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Eyes on the Right

Thursday, April 29, 2010



Not to be forgotten during Rhode Island's political shake-up is the state's political awakening. As Democratic politicians and operatives jockey for open seats, the rise of the “Rhode Island Right” still remains the state's most compelling story.

Reform is the issue of 2010. And Rhode Islanders can't look to the Democratic Party for change, for Democrats are the entrenched establishment here, much too beholden to special interests and the left-wing ideology responsible for causing fiscal collapse in the state.

As poll numbers come in and policy pressures mount, Rhode Islanders have witnessed their Democratic politicians, such as Patrick Kennedy and several Providence City Council members, voluntarily relieving themselves from higher office. Even Bill Lynch’s resignation as Democrat Party Chair and Mayor David Cicilline’s decision to run for U.S. Congress reeks of responsibility abdication.

Rhode Island voters are more awake than ever before. And Democrats know it, so they’re attempting to soften the blow. As 2008 was a year for the Democratic Party, 2010 is shaping up to be a year for the Republicans. Even in Rhode Island. Especially in Rhode Island.

The Rhode Island GOP, having gotten past the controversy over whether to open or close its primary, has already fielded two gubernatorial candidates, one for Attorney General, and several for U.S. Congress. A number of viable candidates are already fundraising for their General Assembly campaigns.

On February 27, Newport witnessed the revival of its local Republican Party, a project spearheaded by Brennan Daniels and Ryan Lund
, a board member of the RI Young Republicans. The Narragansett GOP, after having its own Lazarus moment last month, is now being run by a new chairman, Bob Mulligan.

Reform groups that are politically aligned with the RIGOP, such as Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement, the RI Statewide Coalition, the RI Voters Coalition, and Ocean State Policy Research Institute, continue to fill up the 2010 calendar with activist events.

And, of course, the RI Tea Party remains the primary focus of those yearning for reform. Each month they continue to gather with concerned and frustrated Rhode Islanders.

Travis Rowley ([email protected]) is chairman of the RI Young Republicans and author of Out of Ivy: How a Liberal Ivy Created a Committed Conservative.




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