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video: Council Finance Committee Again Fails to Remove Igliozzi

Friday, June 29, 2012


Confusion reigned Thursday as members of the Providence City Council finance committee were again unable to remove chairman John Igliozzi from his post.

For the second time in a week, three members – vice chair Sam Zurier, David Salvatore and Sabina Matos— called a special meeting to oust Igliozzi, the veteran councilman who last month attempted to make changes to the city’s pension reform ordinance just days after voting in favor of it.

Salvatore was expected to be voted in as the new chairman.

But Igliozzi, carrying a fresh copy of Robert’s Rules of Order by his side, argued that the members could not remove him and attempted to adjourn. Assistant city solicitor Adrian Southgate and Matos then proceeded to get into shouting matches with Igliozzi as more than 20 people – including several members of the Taveras administration and former Councilman and city solicitor Charles Mansolillo— looked on.

Mansolillo was in attendance to support Igliozzi and remained in City Hall for the duration of the finance committee meeting and a special meeting of the Council. He spoke privately with several members of the committee and left the building with Igliozzi.

Similar events unfolded Monday when the members made a motion to reconsider Igliozzi’s position, but the chairman requested a written opinion from city solicitor Jeff Padwa and forced the meeting into a nearly three-hour recess before the members left City Hall.

Padwa’s opinion stated that the members could not use a motion to reconsider to oust Igliozzi, but that it could get rid of him using a motion to rescind. But Igliozzi refused to recognize Zurier when he attempted to make a motion, setting off another shouting match.

Igliozzi would later argue that the group was in violation of the Open Meetings Act because the committee used the wrong date when it called the meeting. That prompted Matos to chastise Igliozzi for prolonging a process she and her colleagues consider inevitable.

“The good guys have to win once in awhile,” Igliozzi said.

The members would later move to Council chambers for a special meeting of the full Council and the finance committee never reconvened. Asked what would happen next, Padwa said he would review the rules because, “I’m not sure anyone knows the answer.”

Several videos from the meeting are posted below. (Editor’s Note: I apologize that the video weren’t shot particularly well.)

Assistant city solicitor VS Igliozzi

Assistant city solicitor VS Igliozzi

“Your laughing and jocularity is out of order”

City Clerk Anna Stetson VS Matos

Councilman Kevin Jackson yelling at Matos.


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Salvatore is so desperate to be chair of finance,perhaps he should spend more time in his ward in which I reside. We have streets with missing street signs,all sorts of abandon houses that people dump stuff on,increases in crime, faded and unreadable signage around the neighborhood. We just had a guy shot and killed in our ward! The catch basins are clogged, graffiti all over ,potholes all over,broken side walks and on and on! He should go over and take some lessons on how to improve his ward from councilman Correia in ward 6 ,hes always doing something to improve his ward! You would think since the treasurer got rid of him in her office,he would have more time to do stuff around here,instead hes to busy trying to oust the chairman of the finance committee for his own self serving reasons!

Salvotore doesn't know what hes doing,he had to call on the former solicitor Mansolillo to understand what to do on the pension sub committee he chaired,then he laughs when Igliozzi brought him to finance committee. Have a little respect Salvatore! I wish more people from my ward would see his true colors,go to city hall and watch.

Igliozzi should fight for his chairmanship,I would! People have vendettas against him,its all politics. The chairman's of committees should be 4 year appointments with no chance of removal unless by a majority vote by the full council. We cant have chairman's be subject to removal by the committee members, it would lead to chaos.One of the the issues I have heard about Igliozzi is that he holds things in committee,they all do that. Leader Yurdin still hasn't brought up the car tax issue that was referred to his committee on ordinances in over a year now! He wouldn't even let us have a public hearing on the issue. He needs to go,more than Igliozzzi,especially after the redistricting nightmare,in which is was the chairman of the ward boundaries committee.

Comment #1 by anthony sionni on 2012 06 29

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