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video: Myrth York Leads New Anti-Cianci Group and Launches TV Ad

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Myrth York, the three-time failed candidate for Governor of Rhode Island, is the Treasurer of the newly formed PrioritiesPVD group.  The group has launched a YouTube and raises questions about Cianci's record as Mayor of Providence.

The group has no web site and is yet to file with the RI Board of Election, Campaign Finance Division.

Previously, GoLocal had unveiled that a Secret Group has tried to join together in September. York was a member of that group.

Since then York has endorsed and donated to Democratic Candidate Jorge Elorza. York is a paid member of the City of Providence Zoning Board.

Her donation to Elorza came under question when Elorza questioned Cianci for taking donations from City employees. Cianci had pledged not to in a debate, but then accepted $18,000. Elorza heavily criticized Cianci, but took donations from York.

As reported in September 19:

GoLocalProv has obtained a copy of a confidential memo outlining the strategy by a group of predominantly East Side residents to create a secret fund of $1 million to defeat Buddy Cianci for Mayor of Providence this November.

According to a confidential memo emailed by failed Providence Mayoral candidate Lorne Adrain on Tuesday to a group of 29 including a number of former top level staffers to David Cicilline, the group’s goal is to create a 501(c)(4) fund – a fund that would not have to disclose its members. 

The individuals listed on the memo include: top Washington Trust Banker Ned Handy, former top David Cicilline aides Carol Grant and Deb Brayton, former Providence Journal Editor of the Editorial Page Bob Whitcomb, and three-time candidate for Governor Myrth York, to name a few

The only Latino member of the group, Dr. Pablo Rodriguez, disavowed membership of the group in a phone interview.  "I was included in that list, to let me know what's going on," said Dr. Rodriguez. "I wasn't part of the prior conversation."  

"I'm not really part of that group -- I really can't be in my role as a radio host.  I think that they wanted to bring it to my attention.  Lorne's been a good friend of mine for ages," added Rodriguez.

Fund Defended

In an interview with GoLocal on Thursday night, Adrain said, "The 501 (c) (4) effort should be formed by tomorrow afternoon (Friday). We know who we're going to call, we've got a great group of people helping about the messaging."


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The Anti-Cianci group has finally been established and launched their first TV ad. 

The group is lead by former East Side State Senator and three-time failed candidate for Governor. 

This is the second time the group tried to form.


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Clay Pell


Democratic candidate for Governor Clay Pell has released a new political ad titled, "Hope".

The ad demonstrates Pell's decision to run a positive campaign, his plan for Rhode Island, and his pledge not to accept contributions from PACs or state lobbyists. 

"I have a real plan to make Rhode Island ready for tomorrow: To invest in education, rebuild our infrastructure, create jobs, and ensure equality for all. I'll be a different kind of Governor. I'll never take a dime from PACs or state lobbyists," said Pell.


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Nellie Gorbea


Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Gorbea launched her first TV, "Deputy", three weeks prior to the primary. 

The ad starts out by Rhode Islanders confusing Gorbea as the most recent Secretary of State -- with Gorbea correcting them. 

"Nellie will hold lobbyists accountable...no more of that 83 Studios nonsense," says a hairdresser in the ad. 

"38 Studios," replies Gorbea. 


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Guillaume De Ramel


Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Guillaume De Ramel has released a new campaign video titled, "Foundation". The video highlights De Ramel's reform agenda.

"I’m not taking a penny from lobbyists.  We'll build a Rhode Island that works for all of us," said De Ramel.


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Guillaume De Ramel

Spelling Bee

Guillaume De Ramel, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, has released his first television ad.

The ad illustrates De Ramel's reform policies.

“Rhode Islanders need a watchdog to ensure something like 38 Studios never happens again,” said Guillaume. “There is so much potential in our state and I know we can positively impact our economic climate by cutting red-tape, increasing openness and transparency, and creating a new way of doing business here in Rhode Island."

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Clay Pell released a new campaign video titled "Ideas," responding to an attack ad from primary opponent Angel Taveras.

"I learned from my grandfather that campaigns shouldn't be about tearing people apart, but about ideas," Pell said. "Let's reject the old politics of attack and innuendo, and build a better future for Rhode Island."

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Open for Business

Cranston Mayor and Republican gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung released a new campaign video titled "Open for Business."

"I became Mayor of Cranston, where I froze taxes for 3 years, saved millions reforming public pensions, and helped create 1,000 jobs," Fung said. "I'll do the same as Governor."

In the ad, Fung pledges to "challenge the old way of doing business" and make Rhode Island "open for business again."

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Pell/Kwan Equality


The 30 second ad highlights Pell's women's equality agenda and is narrated by Michelle Kwan, former Olympic skater and wife of Democratic candidate for Governor Clay Pell.

"Clay is committed to a women's equality agenda that strengthens protection for women in areas like pay equity, sexual harassment and domestic violence,” Kwan says. "Clay knows Rhode Island can be ready fro tomorrow by making it one of the best places for women to live and work."

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Know Better

A new TV ad by Angel Taveras throws a counter punch at Democratic primary opponent Gina Raimondo for her ad criticizing his economic record as mayor of Providence.

"You've probably seen that ad where Treasurer Raimondo is blaming me for Rhode Island's economy," Taveras says.  "We know better. The state was already struggling when the Wall Street crash made it worse."

"My opponent wants to throw stones from On High," Taveras contnues. "I want to build a better future from the ground up."

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Raimondo: Ironworker

A new TV ad by Gina Raimondo is a direct negative hit on Angel Taveras. The ad questions Taveras' record in Providence and his ability to lead.

Is this an act of a desperate Raimondo or the first step to openning up a lead?

Biggest question is do voters leave Taveras to go to Raimondo or will they all shift to Pell?

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Taveras: Main St. vs. Wall St. 

Angel Taveras, Democratic candidate for governor and the current mayor of Providence, has released a new television ad describing himself as the "Main Street" option and painting his opponents as politicians with Wall Street interests.

“Me, I’ll take Main street in Rhode Island over Wall Street any day," said Taveras.


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Fung TV Jobs

Fung for Governor

This May video spot was the first GOP ad of the 2014 campaign for Governor. In this ad the Fung campaign focused on his record of job creation while Mayor of Cranston.


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The first negative ad in the race for Governor was launched by Allan Fung's campaign hitting Block on his ties to Chafee and Obama.


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Man with a Plan

The Brett Smiley for Mayor campaign has launched one of the most enjoyable TV ads. The problem may be that it appeals to his base and may be tone deaf to the issues of jobs, potholes and crime.

Folks in Providence may be looking for action rather than plans.


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Block's 3-2-1

Like Smiley, Block comes out early with a "plan" ad. For Rhode Islanders suffering through the worse economy in the country and the highest unemployment patience for plans may run thin.


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Pell Announcement

Pell for Governor

Pell's announcement video came before it was unveiled he forgot to vote and lost his car. This announcement video was the first look at candidate Pell for most Rhode Islanders.


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Raimondo for Governor

Raimondo announced her candidacy for Governor from her home during the holidays. The announcement was meant to soften her image.



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