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Cicilline & Doherty at War Over Women’s Issues

Friday, October 05, 2012


Incumbent Congressman David Cicilline and Republican challenger Brendan Doherty again traded barbs over women’s issues Thursday, this time with Doherty calling attention to Cicilline’s record as a defense lawyer.

The war of words began earlier in the week when the State Democratic Party criticized Doherty for not supporting legislation that would expand and reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. The Democrats charged that House Republicans killed a bill that would have extended protections to Native Americans, undocumented immigrants and members of the LGBT community and called out Doherty for supporting the decision.

But Doherty fired back by pointing out that Cicilline represented several men who brutally attacked women when he a lawyer Doherty noted that Cicilline represented Anthony Gardiner, who ultimately was convicted on five counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and witness intimidation; Frank A. Bertram, who was convicted of first degree murder of a sixteen year old girl; and James Krakue, a husband convicted of domestic felony assault.

“This is the David Cicilline who claims to stand-up for women,” Doherty said. “While David Cicilline was representing ruthless batterers and child killers, I spent my career putting vicious domestic predators and wife beaters behind bars. I’d put them in jail; Cicilline tried to keep them out and put them back on the streets. Actions speak louder than words. I stood tall for women’s rights and their safety. David Cicilline stood up for men who wage real and violent wars on women.”

Democratic spokesman Bill Fischer characterized Doherty for unleashing a “desperate personal attack today because he doesn’t want to admit he stands with House Speaker John Boehner.” Fischer said the Doherty campaign hit a “new low” with its attack.

“There was nothing moderate about Doherty’s stance on this important issue,” said Bill Fischer, spokesperson for the Rhode Island Democratic Party. “Mr. Doherty has chosen to stand with GOP leaders who are blocking the reauthorization and expansion of the Violence Against Women Act - purely for political purposes. Mr. Doherty has not offered one legitimate explanation why he’s opposed to expanding protections to Native American women, members of the LGBT community and immigrants. Instead of offering an explanation, he has characterized these individuals as ‘people in other walks of life.’ At this juncture, I think it would be appropriate for Mr. Doherty to explain exactly what ‘people in other walks of life’ actually means. It’s really quite simple: the Democratic Party believes all individuals should be treated equally. Apparently, Mr. Doherty does not share our opinion on this matter."


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