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Don Roach: If Clinton or Trump Win, We All Lose

Thursday, March 03, 2016


Donald Trump

I have never been more disappointed about a presidential campaign than I am right now. For context, my wife (she of the non-political variety) told me the following earlier this week. “I can’t vote for Trump. Don, are you sure you’re really a Republican? I don’t trust Clinton. I may have to write in a candidate or if Sanders wins I’ll probably vote for him.” 

Convoluted as that was, I share her disdain of the front-running candidates we’re supposed to choose from this fall. This past Tuesday reminded us that unless something crazy happens, we’re going to see a Trump v. Clinton battle.


I mean it should be exciting. Think about the storylines: hardnosed business man challenges member of political dynasty or will the United States be led by a woman for the first time in its history or any host of interesting aspects of a Trump/Clinton presidential battle. 

Problem is when you  look at what Trump and Clinton and move beyond the talking points what’s there to rally around? Trump is as divisive as they come. His firebrand style has gotten him this far in the political process so I don’t expect him to tone down the rhetoric. Trump is a solid entertainer and you can see this via his Apprentice franchise. But he’s not Ronald Reagan transitioning to politics. Instead he’s an opinionated mouthpiece for people who want something different this election cycle than your also-ran crowd of Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, et. al.

Hillary Clinton

I’m falling asleep just writing those names down. And then we look on the Democratic side, it’s a two person race (stop laughing) between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. I will admit, Sanders definitely keeps my attention. And what’s more, I feel like what he says he will do as President is exactly what he will do. But at the same time, Sanders is out there for sure and very radical. Still if you take Sanders out this race, which Clinton will do shortly, it’s just another run of the mill nomination process as we crown a career politician as the head of her party. 

And while it would be pretty historical for Clinton to become the next President, are any of you excited about an H. Clinton presidency? I’m not at all. I’m as excited about a Clinton presidency as I am about shooting pain on the side of my stomach (read: not at excited at all). And yet here we are ladies and gents. 

We get to choose between a bombast and someone known to stretch the truth. I’ll let you guess who’s who. But my point is I’m not excited about our choices and by default not excited about the next 4 to 8 years. 

So who do we pick?

Don Roach is a young Republican. Please check out Don’s Facebook Page.


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