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Winners and Losers: How Much Schools Will Get Under New Law

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


The state Legislature will vote this week on a proposed law that would establish a funding formula for public schools in Rhode Island.

Under the formula, some school districts will get more aid from the state. Many will receive less. How much districts will get is based on a rate of $8,295 a student. For students in low-income communities, however, the rate is higher—$11,600.

Multiplying the relevant rate by the number of students, to figure out the total cost of education local students. The state then decides how much it will contribute to the total cost depending on how wealthy or poor a community is - based on median household income and property values.

Below is a listing of all the school districts in the state and how much they will receive.

The column on the left shows the total amount the districts will get from the state—that will be phased in over five to ten years. The middle column lists the amounts of aid they have this year. The column on the right is the difference between current and proposed funding. Numbers with a parenthesis are cuts in funding.

Will your school district be getting more or less money from the state under the new law?


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