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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Graffiti Vandals Destroy Historic East Side House

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


200 Hope Street was the target of vandalism - and security cameras show it happening.

The historic Lippitt House at 200 Hope Street was tagged with graffiti this past week, and now neighbors have released video footage taken from the incident, which they say has been shared with police.   

According to neighbors, the graffiti incident took place early last Wednesday morning, and the cleanup was handled privately by the property owners.  The historic property, which is currently under construction, has been the subject of dispute over recent development on site over the past year.

See the photos BELOW

And according to residents, the "tags" that were spray painted on the house have since been spotted around the city. 

"Yesterday morning as I got off 95N at the Allens Ave exit, I noticed some of the same graffiti on the underside of the overpass at the Allens Ave intersection (coming off 95N and taking a left onto Allens the graffiti is right in front of you as you sit at the light)," said lawyer John Harrington, whose office is located at 200 Hope. "It was the very large “bubble-type” lettering that seems to spell out something like “BABOY” and is the exact same thing that was painted on 200 Hope.  I then noticed other graffiti in the immediate vicinity – for example the letters “AGB” which was painted several times on 200 Hope (its on a building on the left hand side of Allens as you head into downtown just a few buildings down from the bubble graffiti)."

Neighborhood Issue

The property at 200 Hope Street was not the only one hit in the recent episode of graffiti on private property -- the Wheeler School across the street has also been hit by the same culprits. 

"Graffiti is a sporadic, though of course troublesome issue for Wheeler. When it occurs we handle the clean up ourselves and do so immediately. Aside from the importance of maintaining the appearance of our buildings, we have found that quick clean-up is the best deterrence to repeat offenders. We have also found, predictably, that graffiti is rarest in our best-lit areas, and, as such, we have increased the "up-lighting" around the buildings," said Gary Esposito, Business Manager.  

On August 6, Mayor Jorge Elorza  joined the city’s Graffiti Task Force for a clean-up on Highland Avenue in Providence to highlight the service and remind residents that they can report graffiti to the Mayor’s Center for City Services by dialing 421-CITY.

“With the arrival of summer I have put the Graffiti Task Force on ‘high-alert’,” said Mayor Elorza. “If you see graffiti, call my Center for City Services and let us know so we can continue our aggressive efforts to keep Providence beautiful.”

Pictured: The suspects in downtown graffiti as release by the PPD on August 11.

A week later, the Providence Police Department put out an alert for "taggers" on downtown and on the south and west sides of town.  

"The Providence Police Detective Bureau is seeking help from the public to identify the two individuals shown in the attached photos. The subjects shown have been actively tagging in the Downtown, Smith Hill, Federal Hill, and South Providence areas of the city for months. The subjects are known to tag the word “grime”. The photo attached is from an incident that occurred on July 30, 2015 at 0050 hours at 215 West Park Street, Providence. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Lieutenant Tim O’Hara at (401) 243-6360."

Meanwhile, the graffiti "tagger" who was arrested for his "lonely boy" tags around town last spring has garnered support through an indiegogo campaign to help pay for his court ordered damages of $12,500

"There is a lot of HEART behind LONELY. that HEART is in danger of being swept into a cycle of debt used to drown out and suppress the voices of youth, the poor, the working class and of everyone who falls on the wrong side of our discriminatory legal system," writes the fundraising page, which has garnered over $600 towards its $20,000 goal. 


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Below is a breakdown of how much revenue Providence will lose as properties recently purchased by four local colleges and universities are gradually phased off the tax rolls, rather than taken off immediately, in accordance with a 2003 set of agreements. The colleges agreed to pay full taxes for five years, then two thirds for the next five years, and one third for the remaining of 15 years. After that, the properties go off the tax rolls permanently. The first slide shows the total revenue decline in five-year increments. The second shows the total revenue loss over the entire 15-year period. The subsequent slides show for each of the colleges and universities lists the properties they own which fall under the agreement and how much each one is paying in total now and will be paying in the future. Data was obtained from the city Internal Auditor.

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Revenue Decline

Annual Tax Revenue Today: $1,908,927

Annual Tax Revenue in 5 Years: $1,354,570

Annual Tax Revenue in 10 Years: $655,292

Annual Tax Revenue in 15 Years: $22,010

Total Annual Decline: $1,886,917

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Total Revenue Loss

Revenue Without the Deals: $28,339,905

Revenue with the Deals: $14,163,338

Difference: $14,470,567

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Brown U. Properties

Properties that Fall Under the Deal

154 Angel

43 Elm Street

43 Elm Street

355 Eddy Street

222 Richmond Street

94 Waterman Street

269-289 Richmond Street

269-289 Richmond Street

269-289 Richmond Street

6 Elbow Street

221 Richmond Street

198 Dyer Street

337 Eddy Street




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Brown University Taxes

Annual Tax Revenue Today: $1,597,929

Annual Tax Revenue in 2029: $5,353

Difference: $1,592,576

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Properties that Fall Under the Deal: 

189 Canal Street

123 Dyer Avenue

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RISD Taxes

Annual Tax Revenue in 2015: $74,996

Annual Tax Revenue in 2029: $16,657

Difference: $58,339

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71 Sandringham Ave, 47 Cumberland Street, 60 Devonshire Street, 62 Wardlaw Ave, 67 Sandringham Ave, 1 Sandringham Ave,198 Camden Ave, 194 Camden Ave,101 Dante Street, 6 Cumberland Ave,10 Cumberland Ave, 64 Sandringham Ave, 6 Ventura Ave, 58 Warlaw Street, 26 Cumberland Ave,18 Cumberland Ave, 22 Cumberland Ave, 14 Cumberland Ave, 2 Cumberland Ave, 31 Annie Street, 26 Ventura Street, 43 August Street, 1 Mowry Street, 31 Lucile Street, 309 Huxley Street, 29 Lucile Street, 19 Lucile Street, 32 Annie Street, 2 Lucile Street

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PC Taxes

Annual Tax Revenue Today: $63,931

Annual Tax Revenue in 2029: $0

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55 Shipyard Street

157 Clifford Street

47 Bassett Street

178 Cliford Street

75 California Street

Garage Parcel

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Annual Tax Revenue in 2029: $0

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