Kilmartin’s Treatment of Morgan “Sexist” Says Former RI Dem Party Chair Lynch

Monday, September 24, 2018


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Former RI Dem Party Chair Bill Lynch is criticizing Attorney General Peter Kilmartin's (pictured) handling of House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan's public records request.

Former Chairman of the Rhode Island Democratic Party Bill Lynch is criticizing Attorney General Peter Kilmartin for his "condescending and patronizing treatment" of Representative Patricia Morgan in response to her official request for public records pertaining to how Kilmartin's office has spent its Google settlement funds -- going as far to call Kilmartin's treatment "sexist."

"During my time as Chairman of the RI Democratic Party, I had many opportunities to interact with Representative Patricia Morgan, particular during her tenure as Chair of the RI Republican Party.  While Representative Morgan and I agreed to disagree on essentially every political issue we discussed and debated, I always considered Representative Morgan to be a fair, knowledgeable, prepared and determined adversary" said Lynch.  "I was outraged at the callous, disdainful and clearly sexist nature of Kilmartin's attempt to discredit and insult Representative Morgan by referring to her dismissively as "Patty".

Morgan recently announced on that her findings from her initial Access to Public Records Request (APRA) into how Kilmartin's office has spent its Google settlement funds has revealed that Kilmartin's office used portions of the settlement for operating expenses -- which Morgan says was expressly forbidden in the settlement.   

READ: Morgan Questions Kilmartin’s Use of Google Settlement Funds for Operating Expenses

"Representative Morgan has earned the right to be respected and treated as an equal to her male counterparts in elective office, regardless of party affiliation.  I have never heard Mr. Kilmartin refer to Representative Morgan's fellow legislators as "Nicky", "Donnie", "Joey" or Mikey" and his blatant misuse of his office to disparage and denigrate "Patricia" Morgan in this instance is an insult to all Rhode Islanders – male and female alike.

"I call on the Attorney General to issue a public apology to Representative Morgan and to immediately and at no cost, provide Representative Morgan with the records she has requested," said Lynch.  "I also encourage our great elected Democratic officials, including our respected and valued female leaders, to let Mr. Kilmartin know that there is no place in our party for those that choose to advance their cause by denigrating and demeaning others."

Former AGs Pine & Lynch Distance Themselves From Remarks

On Monday afternoon, former Rhode Island Attorney General Jeffrey Pine issued the following statement:

“With respect to recently published comments by William Lynch concerning a matter between Attorney General Kilmartin and Rep. Patricia Morgan, Mr. Lynch was speaking in his capacity as a Senior Adviser to the State Democratic Party, and his comments and opinions are not those of myself, Former Attorney General Patrick Lynch, or any member of the firm of Lynch & Pine.

This firm is not involved in the matter between the Attorney General and Rep. Morgan in any way, and the opinions and statements of Mr. William Lynch are his individually.”


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