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BREAKING: Gemma Announces on Helen Glover, “95% chance I am running” against Cicilline

Thursday, December 15, 2011


This morning on WHJJ 920's Helen Glover show, businessman Anthony Gemma said that he is 95% sure that he will challenge first-term Congressman David Cicilline for the Democratic nomination in the 1st Congressional District. Cicilline has come under fire for his management of the City of Providence's finances while he was Mayor and more recently he has been criticized for trying to manipulate the redistricting process. The latest proprosed district would move the majority of Providence (including South Providence) to the 1st District, a change that would likely benefit the Congressman.

A formal Gemma announcement would pit the more conservative Gemma against the embattled Cicilline.

The winner would face the winner of the GOP primary pitting former State Representative and Iraq War veteran John Loughlin (who narrowly lost to Cicilline last November) against former State Police Col. Brendan Doherty.


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guy smily

Cicilline rigging the system to favor himself in the election, but he is actually opening the door for any other democrat as well by taking away areas Loughlin won in. This opens the door for another democrat to come in and wipe him out in a primary. Cicilline is polling so low, Gemma can beat him. Seeing Cicilline lose, great... Seeing Cicilline lose to his own party in a primary...priceless!

anthony sionni

WOW,GOOD!!! I wouldnt vote for cicilline,I am a democrat, I would certainly support Gemma! Who would vote for cicilline after what he did to providence,never!!

RI Taxpayer


After Gemma lost the primary in the last election, he endorsed Cicilline. Because of that, Gemma will NEVER get my vote.

You don't vote for a crook like Cicilline just because he's a dem. Thinking like that is exactly why RI is in the dilemma that its in.


David Pepin

When reading this story, keep the "Gem Plumbing" ad near the top of the home page in mind.

peter costello

Looks like Cicilline is going to be filling out one of his unemployment surveys. Do you think he 'll be honest on it?

Edward Smith


1) "95% chance I'm running" - a real profile in courage.

2) He endorsed Cicilline in the general election

3) Good point David Pepin.

Charles Drago


Anthony Gemma did not "endorse" David Cicilline.

Anthony Gemma did not lift a finger to help David Cicilline in the 2010 General Election campaign.

Repeating a lie does not make it true. Nor does it help confuse the public.

The GOP is terrified of Anthony Gemma, who, if he chooses to run, will trample David Cicilline in the Primary and turn into mincemeat the winner of the Loughlin-Doherty slug fest (I intentionally use two words. Figure it out.).

Edward Smith

...and so it must be Charles Drago a.k.a. Wayne Knight a.k.a. Newton

Charles Drago


That's "Newman."

"Edward Smith," you are truly Cicilline-lite: When cornered, resort to what you believe are insults and smears.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Keep them cards and letters comin' in, Eddy baby!

For with each word you write in defense of David Cicilline, you throw one more shovel of dirt on his political grave.

Edward Smith



I have no need or desire to defend Cicilline. He can fend for himself. You, on the other hand, are a glorious case study.

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