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National Republicans Still Targeting Congressman David Cicilline

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Congressman David Cicilline’s decisive victory over Republican Brendan Doherty hasn’t stopped the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) from continuing to target the soon-to-be second term Congressman.

In an e-mail sent Wednesday, the NRCC suggested that President Obama’s victory “has led the country into a cycle of out of control spending and imploding debt – and now he wants a blank check to keep raising the nation’s debt limit whenever he wants.” The e-mail then asks, “so will David Cicilline sponsor Obama’s big spending plan and bring it up for a vote?”

“Enabling President Obama’s stimulus plan to spend more of our money would be to condemn us to persistently weak growth and prolonged uncertainty,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “Will David Cicilline hand Obama another blank check funded by the American people?”

The NRCC spent the weeks leading up to the 2012 election unleashing brutal attacks on Cicilline’s record as a defense lawyer prior to becoming Mayor of Providence. Earlier this year, Roll Call ranked an anti-Cicilline ad released by the NRCC third on its list of “meanest, most vicious, most depraved House and Senate political advertisements.”

While the NRCC may still be interested in attacking the Congressman, history suggests Cicilline’s big victory (he won by more than 12 percentage points), means it will be very difficult to remove him from office now. Incumbent re-election rates in the House tend to hover around 94 percent and the election following the first term tends to be the best chance of a challenger unseating a sitting member of Congress.


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CicillCicilline nearly crashed Providence financially, so darn it, let him and his friends crash the country.

Don't you understand? We citizens don't need to actually keep the fruits of our labor, we just need to send more and more of our earnings to leaders like David Cicilline. They know what to do with our money; we don't.

Comment #1 by Art West on 2012 12 13

The National Republican party has to pony up the big bucks if they want to unseat this bum. The other things that have to happen is getting rid of the "Master Lever" option of voting. This guy clearly won by the union votes and waving that entitlement check over peoples' heads.
If none of these are done, this smiling jerk will be around a long time, laughing all the way to the bank with your money!

Comment #2 by Gov- stench on 2012 12 13

The Congressmistake has to continue to figure as a very vulnerable incumbent. He has only the Journal to back him up. Of course, they just went to facebook for their comments, thus taking away the voice of the people against ChiChi. Just like the Journal, always trying to silence dissenting voices. Ah the power of the suppress! If the stop running obits, I won't log on at all now. And for all you liberal dimbulbs who haven't picked up on the many clues that I have left over the years: I am TeaParty Mike. What a shock. The coiner of Governot, Congressmitake and Holiday Candelabra.

Comment #3 by Michael Trenn on 2012 12 13

trenn.. you a e correct... another reason not even to bother logging on to proko anymore.

amazing how top management there has absolutely no clue. they print a paper today, the same way they did 25 years ago. and i am not knocking the rank and file employees and reporters.

anybody remember the name of the computer program they tried to pitch about 5-10 years ago. it had a funny name... they invested millions in it and it went nowhere.

Comment #4 by jon paycheck on 2012 12 13

cicilline may have won against a new republican challenger by 12 points in a democratic district,but we will keep the pressure on him, we need to get rid of these corrupt politicians! Imagine people voted for this guy, WOW!!!

Comment #5 by anthony sionni on 2012 12 13

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