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Travis Rowley: Democrats: Who’s Right? And Who’s a Jerk?

Saturday, August 17, 2013


The political Left seems hellbent on ignoring the obvious and the logical, according to Travis Rowley.

At the risk of conservatives sounding like the ones who are actually out of ideas, I guess we can just keep pointing it out: The political Left is profoundly ridiculous and curiously brutish.

Shortly after the city of Seattle began forbidding government workers from using the terms “brown bag” and “citizen”–because they are “potentially offensive” to minorities–President Barack Obama told the nation that “the one unifying principle in the Republican Party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care.”

In reference to the GOP’s efforts and desire to repeal the disastrous legislation known as Obamacare, Obama pondered before the nation, "Why is it that my friends in the other party have made the idea of preventing these people from getting health care their holy grail? Their number one priority?"

Obama hasn’t figured it out yet, but he does know this: “Republicans have determined that they don’t want to see these folks get healthcare.”

We must be careful not to offend minorities. We should protect the feelings of illegal aliens and other non-citizens. And Republicans want uninsured people to die.

That is as sophisticated as it gets for liberals.

Playing dumb

It’s the intellectual dishonesty that is the most troublesome.

It’s a measure of sheer deception when Obama pretends to be unaware of the free-market solutions that would satisfy the urge to expand medical coverage–or to contend that he has not heard Republicans employ such thinking.

As US Senator Rand Paul (R–Kentucky) explained on the John Oliver Show this week, “The thing is, I think we all want more people to have healthcare. We all want more people to have insurance. But [Republicans] think the opposite will happen [under Obamacare].”

A former college professor, Obama is supposedly more capable than most of objectively entertaining multiple perspectives and disciplines. Yet, the famous words of one of conservatives’ most prized economists are suddenly lost on him: “So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear. That there is no alternative way, so far discovered, of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by a free enterprise system.” (Milton Friedman)

Even U2’s Bono is now acknowledging the unmatched power of economic liberty to make products, services, and prosperity more available to the poor. The rockstar made headlines this week when he said, “[Foreign] aid is just a stopgap. Commerce [and] entrepreneurial capitalism take more people out of poverty than aid. We need Africa to become an economic powerhouse.”

Conservatives everywhere are waiting for President Obama to respond by telling everyone that Bono just wants to make sure poor Africans remain in their huts.

Obama’s ignoring of the actual positions of his political rivals, and his mischaracterization of their moral foundations, can be explained by a simple observation: He’s a Democrat. And that’s what Democrats do.

Big hearts, small brains

As many are aware by now, the Left’s political culture often compels liberals to simply impugn the character of their opposition, rather than engage their ideas. That’s how the Left wins elections–by dumbing everyone down; by converting serious political issues into the type of drama that’s typically reserved for high school hallways; by keeping the public obsessed over who’s nice, rather than who’s right.

You just don’t see this political strategy being harnessed by the political Right (at least not to the appalling degree of regularity that it happens on the Left). In fact, conservatives can often be heard giving liberals credit for their “bleeding hearts.”

“In Washington, people have good intentions,” explained Senator Paul this week. “We have a lot of politicians who have really small brains, and really big hearts. And they want to do what’s right, but I don’t think it’s going to work.”

A little harsh

And then there’s US Senator Harry Reid (D–Nevada).

“It’s been obvious that they’re doing everything they can to make [Obama] fail,” Reid explained on a radio program this week. “And I hope, I hope–and I say this seriously–I hope that’s based on substance and not the fact that he’s African-American.”

Harry Reid is not just some kooky left-wing activist. He is the Senate Majority Leader. And Barack Obama is the President of the United States. The compulsion and willingness to muddy personal reputations is not reserved for progressive pundits. The liberal political culture runs straight through the entire Democratic complex–the latest example of their dishonesty being the feigning of horror, and the collective conniption, that occurred when a rodeo clown in Missouri put on an Obama mask this week.

But close observers know that liberals aren’t the soft-bellied sweeties they portend to be. They’re vicious.

Ever since Bill O’Reilly’s honest and thoughtful monologue on black neighborhoods and the “civil rights” leadership that he offered several weeks ago, countless left-wing commentators–particularly Al Sharpton–have been portraying the Fox News personality as “racist” and “anti-poor.”

“Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, and Neo-Nazism” was the headline of an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune several weeks ago–an op-ed that called Beck a “sympathizer rather than a critic” of Nazi doctrine.

The best indication that liberals are subconsciously uncertain of their own philosophy is their frequent impulse to act like a bunch of jerks.


Travis Rowley (TravisRowley.com) is the author of The RI Republican: An Indictment of the Rhode Island Left.


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