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video: ABC6’s “In The Arena” Harvard’s Della Volpe Says Millennials Cost Clinton Presidency

Sunday, November 20, 2016


This week on ABC6's "In the Arena" Host Joe Paolino leads the discussion about how the failure of the millennials to vote for Hillary Clinton helped to elect Donald Trump.

“Millenials helped elected Donald Trump President. In 2008, 51 percent of millenials turned out and 66 percent voted for Obama. In 2012, 45 percent turned out and 60 percent voted for Obama…Hillary Clinton had to win 60 percent of the millennial vote and she would be President of the United States…she did 55 percent," said John Della Volpe of Harvard. 

Watch Della Volpe, Progressive Democrat Sam Bell, former State Representative Ray Rickman and GoLocal CEO Josh Fenton.


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