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Horowitz: Enemy of the People

Rob Horowitz

With a job approval rating dipping below 40% in highly regarded national polls, such as PEW and Gallup-the worst rating by far of any recent President...

Cicilline’s Perverse Priorities: Washington Interest Groups Over RI Jobs

Congressman David Cicilline got caught picking Washington D.C. special interests over jobs and economic growth in Rhode Island.

Moore: Raimondo Badmouths Deloitte, Then Breaks Bread With Them

Gina Raimondo

Why is Governor Raimondo supporting a company that she claims ripped us off, Russ Moore wonders. 

Fecteau: Chafee’s Wrong on Russia

Lincoln Chafeee

When the Russian government run RT news outlet needed an American talking head to regurgitate some of its propaganda, perhaps every other sellout was busy....

Trump and Shakespeare on Presidents’ Day

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in't." Hamlet, Act II, Scene II.  This quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, was spoken...

video: ABC6’s “In The Arena” - Paolino and Chafee Go One-on-One

Former Governor Lincoln Chafee and Joe Paolino

Former Governor and U.S. Senator Lincoln Chafee joins Moderator Joe Paolino with a discussion on 38 Studios. As a result of action taken by Chafee...

“The Sunday Political Brunch”—February 19, 2017

Everyone has been talking about the first 100 days of the Trump administration. Forget that! How about the first 30 days, which we are completing this weekend?...

Mental Health Legislation, Immigration Legislation: This Week at the State House

The state unveiled a package of mental health legislation, immigration legislation was addressed and more. This week at the State House. 

Fecteau: What is Going on Between Trump and Russia?

Congress should probe the extent of contacts between President Donald J. Trump’s campaign, and Russian officials and intelligence agents. The New York Times...

Clifford: RI Political Leaders Still Do Not Get It, So Get Them Out!

Jack Reed

Street protests in RI by thousands, followed by Town Hall meetings held by Congressmen filled with angry people, and they still do not get it....

slides: Side of the Rhode: Who’s Hot & Who’s Not? - February 17, 2017

Russ Moore

Every Friday, GoLocalProv's Russ Moore breaks down who is rising and who is falling in RI politics, business, and sports. Moore has worked on...

Finneran: Happy for Michelle Obama

I’m happy for Michelle O.  I’m happy for Laura Bush too.

Bishop: Localism vs. Infrastructure

You can all turn off your computers and move into yurts tomorrow. We can go back to being a country of dirt farmers if that...

RI GOP Calls for Investigation Into Campaign Violations from Mattiello’s PAC

Republican Party Chairman Brandon Bell

The RI Republican Party Chairman Brandon Bell filed a complaint with the R.I. Board of Elections on Tuesday calling on the Board to...

Langevin to Bring Kent Hospital’s Dr. Mirza to President Trump’s Address to Congress

Ehsun Mirza PHOTO: Kent Hospital

Congressman Jim Langevin will bring Dr. Ehsun Mirza as his guest to President Donald Trump’s address to Congress on February 28.  Mirza is...

Horowitz: Republican Heavyweights Advocate Carbon Tax

Rob Horowitz

In separate, but coordinated, recent  Wall Street Journal and New York Times opinion pieces  Republican heavyweights led by former Secretary of State James...

Cicilline Calls on Trump to Release Transcript of Flynn’s Calls with Russian Ambassador

U.S. Congressman David Cicilline

U.S. Congressman David Cicilline is calling on President Donald Trump to release the transcripts of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s December phone...

Rep. Williams Introduces Bill Exempting Natural Hair Braiders from Needing Licenses

PHOTO: Lourdie/flickr

Representative Anastasia Williams introduced legislation that would exempt natural hair braiders from the state’s requirement for hairdressers and cosmeticians to be licensed. 

Moore: Feroce Destroys Raimondo’s Economic Strategy

Giovanni Feroce

Russell Moore believes Raimondo's Economic Development Strategy is no more than PR. 

Jencunas: What Matters & What Doesn’t in Trump’s Falling Poll Numbers

When the media talks about polls it almost always means national surveys. This is what Democrats are using to celebrate Trump’s low approval...

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