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poll: Who is to Blame for Debt Ceiling Disaster?

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Who is to Blame for Debt Ceiling Disaster?

US Markets Down 1.6% Weds

The stock market dropped 1.6% on Wednesday, the rating agency's may down grade US bonds, and there are just a few days before the United States may default on its debt. The battle has been ongoing for months between Democrats and Republicans and Tea Party members with Republicans, and Conservatives with Progressives. Who is responsible for the crisis?

The White House issued a statement on late Monday, "Now, faced with the “my way or the highway,” short-term approach of the House Republicans, Senator Reid has put forward a responsible compromise that cuts spending in a way that protects critical investments and does not harm the economic recovery."

Not to be outdone, House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday on the Laura Ingram Show, “Listen, it’s time to do what is doable, and this bill isn’t perfect. … That’s what happens when you have a Democrat-controlled Senate and a Democrat in the white House. This bill was agreed to by the bipartisan Senate leadership, and we believe we can get this on the president’s desk, and make it law. Listen, we're not going to give him a $2.5 trillion blank check that lets him continue his spending binge through the next election. That’s not going to happen.”

Who is most responsible for the crisis? If the US goes into default - who deserves the blame?


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