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Finneran: Why Brexit? Here’s Why!

Friday, April 27, 2018


For months now, the intelligentsia have wondered about the rest of the world—you know, those benighted ignorant grunts—who, in sheep-like fashion, had a temper tantrum and embraced various forms of populism for which the intelligentsia had expressed their disdain.

Beyond the election of Donald Trump, which might be explained as being as much about Hillary Clinton and the national media as it was about Donald Trump, Europe itself is experiencing convulsions of populism.

Perhaps the most obvious example—and the most startling to the intelligentsia—was the voters’ “Brexit” decision to have the U.K. withdraw from the European Union. That decision flummoxed the great and the wise pundits whose furrowed brows and fevered lectures meant very little to the ordinary Joe who had grown tired of the pretensions of bureaucrats and bullies. Those ordinary Joes had itchy middle fingers to flash at Brussels.

Why Brexit? Two issues provide insight. One involves millions of people. The other involves a dying little boy.

For the past several years, Europe has been on the receiving end of a tidal wave of migrants fleeing the horrors of war in the Middle East or the droughts and violence of Africa. Every country in Europe has experienced great difficulty in simply absorbing the human deluge which arrives daily. The desperation of the migrants is palpable, their circumstances heartbreaking. The sheer numbers have overwhelmed the budgets and goodwill of many countries, who, not surprisingly, emphasize the need to control their borders and to adopt their own immigration policies. Britain, France, Germany, and Italy have struggled to find a rational and humane way forward, while experiencing political unrest over the issues of culture, assimilation, and national identity. Even more pronounced, have been the strains imposed upon some smaller Central and Eastern European governments—think Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic—whose insistence on strict control over their borders is based not on hysteria or hate but rather based on history. How bureaucrats in Brussels can blithely ignore such brutal history is beyond me.

After the tramp of German boots upon Polish and Czech throats came the tramp of Russian boots upon their backs. Ask the Poles about the sanctity and control of borders. Ask the Czechs too. They do not succumb to the feel-good nonsense of global brotherhood. As the French are notably different from the Germans, the Dutch notably different than the Greeks, so too the Czechs and Poles from the Italians. Hungary is not about to sit still for a massive migrant quota imposed by Brussels, let alone abide by a lecture from a distant and unaccountable bully. Uncontrolled immigration is the source of rebellion against the E.U. and its pronouncements.

The dying little boy’s name is Alfie. He has loving attentive parents. He also has a mysterious degenerative brain condition which requires various life supports. The British courts, backed up by the macabre rulings of the Orwellian-named “European Court of Human Rights”, insist that Alfie be taken off life support. It is, of course, a death ruling, dressed up in fancy judicial nonsense. This is despite his parents having obtained Italian citizenship for Alfie, the use of an emergency medical aircraft, and a placement in an Italian specialty hospital for children which eagerly awaits him. Apparently the “best interest of the child” must henceforth be decided by distant bureaucrats rather than loving devoted parents. And those best interests apparently include his imminent death.

Perhaps the medical odds against Alfie are truly insurmountable. But aren’t his parents allowed to try to save his life? They love their son. They have made alternative arrangements for his care. Those arrangements pose no burden on Britain or the European Union. But apparently, the hangman must be satisfied. Now, by depraved court order, Alfie will be unhooked from life support equipment over the objections of his parents. And Alfie will die.

Remember this moment the next time you hear about European sophistication or the majesty of the law or the glories of the E.U.

Why Brexit? Now you know.

Tom Finneran is the former Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, served as the head the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, and was a longstanding radio voice in Boston radio  


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Rhode Island General Election Voters Margin of Error: +/- 4.9% at 95% Confidence Level

Interviewing Period: October 9-11, 2017

Mode: Landline (61%) and Mobile (39%)

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When it comes to voting, do you consider yourself to be affiliated with the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, Moderate, or Unaffiliated with a major party?

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Next year, in November of 2018, there will be a statewide general election for Governor and many other state offices. How likely is it that you will vote in this election?

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Probably be voting: 13%

50-50: 9%

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In general, would you say things in Rhode Island are headed in the right direction or are they off on the wrong track?

Right track: 39%

Wrong track: 45%

Mixed: 10%

Don't know/Refused: .6%

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What would you say is the number one problem facing Rhode Island that you would like the Governor to address?

Jobs and economy:  21%

Education: 12%

Taxes: 12%

Roads: 12%

State budget: 9%

Corruption/Public integrity: .8%

Healthcare: 3%

Governor: 3%

Homelessness: 2%

Immigration: 2%

Other: 7%

Don’t know: .9%

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Over the past three years or so, would you say the economy in Rhode Island has improved, gotten worse, or not changed at all?

Changed for the better: 35%

Changed for the worse: 16%

Not changed at all: 43%

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Over the same time, has your family's financial situation improved, gotten worse, or not changed at all?

Changed for the better: 26%

Changed for the worse: 19%

Not changed at all: 54%

Don't know/Refused: 1%

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Recently, a proposal has been made to permit the issuance of $81 million in bonds by the State to build a new stadium for the Pawtucket Red Sox. If there was an election today on this issue, would you vote to approve or reject issuing $81 million in financing supported moral obligation bonds to build the stadium?

Net: Approve: 28%

Definitely approve: 15%

Probably approve: 14%

Net: Reject: 67%

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Don't know: 4%

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Could you please tell me your age?

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What was the last grade you completed in school?

0-11: 2%

High school grad: 16%

Technical/Vocational school: 1%

Some college: 23%

College grad: 34%

Graduate degree: 24%

Don't know/refused: 1%

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The next question is about the total income of YOUR HOUSEHOLD for the PAST 12 MONTHS. Please include your income PLUS the income of all members living in your household (including cohabiting partners and armed forces members living at home).

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More $50,000 but less than $75,000: 13%

More $75,000 but less than $100,000: 13%

More $100,000 but less than $150,000: 17%

$150,000 or more: 13%

Don't know/refused: 17%

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What particular ethnic group or nationality - such as English, French, Italian, Irish, Latino, Jewish, African American, and so forth - do you consider yourself a part of or feel closest to?

American/None: 21%

English: 13%

Italian: 13%

Irish: 12%

Black or African American: 6%

Latino/Hispanic: 6%

French: 6%

Portuguese: 3%

Jewish: 3%

German: 1%

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Would you say that Donald Trump has done an excellent good, fair or poor job as President?

Excellent: 13%
Good: 12%
Fair: 14%
Poor: 57%
Never heard of:  0%
Cannot rate: 3%

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Would you say that Jack Reed has done an excellent good, fair or poor job as a United States Senator?

Excellent: 22%
Good: 29%
Fair: 23%
Poor: 15%
Never heard of: 6%
Cannot rate: 6%

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Would you say that Sheldon Whitehouse has done an excellent good, fair or poor job as a United States Senator?

Excellent: 17%
Good: 22%
Fair: 21%
Poor: 28%
Never heard of: 6%
Cannot rate: 7%

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Would you say that David Cicilline has done an excellent good, fair or poor job as a Member of Congress?

Excellent: 9%
Good: 29%
Fair: 21%
Poor: 27%
Never heard of: 6%
Cannot rate:  8%

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Would you say that James Langevin has done an excellent good, fair or poor job as a Member of Congress?

Excellent: 7%
Good: 30%
Fair: 20%
Poor: 18%
Never heard of: 13%
Cannot rate: 11%

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Would you say that Gina Raimondo has done an excellent good, fair or poor job as Governor?

Excellent: 6%
Good: 28%
Fair: 30%
Poor: 31%
Never heard of: 1%
Cannot rate: 3%

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Would you say that Daniel McKee has done an excellent good, fair or poor job as Lieutenant Governor?

Excellent: 3%
Good: 16%
Fair: 21%
Poor: 8%
Never heard of: 26%
Cannot rate: 25%

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Would you say that Peter Kilmartin has done an excellent good, fair or poor job as Attorney General?

Excellent: 3%
Good: 20%
Fair: 28%
Poor: 17%
Never heard of: 13%
Cannot rate: 19%

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Would you say that Seth Magaziner has done an excellent good, fair or poor job as General Treasurer?

Excellent: 4%
Good: 18%
Fair: 24%
Poor: 13%
Never heard of: 21%
Cannot rate: 21%

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Would you say that Nellie Gorbea has done an excellent good, fair or poor job as Secretary of State?

Excellent: 5%
Good: 21%
Fair: 21%
Poor: 10%
Never heard of: 20%
Cannot rate: 23%

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Would you say that Jorge Elorza has done an excellent good, fair or poor job as Mayor of Providence?

Excellent: 4%
Good: 24%
Fair: 24%
Poor: 22%
Never heard of: 9%
Cannot rate: 15%


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