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poll: GOP Primary: Loughlin or Doherty

Saturday, May 07, 2011


If the GOP primary for the first Cong. Dist. were held today, who would you vote for?

  •     34213 vote - Former State Rep. John Loughlin
  •     12337 vote - Former State Police Supt. Brendan Doherty

John Loughlin came within just five points of beating David Cicilline in the 2010 general election to succeed Patrick Kennedy and win the1st Congressional seat. Now, with just 18 months until the next election a GOP primary may be brewing. Former Supt. of the RI State Police may be eyeing the seat and Loughlin who is return to military service in Iraq is looking for a second run.

While Doherty is new to elected politics he had a strong reputation in the State Police and made points with conservatives when he resigned his post for not supporting Governor Lincoln Chafee's immigration policy.

The showdown for the GOP would be big - it could pit two credible Republicans against each other. Both capable of running effective races against the embattled Cicilline.

If you were voting in the GOP primary in the 1st Cong. District who would you support?


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joe bernstein

The best case scenario:Loughlin vs.Cicilline/Doherty vs.Whitehouse with Carcierei using his clout at the RNC to get some real money in here.Can that happen?

Joyce Bryant

How can we possibly decide which candidate. I don't know much about Doherty to make an educated choice. Other than the fact that he had enough class to thumb his nose at Chafee.

Michael Trenn

I'd rather be picking between these two quality men than making the choice the Demmies will have. Is that a Democrat Primary, or a sequel to "Dumb and Dumber?"

Donn Roach

At first I thought a primary in this race would take away the opportunity for Republicans to wrestle this seat from Cicilline. Then I remembered that Cicilline is going to face a primary and it's going to be a challenge. I wouldn't be surprised if someone like Treasurer Raimondo actually battled him.

Either way, it's going to be a interesting primary for the Congressmen and I think the Republicans could keep themselves relevant by having one of their own.

Gary Trott

Does anyone even know what Col. Doherty's positions on the issues are? If not, don't you think that it's a little early to be promoting him for any office.

John Smith

Number 1: Everyone can check out dohertyforcongress.com and click the issues tab to read the Colonel's position on policy. Number 2: Someone needs to tell Loughlin his approach to the campaign of trying to run as Scott Brown in RI doesn't really work.

guy smily

Mr. Smith (lol) The Republicans have already figured out Doherty is a Dem...someone needs to tell Doherty that this trick was attempted by Frank Caprio and it won't work here either. Doherty needs to go into the Democrat primary where he was comfortable voting in 2006, & 2008. Republicans just can't identify with a man who get a $110,000 a year state pension that he didn't contribute 1 cent to...and that free medical too. The unions will love you! Nice try Mr, Smith...boy you're creative!

Gary Arnold

The GOP needs a positive can do candidate, either will out shine SissyLinie, if he is still there after his primary.
If people would only THINK about it a bit, RI has been a Dem stronghold forever and look where we are, deep in the hole, unemployed, no business base to build on, taxed to death and only depression in front of us.
Our current Senators are good examples of do nothing for RI and while they are at it they enrich themselves.
Time for a major change folks.

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