A GOP Leader Calls for Sullivan to Resign at Chair of Young Republicans

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


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Mike Smith, GOP leader is calling for Sullivan's resignation

GOP leader Mike Smith has called for Robert Sullivan to step down as the President of the Young Republicans due to allegations of impropriety and sexual harassment.

Smith who has been a Republican leader and competitively ran for both the RI state Senate and for State Representative in Newport.

Sullivan is accused of forcing a woman out of the Young Republican's who he had a relationship with after their relationship ended.

Smith is a statement to GoLocal writes:

"I know both Rob Sullivan and Rachel Hussey. Though it appears the relationship they had that went horribly awry was consensual, I do believe that Rob overstepped his position as leader of the RIYRs to even go into a relationship with a member.

When this came up a few months ago, a number of Young Republicans called for him to step down. My wife and I, including others, were removed from the RIYR Private Facebook page. There was even a vote set up to call for a special election of a new chair which was oddly canceled. 

At this time, myself and many others call for Rob to step down. The climate is just too toxic too allow even the appearance of impropriety to exist. It is clear many young people and college students have been drawn to the positive message of the RIYRs, that of freedom for all races and genders. This terrible situation only thwarts that momentum."

The Allegations

Hussey is alleging she was ousted from the political organization after a relationship with the current RIYR President went sour. He denied the expulsion charge, but a taped phone conversation undermines his claims.

She said that after confronting Sullivan about a relationship with another woman, that after several exchanges that involved contacting the police by both parties, that he told her she was expelled from the group. 

Sullivan denied the expulsion -- but Hussey provided a taped a phone call in which Sullivan told her she was out, which is inconsistent with his comments to GoLocal on Sunday. In the call taped by Hussey, Sullivan said she had violated multiple by-laws; in an interview with GoLocal he said he did not want her at a GOP event because he feared for her mental health. 


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