Fung Fought Against Domestic Partner Benefits, Public Hearings as Insurance Lobbyist

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


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Allan Fung

Republican gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung lobbied against domestic partners benefits, fee disclosure by insurance producers, and public hearings for rate increases while managing government relations for MetLife, among other legislations.  

Fung, who served on the Cranston City Council from 2004 to 2008, was a registered lobbyist for MetLife from 2001 to 2008 before being elected as Mayor of Cranston in 2008, serving from 2009 until the present.  

SLIDES: See Five Bills Fung Lobbied For -- and Against -- as MetLife Lobbyist BELOW

"Before he was elected Mayor of Cranston, Allan Fung served as Government Relations Counsel for a national company based in Rhode Island," said Fung campaign spokersperson Rob Coupe.  "In that role, he worked with legislators and regulatory agencies throughout the United States and in Rhode Island, he worked to prevent the implementation of new and more onerous regulations that would further increase the cost of doing business and ultimately result in higher premiums for Rhode Islanders."

Recorded History

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While lobbying for the insurance giant, Fung tackled a number of financial disclosure, as well as health and well-being issues, durning his tenure.

The Rhode Island Secretary of State's office, which maintains online lobbyist records dating back until 2005, shows that Fung opposed legislation to mandate the disclosure of frees and commissions from insurers, requiring public hearings on proposed insurance rate increased, and extending benefits to domestic partners upon death, as well as others.  Fung has been on the record opposed to marriage equality.

In June, GoLocal reported Fung opposed an insurance industry flood notification bill as lobbyist -- and Cranston City Councilor -- prior to historic floods in Cranston in 2010.

"In many cases, proposals were modified to achieve policy goals in a way that would not impede business or increase costs to consumers," said Coupe.  "As Governor, Allan will use this experience in reducing the burden of government regulation to help Rhode Island businesses cut through red tape and once again make our state open for business."


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Below are 5 bills from the 2005 Rhode Island General Assembly session that Republican gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung lobbied for -- and against.  

The Rhode Island Secretary of State maintains a database of lobbyist records HERE.

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S 0417

Fung: Opposed

An act relating to insurance -- disclosure of fees and commissions

"This act would create disclosure requirements for insurance producers.  Those parties must fully disclose their fees, commissions, and any other compensation generated by the writing of any quoted policy." 



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H 5403

Fung: Opposed

An act relating to insurance -- casualty, liability, and fire and marine insurance rating

"The act would require a public hearing on all proposed insurance rate increases before such increase would become effective."


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H 5498

Fung: Opposed

An act relating to insurance-- unfair competition and practices

"This act would provide that an insured, claimant, or an auto body repair shop may file a complaint with the department of business regulation if the insurer interferes with a free choice of repair facility and the procedure for filing complaint."


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H 5342

Fung: Opposed

An act relating to wrongful death -- domestic partners 

"This act would permit a domestic partners to recover damages for loss of consortium for the wrongful death of the other domestic partner."

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H 6369

Fung: Supported

An act relating to lead hazard reduction 

"This act would delay the implementation of the Lead Hazard Mitigation Act Until December 31, 2005." 


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