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WJAR’s Taricani Rips Station for Embarrassing Bear Video

Saturday, July 13, 2013


The viral bear video produced by WJAR-10 in Providence, RI has been ripped by the station's venerable investigative reporter, Jim Taricani.

Taricani, an award winning reporter who heads the WJAR's I-Team investigative unit, lashed out at the bear video writing on Facebook late Friday night "...some tv reporters like to draw attention to themselves...its an insult to most of us trying to be professional."

Taricani who has won numerous journalism awards and was widely recognized by journalists when he refused to reveal who leaked a controveral surveillance tape to him during a federal trial. He was later convicted of criminal contempt of court on November 18, 2004, and sentenced on December 9, 2004 to six months of home confinement for not identifying his source.

Taricani said the viral bear video produced by his felow news reporter Julie Tremmel was ,"...a smudge on our station's reputation."

The bear video has been remixed by a TV station in Michigan to the hit song, "Blurred Lines."


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Odd Job

local news in ri focuses on youtube videos more than news anyway.

David Beagle

...its an insult to most of us trying to be professional." Being professional doesn't mean losing one's sense of humor does it? A state consumed by a bear sighting is ripe for a bit of humor.

tom brady

Get over yourself you aging has been. Wake up from your stupor, your station along with the rest of the "investigative" newsies have been a mouth piece for the pols for years. Keep reading statement from the people you should be investigating. Keep ignoring the crooks making millions and do another story on a parks and rec worker napping...

Thomas Kolodziejczak

Sadly, Taricani is right. The bear video resembled more of an audition tape for "Americas got Talent" than a local news broadcast. Yet the stinging criticism Jim got from the previous writers reveals yet another sad element to the story. WJAR would not put crap like this on their newscasts if the audience objected! Stop watching this evolution of so called news and ratings go down...advertisers go elsewhere and ultimately station management has to a make a decision either to double down on the nonsense or go back to basics. As Joe Friday would say..."just the facts ma'am." Unfortunately...judging from the tone of the previous writers...facts do not appear to matter anymore and THAT is sad!

Sam M

This coming from a reporter who once interviewed a woman in a bunny suit.

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