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NEW: Loughlin Speaks Out on Doherty Voting as Democrat

Friday, May 13, 2011


2010 Republican Candidate John Loughlin speaks out about his potential GOP primary rival Brendan Doherty having voted in recent Democratic Primaries. Loughlin leaves tomorrow for active duty U.S. Army assignment in Iraq.

Loughlin told GoLocalProv:

"I think that the Republican voters of the First Congressional district will have a great deal of time to evaluate the level of commitment to Republican ideals of both campaigns during the upcoming campaigns. I have worked hard, day-by-day, as a loyal and diligent member of our party. I have attended our events, supported our causes and worked for our candidates. Together, we have seen victory and tasted defeat but we never lost hope.

My commitment remains as strong as ever to the things Republicans stand for, specifically to fight, as an elected Republican for lower taxes, more transparent government, and more personal freedom for Rhode Islanders."


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Brendan Doherty's position with the State Police precluded his involvement in politics.
Unlike other agencies,State Police cannot engage in political activity as a matter of policy,kind of like the Federal Hatch Act.
For the younger folks here,you shouldknow both the Democrats and Republicans tried to court Eisenhower in 1952.

Comment #1 by joe bernstein on 2011 05 14


Sorry, Joe.

As superintendent of the RI State Police, Brendan Doherty was the consummate political animal.

The farce Doherty played when he stepped down "on principle" was in fact a cold-hearted political charade designed to give him instant credibility with the rabid right wing of the GOP for whom fear and hatred of the "other" -- or xenophobia of the sort on which John Loughlin bases his political life -- is the sine qua non for electoral viability.

Come on, man. "Brendan Doherty's position with the State Police precluded his involvement in politics" is one of the most naive and self-defeating statements I've ever read on this or any other blog.

Brendan Doherty is a -- wait for it -- POLITICIAN.

What's more, Brendan Doherty is the kind of politician who will say and do anything to get elected.

In other words, Brendan Doherty is David Cicilline with broader shoulders.

Comment #2 by Charles Drago on 2011 05 14

and charles drago is Mo Lombardi & Tom Glavin w/out any job nor pension

Comment #3 by lOUIS PRIMA on 2011 05 14

Ok, so now starts the mud slinging. Mr. Prima, it would seem to me you have a preconceived, premeditated reason to attack Mr. Doherty. I mean really, a politician? You say it like it is some "evil" thing. Well if we look at Merriam Websters definition of Politician, it states:
1 a person experienced in the art or science of government; especially : one actively engaged in conducting the business of a government

Ok, so you would state that Mr. Doherty is experienced in government? Well lets see, he did manage a department that was a huge part of government, so perhaps one could say so, but it's hardly a "dishonorable" reason as you would seem to make it sound.

2 a: a person engaged in party politics as a profession b : a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons"

Well I guess again you could be right since he has announced his intention to accept the job of representing our state for the "Republican" party, but again, hardly a bad connotation as you seem to portray. As far of running for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons? Well how well do you really know him? Sounds to me like you have a personal ax to grind here. By the above, the person you obviously support (Mr. Loughlin, who I should say I do respect very much) is also a politician and not in the negative sense you seem to like. How about let the man run, listen to his speeches, then as others announce compare and make YOUR decisions, but I ask that you don't color a picture until it is actually drawn. And don't tell me how wrong I am for believing what I believe. So far all I see from you in the posts you have put here is rhetoric, nothing more!

Comment #4 by Rick Simard on 2011 05 14


Mr. Simard:

The following points must be addressed:

1. Brendan Doherty, when he tells us that he is unbeholden to political interests, is deceiving us. His most recent job found him in a profoundly political milieu, and he operated with great precision and success. He is in fact a "politician" if you expand the definition of the word to include such an individual. And it is absolutely valid to do so.

2. There is absolutely nothing inherently negative or inaccurate about describing Brendan Doherty as a politician.

3. However, when Brendan Doherty IMPLIES that he somehow is above politics and brings no political baggage to the table, he clearly is attempting to deceive us. And that, dear sir, is a major negative that accrues to Doherty.

4. Brendan Doherty began his campaign with a cynical POLITICAL act: changing his party affiliation for personal POLITICAL gain -- which is to say he was deceitful from the start.

5. Brendan Doherty began his campaign by asking us to believe that he is untainted (my word, accurately used) by political debt -- which is to say, he was deceitful from the start.

6. And if you believe Brendan Doherty when the describes the scenario that resulted in his "confrontation" with Governor Chafee as a non-political stand on principle, you must believe that Rosemary Woods was a world-class contortionist.

It was political theater. Nothing more, nothing less. Brendan Doherty is not telling us the truth.

If we want a deceitful, cynical congressman from the RI 1st, why fix what isn't broken?

As for lOUIS PRIMA: He is a liar. How do I know? Because what he/she/they writes about my personal life is not true.

Of course lOUIS PRIMA may simply be uninformed and/or delusional.

Don't waste your time on what this coward who hides behind a pen name produces. It is garbage and beneath your dignity, sir.

Comment #5 by Charles Drago on 2011 05 14

drago, dignity, simard..NFC

Comment #6 by lOUIS PRIMA on 2011 05 14

Well Mr. Drago, seems your view is a bit biased? Of course that would be true of anyone's view I guess.

1. I already agreed he is a politician by definition. Although I don't feel expanding any definition to make point incorrect.

2. My point about the negativity was directed to the presentation of "Prima"

3. "IMPLIES" is a discretionary term, so I choose to ignore that.
4. Interesting. So once upon a time I voted democratic "almost" exclusively, but in recent years with maturity (my try at levity) my views have either changed, or the respective parties have changed on me, either way, does that make me "deceitful"? Ray Flynn who seems to be supporting (gasp) a republican at the same time our former governor is doing the same, does that make them deceitful? BTW, days of voting for party should be over, although our fair state seems to have its share of "straight lever pullers". I prefer to listen to the message and choose my candidates on that message.
5. You seem to like that word "deceitful". I took his term untainted to mean to me, that since he had never RUN for political office (everything can be considered political in your desired stretch of the word), he was not holding to other politicians for votes they cast for or against bills he presented. Maybe I am naive?
6. I like this one best though. You quoted Mr. Doherty as saying, "the scenario that resulted in his “confrontation” with Governor Chafee as a non-political stand on principle". and then made some comment about cartoons. Well "sir" yes I do believe him. I have no reason to NOT believe him, and I don't know the person you are obviously trying to insult, but ok, whatever.
No I want someone of integrity, not corrupt politician who ran a city into the ground financially all the while insulting others, only to later find out who and what they really did. Mr. Doherty ran a 1st class department, and did so with the integrity that I speak of. IMO, the person he is running against (at the moment, since nobody else has declared) is that person. Mr. Loughlin did not announce anything yet, but I would ask that he be honest, without the insults and innuendoes SHOULD he decide to run.again.
As for Prima (insulting a great musician by penning his name), well his non-comment comment says it all!
I prefer to debate best I can with what I know, and not insult those I debate against. Not to say I can't get carried away once in a while, but I try hard to keep it civil.

Comment #7 by Rick Simard on 2011 05 14


Thank you, Mr. Simard, for your thoughtful and polite commentary. It represents a refreshing change of pace hereabouts.

My original comments stand and require no defense. But for the purpose of clarification and out of a genuine wish to improve the syntax of and otherwise help inform thoughtful correspondents, I must make the following observation.

You wrote: “You quoted Mr. Doherty as saying, ‘the scenario that resulted in his “confrontation” with Governor Chafee [w]as a non-political stand on principle’ and then made some comment about cartoons. Well ‘sir’ yes I do believe him. I have no reason to NOT believe him, and I don’t know the person you are obviously trying to insult, but ok, whatever.”

Sir: Your willingness to take Brendan Doherty at his word and your ignorance of the small yet significant role played by Rosemary Woods in recent American history compel me to conclude that the latter explains the former.

Comment #8 by Charles Drago on 2011 05 14

Dreago posts regularly on another, extreme leftist RI blog. That just about kills his credibility anywhere else.
Loughlin ran so far away from the RI GOP last cycle it wasn't even funny. Truth be told, a fire hydrant would present a significant problem for him in a primary.
He couldn't beat ChiChi in a year when a huge portion of the House went red and ChiChi had an approval rating under 50%. Does he really think he can win in a year when Obama is on the ballot???
Doherty is the logical choice for the GOP, from personality to numbers and everything in between.
Someone had to say it.

Comment #9 by Brian Buongiovanni on 2011 05 14


Another lie about me, this time from the entity calling itself "Brian Buongiovanni."

Again I am truly flattered.

Comment #10 by Charles Drago on 2011 05 15

Actually,I am not naive.
I have no doubt Brendan Doherty had strong personal political opinions while he was in the State Police,but,like Federal employees subject to the Hatch Act,he could not publicly voice them nor engage in political activity as a matter of policy instead of law.The Hatch Act affects only Federal employees.
I've known Brendan Doherty for about 25 years and have worked with him on numerous occasions,albeit many years ago.He always had an excellent working relationship with INS agents,as did the RISP in general.
I am certain his differences with the governor on this matter were completely sincere.
It may surprise you,Drago,to realize there are people in RI who act on principle.That doesn't mean they can't get into the political milieu at an appropriate time and engage in the activities that entails.As long as one doesn't "mix the streams"("Ghostbusters")it's legitimate.

Comment #11 by joe bernstein on 2011 05 15



Your definition of "political activities" is far too narrow.

Brendan Doherty almost certainly played politics every day of his life as a State Trooper -- and certainly during his tenure as superintendent. The fact that he did not publicly do so is of no consequence to this analysis.

I am not surprised that "there are people in RI who act on principle." I know you to be such a person, Joe.

But Brendan Doherty, in my well-informed judgment, played POLITICS quite brilliantly when he A) secured the Doherty for Congress web address before he left the State Police, B) staged -- my word -- a resignation based on principle, C)changed his party affiliation.

Cynical POLITICS from a consummate POLITICIAN.

And now Doherty is trying to tell us that he is NOT a politician and that he is not politically beholden to anyone.

Brendan Doherty came out of the box trying to pull the wool over voters' eyes.

Again, if that's the kind of congressman we want, we should shut up and stick with Evil Grand Master Cicilline.

And by the way, the ONLY way Doherty's GOP-affiliation works is if he's up against Cicilline in the General. Any other Democrat of principle and integrity captures Democratic moderates and destroys Doherty in the process.

Which is exactly what will happen.

Comment #12 by Charles Drago on 2011 05 15

Drago- it's no effort for me to try to act on principle because I don't want to be anything other than what I am now-a private citizen with concerns for my family and quality of life.
Once somebody-anybody-gets into the arena of political activity they are compelled to compromise to some degree-being a purist in politics tends to isolate the individual even from potential allies.
It's the price of being part of a free society.
Dictators don't have to compromise.

Comment #13 by joe bernstein on 2011 05 15



Politics, it has been observed, is indeed "the art of compromise."

But NEVER -- repeat, NEVER -- should this extend to compromise of one's principles.

As a private citizen, Brendan Doherty can eschew party labels and vote his conscience.

When he chose to affiliate with the Republican Party, Doherty made an explicit political decision to join the ranks of the party that most recently led us into unnecessary wars and brought the U.S. economy from prosperity to near-bankruptcy.

Brendan Doherty and his advisors came to the conclusion that the only way he could get elected to Congress was as a Republican going head to head with David Cicilline.

Principle be damned, Doherty chose the party of Bush, Cheney, Bachman, Delay, and Rove over the party of FDR, JFK, RFK, Pastore, Pell, Fogarty ...

Doherty did what he believes he had to do to get elected.

In other words, he took a page from the Cicilline playbook.

How can you, Joe, a man of principle, live with that fact?

Comment #14 by Charles Drago on 2011 05 15

Drago-I can live with either candidate in that primary which I can't vote in.
I like and respect both of them and will not offer an opinion,if for no other reason than I live in District 2 and just want to see almost anyone come along and knock off Cicilline(politically of course).
BTW Anthony Gemma once did a good steam valve replacement in my house.
(Only in RI can your plumber also be your Congressional candidate)LOL.

Comment #15 by joe bernstein on 2011 05 15


Just as long as Gemma doesn't take the pipe again.

It was a wrenching experience last time. But if he takes the plunge in 2012, Gemma's campaign will be flush, he'll radiate integrity and competence, his financial resources won't be drained, there won't be any traps set along the way or leaks in his staff, and clearly he'll sink his opponents -- starting with the snake Cicilline, and culminating with one of the Republican drips.

Comment #16 by Charles Drago on 2011 05 15

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