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Teamsters Local 251 Looking to Organize New England Pest Control

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Teamsters Local 251 is looking to unionize New England Pest Control in Providence, and held a rally Thursday at the O'Connell Street location, site of the iconic Big Blue Bug.

Local 251 Assistant Business Agent Nick Williams said that the Teamsters were approached earlier this year by a New England Pest Control employee looking into the possibility of unionizing.

"Wages, safety, there will be plenty on the table if the workers vote to unionize, as they have some of lowest wages in the industry," said Williams. "We'll do our research into average wages, present a proposal for employer, and we'll hash out what we consider a fair contract. Once we have a tentative agreement, we go back to the members, and they vote for it."

Currently, the Local 251 has over 5,300 members.  Williams noted that the New England Pest Control worker vote to unionize -- or not -- will take place on Friday.

"There are 33 techs there," said Williams. "The vote we need to unionize is 50% plus 1. Not everyone is required to vote."

Unfair Labor Violation Alleged

Teamsters turned out for a rally at New England Pest Control in support of the unionization effort there.

Williams noted that he had already conducted a "card check" - and believes there might have been an unfair labor violation in the process.

"What we do with drives is the NLRB requests an "excelsior list" that has names and addresses of all employees," said Williams. "I'd put out a mailer to everyone -- four addresses have been wrong, since they came back to me. That would be a violation there."

A spokesperson for New England Pest Control declined comment on the unionization efffort.

"I think last year the previous [Local 251] leadership may have unionized one new shop," said Williams. "It could be in New England Pest Control's interest to unionize, with other non-unionized shops as competitors. In a very heavy Democratic state, every union would then go to them."


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Hopefully the employees of New England Pest Control are smart enough not to play with the devil...the only thing unionizing will get them is less money in their paychecks due to mandatory union dues (aka extorted protection racket fees).

Comment #1 by Russ Hryzan on 2014 04 30

spray some bug killer on them cockroaches

Comment #2 by Odd Job on 2014 05 01


Comment #3 by C B11 on 2014 05 01

Wait until the day that your union "brother" is just sitting around doing nothing, loafing around, making mistakes and getting paid the same wages as you and you realize there isn't a darn thing you can do about it because he has a higher seniority date than you. In fact, if there's a lay-off, YOU will be the one shown the door and he'll still be working!!!

Comment #4 by C B11 on 2014 05 01

My cousin worked for New England Pest Control, he took what he learned there and started his own pest control company, in his girlfriend's name (now his wife) to avoid any legal problems from NEPC
To this day he never speaks negatively about his former bosses

Best of luck to all the folks at NEPC ...on both sides

Comment #5 by Sammy Arizona on 2014 05 01

To the folks at NEPC do your research first, hear from both sides, talk to friends and family you trust in an out of unions, and make an informed decision.

Sammy Arizona - This seems to be one of those occasions we agree, "Best of luck to all the folks at NEPC ...on both sides."

Comment #6 by Wuggly Ump on 2014 05 04

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