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Guest MINDSETTER™ Terry Gorman: E-Verify Can Solve RI’s Budget Problems

Saturday, February 18, 2012


The federal E-Verify Program was enacted to protect our country by ensuring that employers hire only U.S. citizens and legal immigrants. Passing E-Verify legislation in Rhode Island will be a positive for the state and national economies and will demonstrate the commitment of our elected officials to represent the best interests of the American citizens and Legal residents they represent.

Enacting E-Verify in Rhode Island:

  • Will not harm American citizens or legal immigrants. It reinforces the integrity of our Federal Immigration Law.
  • Will not cut any social programs and will not require any tax increases - two of our primary concerns.
  • Will be a deterrent for illegal aliens to come to Rhode Island, resulting in a substantial decrease in our illegal alien population through attrition. This was evidenced immediately when E-Verify was part of former Governor Carcieri's 2008 Executive Order to control illegal immigration. Suddenly, people were not showing up for work and students were not showing up for school. This attrition alone would reclaim tremendous amounts of revenue for social service programs, ease the burden on all public safety programs (police, fire, etc.) and preserve precious funds required for uncompensated care of American citizens and Legal Residents at our hospitals. In addition, our state would recapture the substantial amount of funds being removed directly from our state's economy via the monthly remittances of Illegal Aliens to their countries of origin. It would also reduce any additional burden to the welfare assistance program that is created through the birthright citizenship of children born in the United States to illegal aliens -- 350 in 2011 according to R.I. DHS figures.
  • Will make jobs available for unemployed American citizens and legal immigrants, including our returning veterans. Rhode Island's unemployment rate is over 10 percent - the third highest unemployment rate in the country.
  • Will make Rhode Island more attractive to new, reputable businesses that would be more than willing to compete in an environment that is fair and transparent to everyone because everyone would be required to comply with our laws.

Statistics available from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security indicate that there are as many as 12 million illegal aliens currently living in our country, and of that number 7 million have jobs. This means that at least 60% of those illegal aliens have jobs while millions of legal workers do not. If we apply that math to Rhode Islands estimated illegal alien population (a median of 30,000) there could be as many as 18,000 illegal aliens taking our valuable and scarce jobs.

Currently there are 2,700+ employers in Rhode Island voluntarily using E-Verify without any reported problems. In addition, any employers who want to obtain contracts with the federal government are already required by federal law to use the E-Verify program and to require the same participation from any independent or sub-contractors those employers may engage. Legislation is now moving through Congress to make the E-Verify program mandatory for all employers in the U.S.

RIILE firmly believes that the majority of Rhode Islands legal residents are in complete agreement with us on E-Verify.

We appeal to Rhode Island's Legal residents and American Citizens to support E-Verify and tell Governor Chafee and the Leaders of our General Assembly that we expect them to honor their oath of office and enforce our laws to protect our country and all of its legal residents.

Please call:

Governor Chafee 222-2080
Speaker Fox 222-2466
Senate President
Teresa Paiva-Weed 222-6655

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This has been common sense since it was initiated. The fact that Gov. Chaffee refuses to enact this law, simply reinforces the fact that he has no idea what he's doing as a governor.

RI voters should be ashamed of themselves.

Comment #1 by pearl fanch on 2012 02 19

Why would Chafee be influenced by common sense?He's much happier pandering to professional ethnics.
E-verify is color blind and accurate enough insofar as it's based on Social Security records-I haven't heard many complaints about Social Security accuracy or efficiency.
Let's face it-the hardcore "immigrant rights"activists are mainly concerned with protecting illegal aliens.Actual immigrants have nothing to fear and naturalized citizens are....citizens!!
Teresa Paiva-Weed is another rumpswab for these so-called advocates.

Comment #2 by Joseph Bernstein on 2012 02 20

Of all the people the Mayor and Governor want to sacrifice, I never hear them talk about the illegal immigrants. Sense they both have fostered policies that contribute to a sanctuary City/State. The media should do an in-depth study of the cost of illegal immigrants on the City and State. I’ll bet that it would be more than enough to help their financial problems. We don’t have to keep blaming the Federal Government, for all the problem, when we can easily make it less appealing, attractive, and less financially beneficial for them to come here. Instead we do the opposite, and then want retirees, non-profits, taxpayers to make up for what they cost us. Mayor Taveras keeps pounding the drum saying “we have to fix our structural deficit”, but never does he mention the cost involved with illegals as a part of the solution. This is just being dishonest with the people paying the bills, so he can keep the immigrant populations vote…… I think it’s called PANDERING !!!!!! I, being a retiree that he wants to sacrifice, refuse to do so until he addresses this huge issue.

Comment #3 by John Tavares on 2012 02 20

Spot-on article. Thank you, Mr. Gorman.

The issue and the solution cannot be stated any better than this.

Comment #4 by Art West on 2012 02 20

Keep up the fight and good work you're doing Terry! I support your cause(s) all the way.

Comment #5 by Bob Stanley on 2012 02 23

Bleeding hearts like Chaffee, Tavares, Grace Diaz, etc. work hard at trying to convince us that illegal immigrants are not a drain on our economy. How can they expect us to believe that when the State is going down the tubes, almost every city in this state is facing financial ruin. All of the hospitals in this state are facing bankruptcy. The illegal immigrants may not be the sole cause of these problems, but they are a major cause for these problems. Every state in this country is facing similar problems and a lot of the blame can be placed squarely on the illegal immigrants that are draining our resources.

Comment #6 by Ron Bernier on 2012 02 23

Terry Gorman makes so much sense, he is totally un-Rhode Island. Stopping just a percentage of the extra cost of illegal immigrants through our social welfare system would help the state enormously. And, it could be done in a legal way. The Governor, by reversing the policy of his predecessor, has cost taxpayers a huge sum of money, and he has placed himself squarely in the sights of voters who understand what he has done. He needs to go! Those who have saddled this state with assistance for their illegal acts need to go!

Terry Gorman is a great American, fighing a lonely fight for the right! He deserves great credit for his campaign to protect all who adhere to the law.

Comment #7 by Harry Lee on 2012 02 23

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