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Guest MINDSETTER™ Steven F. Forleo: Trump is a Machiavellian Poseur  

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Now is the upcoming winter of our discontent, made glorious this past summer by the dimmed Son of (New) York.

Oh my, the hyperbolic, soon to be Tweety-in-Chief will caper nimbly to fright the souls of his fearful adversaries.

With Donald Trump's profound lack of intellectual curiosity, but with consummate, amateurish, apprentice-like acting skills, da man who will be king is about to inhabit the "people's" house.

The Road to the Throne

He got there by destroying any semblance of civil discourse, decimating  any sense of decency, obliterating common courtesy, and inflating his ever increasing self-delusion to become the biggest impersonator since his distant English cousin, Richard of Gloucester, who’s stage persona was carefully crafted  by the Bard from Henley Street.

Yep, that guy, created by Shakespeare, who roamed the streets of London, only to end up permanently loitering in a Leicester parking lot. The guy who wasn’t amorous enough for sportive tricks, but diabolical enough to dispatch his rivals using cunning and guile. Ya know, the con man from Rotting Hill.

Richard was the bloody, boorish Machiavel who was solely driven by the fact he was not accepted enough to be the alpha male. So this usurper-in-chief set out on a deliciously wicked campaign trail filled with misanthropic hatred, sociopathic (at best) longings, overt lying, and outright claims of regal illegitimacy. Basically, questioning birth certificates of those who were standing in his way to royal immortality. 

Fifth Avenue Folly 

Donald, Son of (New) York, is in that less than giving vein as well, and wants so badly to be an authentic tough guy rivaling the Hunchback King because after all, he's just a spoiled son of an apartment building landlord from Queens who was never accepted by the cool kids in Manhattan.

Trump, like the notorious stage creation, Richard, is someone who’s certainly repugnant, abhorrent, and yet oddly charismatic.

Candidate Trump

Over the past few months he had proven himself to be a master of manipulation.

Who else could  mock the disabled, routinely insult women, create widespread antipathy toward anyone emigrating from the "wrong" side of the Rio Grande, label jurists unfit to sit in judgment of him, vilify those who question his phony piety (remember 2 Corinthians?), routinely condemn undocumented immigrant labor while he had hired such folks for constructing his own gilded palace, and constantly fosters  the notion that the USA is burning at the edges, while he provides more accelerant.

Shakespeare's Richard III was a genius in language and rhetoric. He knew words convey much more than any silly action. Why not get a surrogate (Buckingham) to do the filthy work by artfully creating  “great deals”. 

Our Son of (New) York, using fragmented sentences in less than 140 characters, urges his own fawning sycophants to do the same by making outlandish promises like building a Fabulous Great Wall, grossly exaggerating to expel millions of Mexican and Muslim  people, promising to create deportation storm troopers, boldly amplifying to stop anyone from entering his fiefdom not extolling Son of (New) York’s hypocritical religious tests, and willfully exploited voters by inventing cultural divides to suit his own treacherous demagoguery.

Not bad for a guy who wants to make America great again!

The Tale of the Talk

But for all of the Trumped up fabrications, Shakespeare's  super villain dwarfs our Son of (New) York.

Trump is the permanence of impermamance. Predictable in his unpredictability. He is a bad copy of Shakespeare’s crown jewel, like CZ from Tiffany & Co.

Son of (New) York is a fugazi.

The multi-faceted work of art as written by Shakespeare was creative, inventive, and exceedingly clever. This periwig-pated fake from the Yuge Tower of Babbling Nonsense is just another low-rent jester. 

Shakespeare’s villain had panache, style, and a voracious thirst for domineering power. Richard III had boundless energy for hijinks and mayhem.   

Our Son of (New) York sports the orange tan, ill-fitting robes, and a thirst  for nothing more than spending daddy’s ducats, and soon, ours. He’s much too lazy to match Richard's exquisite Machiavellian accomplishments, although he's working hard to dissemble Americans with pro-Putin, Pravda-like propaganda. 

Nostrovia, comrades!

But alas, Trump also lacks the popular vote of legitimacy, just as Shakespeare’s Richard spread the whispering campaign that his brother's sons lacked birthright.

Some might call that a birther campaign?

Shakespeare’s stage character had charm, wit, audacious ingenuity, and amazing acting ability. The Donald  is a blustering fool, full of sound and fury signifying laughter, a pretentious pretender to the throne. Where Shakespeare's Richard mesmerized us with verbal prowess and daring gall, the Son of (New) York merely prattles like an infantile knave.

Birther of the Nation #45

The Fifth Avenue Son of (New) York may be determined to rank as a classic villain, using hate as his idle pleasure for these days ahead, but know he’s been cheated of dissembling nature because he’s not the genuine article.

There’s a name for such an imposter.


Steven F. Forleo, a professor at CCRI and faculty adviser to The Unfiltered Lens. 


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Ken McKay

Chief of staff to former Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri, McKay has woven a trail of key GOP appointments for himself that have led him to his latest position, when he was brought on board the Trump campaign in April as one of his top advisers. 

McKay was former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele’s chief of staff, and was the Political Director at the Republican Governors Association’s under Chris Christie’s chairmanship -- and was a key Christie consultant this presidential cycle until the the NJ Governor stepped down and threw his support behind Trump.

“McKay’s a huge asset for Trump. He’s got both the national ties, and he’s got the inside the beltway relationships that Trump doesn’t have,” said Rhode Island political operative Jeff Britt. “McKay’s well liked and well-respected in a way that Trump isn’t, and I think that will have an effect.”

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Jim Murphy

A recent shake up in the Trump campaign has been the hiring of veteran operative Jim Murphy as its political director — who had served as advisor to former Rhode Island House Minority leader Brad Gorham when he ran unsuccessfully for Attorney General in 1990.  

Murphy has worked with other presidential candidates including Bob Dole and Mitt Romney, and is the former president of the Republican PR and lobby shop DCI Group.

Gorham's son Nick, who is a former state representative, remembers Murphy’s involvement in the race. Brad Gorham passed away in 2015. 

"Jim Murphy was a nice guy who helped my dad, but it was a tough year for Republicans, which is non unusual for RI," said Gorham.  

Photo: LinkedIn

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Paul Manafort

Trump's now top campaign strategist has GOP ties to Rhode Island, having been a top campaign aide for former Rhode Island Governor Ed DiPrete in the 1980s.

Politico mentioned Manafort's DiPrete connection when he joined forces with the presumptive GOP nominee in April; Manafort's presence on the national stage has been well documented.

"For Trump, who has cast himself as an outsider to the Republican Party firmament, there could hardly be a less outsider-y pick than his new hire. Manafort was uniquely predisposed to become an insider in Republican politics: His father, for whom he was named, served as mayor for three terms in New Britain, Conn. When the elder Paul Manafort died in 2013, his obituary noted that he had served as a delegate or alternate delegate at past Republican national conventions," wrote Rebecca Berg for RealClearPolitics.com.

Another DiPrete operative — Marc Palazzo — had been named in the press as having had recent conversations with Manafort, but Palazzo told GoLocal he is not involved with the campaign in any capacity.


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