston, and then to job at a small software consultancy in the Boston area. 

In 1991, Block began work in Rhode Island on a one year consulting job with GTECH Corporation, and by 1992 took a full time position at the company.  Block left GTECH in 1997 to form Kinetic Consulting and after the dot-com bust he formed Simpatico Software.

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Moderate Party Formation

The beginnings of the Moderate Party of Rhode Island were started in 2008, when a website was established and candidates were endorsed in the general election.  

The Moderate Party faced several legal hurdles however seeking official recognition by the state.  The party filed a lawsuit against the state in February of 2009 to be able to gain official party stauts, and a US District Judge ruled ultimately in the Moderate Party's favor in May 2009.  

Over 33,000 signatures were collected ultimately validating the party, and placing it on the 2010 ballot.  

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2010 Election

Running as the Moderate Party candidate, Ken Block finished 4th in the statewide general election with 6.5% of the vote -- 22,146 in total.

Governor Lincoln Chafee won with 36.1 percent (123,571 votes); Republican John Robitaille took 33.6% (114,911 votes), and Democrat Frank Caprio 23% (78,896). 

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Political Presence

Following the 2010 election, Block continued to push for political change in the state, undertaking the Rhode Island Health and Human Services Waste and Fraud Report, with the preliminary findings submitted earlier this year.  

Block has spoken out on such issues as abolishing the master lever, opposing payments to bondholders on 38 Studios, among others.  Block also served as President of RI Taxpayers.  

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2014 Governor's Race

Block announced his candidacy for the 2014 Rhode Island Governor's race earlier this year in May.  


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Is this the GoLocalProv website ? Seems like I may have landed on the KenBlockForGovernor website again...

Comment #1 by Right InRI on 2014 02 10

Endorsements are ok & will be right now as long as it's for Block and not Fung...do I have have that right ? And John Robataille's "Wait & See" approach being pushed all over social media by the Block campaign ? Only if you are thinking of voting for Fung ?

Comment #2 by Right InRI on 2014 02 10

it may be relevant that david ciccilini had a 17% favorability rating and 47% unfavorable rating a year and a half before the Doherty election.

prior ran the campaign and they lost.

so what do you think that means?

I mean nobody is perfect but....

it cracks me up how the media gives people credibility like what they say is gospel.

Comment #3 by john paycheck on 2014 02 10

Doesn't Ian live in Virginia now ?

Comment #4 by Right InRI on 2014 02 10

Yawn. News? Not.

Comment #5 by Jonathan Flynn on 2014 02 10

What does US Rep. Doherty have to say?

Comment #6 by Jonathan Flynn on 2014 02 10

I know one of the heavy hitters at RGA. Prior's job is on the rocks for this. DC crowd not supposed to endorse in a primary. Then again, rumor has it that Prior's job was on the rocks anyways and he was just looking for other opps.

Comment #7 by Ron Gonzales on 2014 02 11

I'm beginning to think that there will be a never ending parade of "people in the know" who will be endorsing Block. This must mean something.

Comment #8 by Winston Smith on 2014 02 12

Ian Prior-kiss of death.
Of course,having a candidate like Doherty,who would not hit Cicilline where he lives,didn't make hus job easy.

Youtube: search dr fadul congressman cicilline for an account of what cicilline does on his frequent trips to the Dominican Republic during the past 30 yrs.

Comment #9 by mark malachi on 2014 02 12

Ian Prior-kiss of death.
Of course,having a candidate like Doherty,who would not hit Cicilline where he lives,didn't make his job easy.

Youtube: search dr fadul congressman cicilline for an account of what cicilline does on his frequent trips to the Dominican Republic during the past 30 yrs.

Doherty could have won it,but he wimped out.

Comment #10 by mark malachi on 2014 02 12

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