An Open Letter to Joe Trillo: Guest MINDSETTER™ Bennett

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


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Joe Trillo

Dear Joseph A. Trillo,

I respect your fire and I admire your track record. I've met you a few times over the years (at first through our mutual patronage of WPRO where I sponsored and hosted a small weekend show - and then recently when viewing one of your properties for rent).

I have you and at least one member of your immediate family members (who I've done great business with) as "Facebook friends" so while you and I are not actual friends... we certainly aren't enemies and our circles overlap and connect from time to time.

Speaking of enemies... I have no idea as to why you hate Allan Fung so much, and I know that many people are coming at you in a less than professional manner to sing the same song - that you should DROP OUT of the race for Governor.

I've come to say something different.

As an independent voter... I am exactly the type of person who you might appeal to on voting day. But it is not me that you need to impress. It's anyone who does NOT lean conservative.

I am watching and watching... and sadly... I am failing to see where any campaign policy pledge, promotional advertisement or radio interview that you've put out there even remotely ATTEMPTS to peel away an open minded voter who has (by default) committed themselves to the current governor.

You seem to have recognized - with some pride - that your primary campaign promise is the destruction of Mayor Fung, who (like me) shares circles that overlap and connect with yours.

You're a highly intelligent guy... so you KNOW FOR A FACT that you are NOT Donald J. Trump, you are NOT in the lead, you CANNOT win, you are wasting your own resources and the resources of people who believe in you and (MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL) you are - quite literally - ENSURING A WIN FOR Gina Raimondo, the one person who should NOT be allowed to skate to an easy victory AGAINST the wishes of the slim majority of legal voters.

Her policies are choking the life out of Rhode Island. And YOU are the only person who can stop her.

But you cannot stop her if you are focused on the #2 person in the race. You can only stop her if you show Rhode Islanders that you are a man worthy of following... by not only sacrificing your ego to step out of the race... but by extending an olive branch and YOUR FULL SUPPORT to Mayor Allan Fung.

Yeah... that would suck. I admit that I would have a hard time throwing my support behind a person who I had just spent so much time battling. But the best medicine always tastes the worst at first... and this is NOT "show-FRIENDS"... this is "show-BUSINESS." We cannot allow pride to lead us to our downfall.

Plus... I'm not suggesting that you and Fung have to love each other. I speak for thousands upon thousands of others when I say that I just want you to LOVE RHODE ISLAND MORE THAN YOU MIGHT DISLIKE FUNG!!

Recently an acquaintance of yours - John Loughlin - made a similar plea. But I am not sure if he made mention of the fact that Gina views you as such a high level threat to her incumbency that she has run a GRAND TOTAL OF ZERO advertisements about you. That's because she is in a comfortable place and she isn't going to give you the pleasure of being recognized, nor allow an interviewer in her glorious presence who might put her in a position to utter your name.

But if you were to BACK FUNG... (and possibly bring the Governor and Lt. Governor races to a TICKET/TEAM vote in the future)... now THAT would make you a TRUE LEADER, and earn you a place in history that is much more enviable than the the 3rd place spoiler title you are currently aiming your energy towards.

Mr. Trillo... sincerely... my family and the families of Rhode Island will suffer if that broom-riding, resume-padding, money-vacuuming, identity-politicking ideologue keeps her filthy hands on the steering wheel of the Ocean State.

I love Rhode Island. I really do. I want this state to win.

If you feel the same... then on behalf of a large portion of our voting public... (large enough to WIN this election)... I am literally begging you to take a hard look at what you could do for us all... if only you were willing to make the hard call to sacrifice your ego in our darkest hour of need.

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God bless us all.

Donnie Bennett lives in North Kingstown


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