News Editor Kate Nagle and Harvard's John Della Volpe

GoLocalProv/Harvard’s Della Volpe Poll: Raimondo Has Modest Lead Over Fung, Trillo Big Factor

RI Democratic Governor Gina Raimondo leads Republican Cranston Mayor Allan Fung by 8 points according to a new poll conducted… Read More

Side of the Rhode: Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? - October 12, 2018

Every Friday, GoLocalProv takes a look at who is rising and who is falling in Rhode Island politics, business, culture, and… Read More

GoLocal News Editor Kate Nagle and Harvard's John Della Volpe

POLL: Results of GoLocalProv/Harvard’s Della Volpe Poll - Governor’s Race

On Thursday, Harvard's John Della Volpe joined GoLocal's News Editor Kate Nagle to discuss the latest poll conducted… Read More

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung

Fung Announces Plan to Reform RI Training School

Republican gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung is vowing to reform the Rhode Island Training School.… Read More

The Boston Globe

Finneran: The Globe’s Mission

Tip O’Neill famously advised against picking a fight with someone who buys fifty tons of newsprint at a time.… Read More

Is East Greenwich the most politically divided community in RI?

How Did East Greenwich Become So Divided—From Fire Contracts to Political Fliers on Sex

The Town of East Greenwich has become an increasingly divided political hotbed in recent months, and last weekend it reached… Read More

Harvard's John Della Volpe

LIVE at 3:00 PM on THURSDAY: GoLocal’s Statewide Poll Conducted by Harvard’s Della Volpe

John Della Volpe of Harvard University will join GoLocal LIVE Thursday, October 11 to unveil a new statewide poll. The poll… Read More

Joe Trillo

Trillo Was Charged With Assaulting Mattiello in 1970s -

Independent candidate for governor Joe Trillo acknowledged that he was charged with simple assault in the 1970s after… Read More

Governor Gina Raimondo says Fung and Trillo

Raimondo Blasts Fung & Trillo for “Failing Small Businesses”

Governor Gina Raimondo's campaign is criticizing Gubernatorial candidates Allan Fung and Joe Trillo for “failing… Read More

Dee Dee Witman

Witman Calls Nordstrom Closure “Another Hit to The City of Providence”

Providence Mayoral candidate Diane “Dee Dee” Witman is calling the closure of the Nordstrom store at the… Read More

Representative Bob Lancia

Guest MINDSETTER™ Lancia: Taxing the Dead - Can RI Sink Any Lower?

There’s an old saying that nothing is sure but death and taxes.  RI has taken that one step further—by… Read More

Brett Kavanaugh

RI AFL-CIO Condemns Appointment of Kavanaugh to Supreme Court

The Rhode Island AFL-CIO has come out against the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.… Read More

Nikki Haley resigns PHOTO: Official US Ambassador Photo

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Resigns

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley resigned on Tuesday morning.… Read More

Horowitz: International Climate Report Predicts Dire Consequences Without Accelerated Action

A new report from an international panel of distinguished scientists convened by the United Nations predicts that without… Read More

Rep. Anthony Giarrusso

NEW: Giarrusso Defends Himself Against “Misogynist” #PinkWave Attack in RI House Race

Republican State Representative Anthony Giarrusso is defending himself against an unsigned mailer attack accusing him of… Read More

Ray Rickman

Rickman’s Big View - Housing for College Students

Ray Rickman's weekly video opinion broadcast on GoLocal LIVE -- Rickman's Big View. … Read More

Council President Salvatore

Top Woman Minority Business Leader Criticizes Providence Council President Salvatore

Providence City Council President David Salvatore has drawn the criticism of one of the top business leaders in Rhode Island.… Read More

2018 Gov’s Playbook: Fractionalization of the Moderate and Conservative Vote

Three-way races for governor — now the norm in Rhode Island — are if nothing else unpredictable. Four years… Read More

EDITORIAL: What Happened to the RI GOP Being the Party of Small Business?

Friday night, the room was packed with small business people. Owners of construction companies, software engineers, and… Read More

R.W. Alley: “Can’t Stop for Kids”

R.W. Alley, the award-winning illustrator of Paddington Bear offers his GoLocal weekly political cartoon.… Read More


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