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slides: 2014 RI Governor’s Race - Raimondo Has the Early Money Lead

Friday, February 01, 2013


The race for the Governor's seat is on. The first poll has been released and the number of candidates lining up is getting deep. The key to the race may be who has the most money. Money drives media buys, builds organizations and creates its own momentum. However, in 2010, Frank Caprio (D) had a huge early money lead and finished a very disappointing third behind Lincoln Chafee (I) and John Robitaille (R).

See who has the most money. 

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Lincoln Chafee

Governor Lincoln Chafee ends 2012 with $315,902 in his account and a family fortune that allows him to compete with any opponent in 2014 dollar for dollar.

See his full campaign report HERE

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Ken Block

The boss of the Moderate Party poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into his effort to make the Moderate Party relevant. He was a fringe candidate in 2010 and has stayed on the radar screen with a big effort to end the master lever.

He goes into the 2014 election cycle with $20,000.

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Gina Raimondo

The General Treasurer is leading in the first poll and is the darling of the business community for her efforts for pension reform.

Her venture capital friends and Wall Street connections have been the pathway to campaign fundraising success. She ended 2014 with a blistering $1,359,191.  

By far she leads the field. See the full report.

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Ernie Almonte

For years, Ernie Almonte served as the auditor for the General Assembly. More recently, he has been called in to help clean up fiscal messes around the state.

Now, Almonte is a candidate for Governor and he ended 2012 with a respectable $161,994.

See the full report.

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Allan Fung

The GOP Mayor of Cranston is popular in his hometown and across the State.

He has kept the city from slipping into the fiscal mess of Providence, East Providence and Central Falls. 

The big question, can he raise money?

He ended 2012 in his Mayoral account with $108,572.35.

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Brendan Doherty

He lead the race for the 1st Congressional seat by more than 15 points, but the former State Police boss faded badly and got whipped away by David Cicilline.

Now, a favorite for the GOP nomination along with Fung, he ended his Congressional campaign with $69,000 in cash and $50,000 of debt.

He has not yet created campaign organization to run for Governor.

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Angel Taveras

The Providence Mayor is looking hard at a run for Governor. Staying in Providence too long can be a political death sentence. 

Only Cicilline has escaped to another office. Joe Paolino and Buddy Cianci both were stymied when they tried to run for Governor.

Taveras has $ 413,283.70 in his Mayoral account. He trails Raimondo badly.


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Mark St. Pierre

Raimondo is just a Republican wearing Democrat clothing. Hopefully she'll go down in flames.

Charles Marsh

Every politician knows most voters take the path of least resistance (except the ones that have fled the state) that is why we have “single lever” voting. Couple the voters’ ignorance and lack of interest in politics, with a “ratings-based”, for-profit, mass media industry masquerading as journalism, we end up with an electorate of chumps that believe whatever a politician tells them. The “news” media never mentions the incestuous relationship between politicians and “special-interest groups” because the “news” media receives a lot of money from the politicians to run commercials. It’s good to be a politician in RI because there is no voter accountability, and we have no real journalists, to expose the corruption that is decimating the state.

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