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Carol Anne Costa: A Rhode Island Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 28, 2013


This Thanksgiving, RI residents should be thinking about how to harness our positive energy to improve the state.

As I sit writing this column on the first cold and blustery day of the fall season, I listen outside as the whipping wind howls, the crows caw loudly and the day, save the weather, is ironically quiet. All I can think of is “Winnie the Pooh and Blustery Day”. I am pretty certain somewhere in my attic rests a precious copy of the tale. I love Pooh and his friends and it was only later in life that I discovered the brilliance of A.A. Milne.

I was probably in college before it dawned on me those wonderful characters were people I actually knew...okay, so I was not so fast on the uptake! On this Thanksgiving Day we have much for which to be grateful, but at the same, it will take guts to move our state toward better times.

In so many ways our beloved Rhode Island resembles the 100-Acre Wood. Oh yes, we have our Poohs, Piglets, Owls, Christopher Robins, and we have our buoyant Tiggers too, but it is those gloomy Eeyores that get lots of press. I am here to say on this Thanksgiving Day, it is our gratitude and spirit that will deliver good things and—the Eeyores be damned—the glass is half full. In spite of our collective troubles, the time is now to seize upon our rebellious beginnings to pull us up from our woes. Rhode Island possesses a rich history. It is chock full of attitude, rebellion, innovation, and pioneering, all accompanied by a truly terrific accent. And, only with guts and creativity we will be that again. I know we are in a bit of a slump but, the collective spirit of RI is a gift for which we give thanks.

The time is now to seize that force and move toward improving our economy, our politics, and our future. I find that in day-to-day of life, naysayers have an easy job. They write things off with little stress, usually saying that we can’t or shouldn’t do something, and moving on. And that attitude lacks the guts to face our issues. Let us channel that inner Tigger. There are some boldly striped examples of Tigger’s pluckiness, as RI faces issues with grit and determination. For it is the optimists, the dreamers, and the doers who get things moving ahead and in the end we all benefit.

Guts and Glory

Homelessness is a big problem here and across the country but right here in RI, there is hope in the efforts put forth by Housing First Rhode Island. They are one of the first Housing First initiatives in the country and are providing a national model. The program works by providing housing placement and support to RI’s homeless across the state. The glass is half full, as initiatives like this address the growing problem of homelessness.

Graduation rates have remained a long-standing RI problem, plagued by plummeting levels in the urban core. Pawtucket and Central Falls’s rates have risen dramatically, as the transformation model and head-on programs are tackling the issues. According to RI Kids Count Data, things are looking up and that glass is half full.

Helping our seniors age in place and offsetting financial cuts is a problem faced by many families. Farm Fresh RI is doing so much for our farmers and in turn to keep healthy whole foods on the tables of seniors. This grassroots innovative approach reaps what it sows, and it works! That glass is half full of whole milk produced by RI dairy cows.

As the war in Afghanistan winds down, so many of our sons and daughters are serving far from home and always from loved ones. A concerted mission called Operation Holiday Cheer is an all hands on deck push from Blue Star Mothers, Lt. Governor Elizabeth Roberts, and folks in our state who are doers is underway to make certain our troops will have a small piece of RI to treasure this holiday season. This is another example of hope at work in RI.

What better way to herald the work being done in RI than to mention Health Source RI. The work being done to enforce and give access to the Affordable Care Act is remarkable. The website is working well (registering over 12,000 unique visitors in its first week, the waiting room is full of folks seeking access to good health insurance coverage and they are now looking for bigger and better office space. Another fantastic RI model, yes the glass is half full as America and RI move to migrate all into the Affordable Health Care Act.

Tiggers or Eeyores

We have national models in place, we have innovative thinkers, we have motivated politicians, we have the dreamers and the doers. The secret will be to harness all that positive energy and put the wheels in motion to do big things to think outside the box. We can do it. It was General George S Patton who said, “Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way.” It was a rallying cry of America’s fighting General and really, we should take his advice. We have much to do to make RI better. It will only happen with leaders who are not risk averse and people ready to serve. I am certain Patton was a Tigger, albeit with an edge and a sidearm. It is time to put the Eeyores to pasture and find the good and work toward it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, may we count our blessings and each of us help to make them multiply!  


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