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NEW: Chafee to Attend Dem Lobbyists Ski Weekend in Montana

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Governor Lincoln Chafee will be attending the Democratic Governors Association lobbyist "DGA Ski Weekend" in Big Sky, Montana this weekend.

The event is open to DGA Founders' Circle and Chairman's Board members, and is limited to "two persons per company."

In 2010, the Founders' Circle membership was $250,000 and the Chairman's Board was $100,000, according to a graphic of DGA materials provided by the New York Times.

Statement from Governor's Office

Chafee Communications Director Faye Zuckerman provided the following statement today. 

"Governor Chafee will be attending the Democratic Governors Association’s 2014 weekend in Montana, March 21-23. During the meeting, there will be two roundtable discussions. One will focus on nutrition and the other is on energy. The nutrition meeting is expected to feature Billy Shore of Share Our Strength (https://www.nokidhungry.org). The scheduled speakers for the energy roundtable include Jim Ford, vice president of Federal and State Government Affairs for ConocoPhillips; Roger Nober, Executive Vice President, Law and Corporate Affairs, for Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC; and TBD from Cloud Peak Energy.

The Governor is using his personal/vacation time to attend. All expenses are covered by the DGA. For more information visit: http://democraticgovernors.org/"


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well thank goodness he's using his "personal time" to attend, I was going to really get ornery if I found out he was going on official time. Hope he enjoys his TWO roundtables, and really gets his moneys worth out of this trip.

Comment #1 by sasc voter on 2014 03 19

Sounds like a weak excuse for a weekend get away at a ski resort in Montana. Who's $$ are paying for this junket? The guys a lame duck (among other lame things), what's his justification for even attending?
Maybe he's handing out his resume or there are some horses that need shoeing! One day closer to his departure from his pathetic Governorship. Can't come soon enough.

Comment #2 by Walter Miller on 2014 03 19

When will the Governor attend 2 roundtables to hear the concerns of overtaxed and over regulated citizens? Or those who will be impacted by a 400% toll hike? He doesn't hold press conferences as far as I can tell and uses a lame excuse to avoid going on PRO (maybe he does other radio?).

Comment #3 by Prof Steve on 2014 03 20

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