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Senator Proposes E-Verify Law

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


A state senator has submitted a bill that would restore former Governor Donald L. Carcieri’s 2008 executive order on E-Verify.

The “Illegal Immigration Control Order,” as the bill is called, would require state departments and businesses doing work for the departments to use the E-Verify program to verify employment eligibility of new hires.

“Making E-Verify part of our General Laws will ensure that Rhode Island is complying with federal employment eligibility standards, and that contractors employed by the state meet the requirements to hold a job legally in the United States,” said Senator Francis Maher (R-District 34), the main sponsor.


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A zero-tolerance enforcement covers two issues over illegal immigration reduction. This is E-Verify, an operation of the (SSA) Social Security Administration combined with the (ICE) Immigration and Custom Service. A few years back Senator Harry Reid of Nevada Blitzed the E-Verify electronic program, by enacted it only on a voluntary basis. With today’s major problems E-Verify which is being revised continuously, needing to be mandated for every company in the United States, with no exceptions? The highest enforcement possibility must begin in the workplace, giving honest business owners a sense of security if they get audited. As the US government has given no priority to E-Verify, so three States so far have taken the E-Verify verification and made it compulsory for their own people. Americans should approach their federal and State representative, informing them they want E-Verify mandated, to identify new and previously hired illegal workers.

That integrating Nationwide Drivers licenses Picture ID would reveal illegal workers using false identification documents. This type of enforcement is the strongest avenue to strangle any chance of foreigners taking Citizen and rightful residents jobs. In this time of the deepest recessions America has ever faced, everything must be done to begin Attrition through enforcement. For many decades illegal immigrants have been attracted to jobs in the US, by reckless employers and this must stop. By taking away business licenses, along with hefty fines, asset confiscation and ultimately prison for those who disobey the laws. This country has serious concerns with its highest debt ratio in US history and businesses, politicians are still financially favorable to anybody who slips past our national fence, or stays on after their tourist visa expires.

Perpetually we need the most exceptionally skilled legal immigrants, and perhaps in the future a well uniform type of Guest worker program introduced without the mass fraud with have today. Through business improprieties of hiring illegal immigrants, has the effect of roughly 60 billion dollars leaving America to foreign banks annually. This country is on the verge of bankruptcy through amongst other things, "Ninja" loans of banks under threat of through their own desires gaving mortgages to (No Income, No Job or Assets) low income people, with possible millions of illegal aliens taking advantage of it. This was proportionately to blame for the real estate crash and this massive foreclosure crunch. Find the facts of this on your favorite browser, as it is unlikely to be available in the leftist news media.

Illegal immigration has possible consequences, we cannot sustain anymore. This nation with its own hurting people, its own poverty must come first with aid. Any new amnesty would devastate the working poor, the lower middle class. All of us should demand permanent E-Verify, to remove unauthorized workers. Use your blue-pages to find those politicians that supposedly represent you, and tell them, "Enough is enough!" You can also vent your frustration on NumbersUSA, a pro-sovereignty organization that is fighting for your rights, instead of pandering to foreign nationals. Learn more about E-Verify at NumbersUSA that has questions and answers for you and a free faxing program to contact Washington.

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