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RI AG Kilmartin Spent, Fundraised Thousands in Florida

Friday, February 14, 2014


Campaign finance reports show that during the 2010 election season, Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin paid over $6,000 to a non-union print shop in Tampa, Florida for campaign signs -- and since taking the AG's office, has received over $6500 in campaign donations from Florida backers.

Last week, State Senator Dawson Hodgson, who is running for the Republican nod to challenge Kilmartin in November, called for the Attorney General to release his out-of-state travel records, and how much time he spent at his second home in Florida.  

The request followed WPRO’s Matt Allen first reporting that Kilmartin was interviewed by a Sarasota, FL ABC affiliate station in mid-January at an arts festival, with the station identifying him as a “Sarasota resident."  Kilmartin resides in Pawtucket, but has property in Sarasota.  

"Voters don't pay much attention to campaign finance reports. I don't know if there's data on this, but I don't know if voters care much at all where the candidates spend their money," said Rhode Island pollster Victor Profughi. "Myself, being a local pollster, I of course care very much about this! I prefer that candidates use local Rhode Islanders, and then they go outside, and pick other pollsters? I give candidates a hard time, all the time, about that, especially when they're talking about keeping jobs in Rhode Island and supporting the local economy."

Rhode Island's unemployment rate is currently 9.1%, which is the highest in the nation.  

Campaign Records Show Florida Ties

Attorney General Peter Kilmartin

Campaign finance reports show that in 2010, Kilmartin paid more than $5500 to Big Daddy Signs in Florida, which on its website is listed as being in Winter Park, but has a location in Tampa Bay, which is what is listed on Kilmartin's reports.  

Record show that the Kilmartin campaign paid the Florida sign company $1,359 on September 2,  $3,417 on September 27, and $844 on October 1.  A representative with Big Daddy said that the company is part of a guild -- and that it is non-union.

Kilmartin advisor Peter Kavanaugh with the Washington and Boston-based Hilltop Public Solutions firm said of the spending, "Attorney General Kilmartin has been a strong proponent of Rhode Island's small businesses throughout his career in public service. The campaign in 2010 primarily utilized Rhode Island-based companies for its printing work, including Sheahan Printing of Woonsocket, Regine Printing of Providence, Northeast Screen Printing in North Kingstown, JB Foley Printing in Providence, Allegra Print & Imaging in Providence, and Mercury Print & Mail in Pawtucket."

Opponent Hodgson said, "I always try to be fair, it's tough for me to be specific on [Kilmartin's] choice of using a Florida vendor. I have always made it a priority to source my materials in-state. My website's a local East Greenwich designer. That's my preference, that's my track record. I have a duty, and he has a duty, to make the best use of his dollars, if he got a better deal with the Florida company."

Hodgson continued, "Of the Florida revelations, it was Matt Allen who first ran with the [Florida TV station] video, and I commented on it. I didn't go down there and put him on the camera. It's politics.  I do think it's appropriate for the Attorney General to explain what he's been doing," said Hodgson. "He's not talking about 38 Studios, the early release of the "Thrill Killer", or standing up for RI consumers."

Earlier this week, Kavanaugh outlined to GoLocal's Victor Alvarez examples of Kilmartin's achievements on campaign platform issues including economic security, protecting public safety, and helping restore public trust in the government

"The only reason I'd care about [Kilmartin's] time out of state is how it pertains to his job performance," said Hodgson.  

Florida Fundraising, Consultant Spending

State Senator Dawson Hodgson

Since taking office in 2010, Kilmartin has reported taking in $6550 in campaign donations from contributors living or employed in Florida. In 2011, Kilmartin reported one $250 donation from Florida; in 2012, records show $950 from the Sunshine State, and in 2013, Florida-based contributions totaled $5350.

Kilmartin currently has $156,052.77 cash on hand; Hodgson has $21,717.83.

While Kilmartin has employed Hilltop Consulting, Hodgson also lists out of state advising -- B-Fresh Consulting in New Hampshire -- as a campaign management expenditure.

"When you bring consultants on board, they have connections, and reputations," said Profughi. "So if your'e trying to get big donors to come on board, it helps to have the right names with a good reputation.

Profughi continued, "I think there's a big difference between that and people who produce signs.  Can you get a better sign produced out of state? Outside consultants are a different story, they bring those things to the table such such as connections, reputation, and fundraising."  


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GoLocal has become a carnival barker--wading into the WPRO circus of distractions and sideshows. It'd really be something if they parsed out the policies of the candidates with as much attention to detail and focus as they do about who bought signs from where. This State faces serious issues and these upcoming elections have consequences.

Comment #1 by Thomas Ryan on 2014 02 14

Kilmartin is a product of Democratic career politics, they all treat money as their own to do with as they see fit, screw the ethics and taxpayers.
Kilmartin has been largely missing in action in RI, his record shows nothing accomplished.
I don’t have any issues of using a non-union shop for printing; probably he got a better product at a better price, so that is a good move.
The plain fact of the matter Kilmartin has been the most non-functional AG RI has ever had at a time when we needed a proactive AG. Look at RI’s crime rate, social services theft and fraud and the fleecing of RI by our GA, he just turns his back.
He is the wrong person for what RI needs, Kilmartin will never shake up the political mess we have in RI, he is part of it.
Dawson Hodgson on the other hand would have no legacy friends, family and political pals to placate. He would be proactive, just what RI needs.

Comment #2 by Gary Arnold on 2014 02 14

What's that again?

The AG spend over $6,000.00 to a Non-Union Print Shop in order to more cost effectively, and efficiently, have his material all printed....and PRINTED WITHOUT THE SO-CALLED UNION BUG that is all but demanded by the Union Thugs here in Rogues Island!


Comment #3 by TOM LETOURNEAU on 2014 02 14

I won't be voting for Kilmartin. Not because of this, which is a non starter, but because his opponent has one campaign issue that is core to Rhode Island. The 38 Studio investigation which won't happen under Kilmartin.

Comment #4 by Redd Ratt on 2014 02 14

Well said Gary Arnold.

Comment #5 by Patrick Boyd on 2014 02 14

Redd, you are correct, this issue is a non-starter. I for one, however, do expect every full-time government employee, whether you're the AG or a DMV clerk, elected, appointed, or hired, to have your proverbial backside parked at your desk fulfilling your assigned responsibilities. That is the what they are paid to do.

If there is a reasonable concern this is not happening, the public has the right to question it. Kilmartin owes us a response on that front. On vacation for 2-3 weeks; no problem. In Florida for 2-3 months out of the year; big problem.

I try not to generalize and stereotype, but Gary, you are probably dead right.

Comment #6 by Ben Algeo on 2014 02 14

Redd - Yes, the only way to have some effective checks and balances is to have someone in those positions (AG, Sec of State,Ethics Commission) who will apply the law and not take the party/special interests first.

Comment #7 by Prof Steve on 2014 02 14

On the night of the Station Nightclub Fire, Gov Don Carcieri (who had been in office only a few weeks) was on vacation in Florida.

How many folks get a vacation WITH PAY after a few weeks on any gob ???? ?
Sammy in Arizona

Never forget that "Mr Hollywood" Ronald Reagan, sold some of our
most sophisticated weapons to the conservatives in Iran, (Iran-Contra Scandal) then funneled the cash to the Contras, a conservative right-wing terrorist group who's tactics included murder, rape, beatings and kidnapping.
Both the arms sale to Iran, and the money laundering were felonies at the time, and still are today

Comment #8 by Sammy Arizona on 2014 02 14

@Gary Arnold

You have to check more than just GoLocal Gary. Kilmartin just prosecuted a guy for ripping off the unemployment system for 10k and hit a bunch of welfare fraudsters about a month ago. In all honesty, the guy has a decent record. The biggest difference for this AG is he doesn't try to grab the spotlight like Lynch did before him by spending everyday going on talk radio and tv.

Check the AG's news feed on their website. There is a lot of good stuff. As for that joke of a guy Dawson, he accomplished absolutely NOTHING of significance as a Senator. The guy talks a big game but has done anything that impacts Rhode Island on a large scale.

@Redd Ratt

Why don't you go ask the state police about the investigation?

According to the Colonel, I never heard him says the investigation was closed:


You can fast forward right to 8:30. If someone could find me an article or interview where the state police says the ivnestigation is over, I would love to see it.

Some you people are so under-informed it hurts to read the dribble you type.

Comment #9 by Kendrick Jones on 2014 02 14

Dawson is some spoiled rich kid who has done nothing of significance and how thinks he's entitled to the job. Can anyone point to one case or one piece of legislation he has passed that has had an impact????

You can listen to people talk a big game about what they'll do or you can look at what they've actually done. I'm just not convinced he has done anything.

Comment #10 by Thomas Ryan on 2014 02 15

Whose Dawson going to hire to investigate for him? Matt Allen? These guys are right-wing extremists. They want us following malarky they are spewing so we don't notice what's really happening. The biggest corporations bankroll Republicans for Attorney General. Then the Republican gets in and lets his corporate buddies off the hook. We don't need some friend of Wall Street in that office.

So far, Dawson is playing politics with investigations...that doesn't bode well moving forward.

I don't know all the issues, but I read the paper in the morning like anyone else. I know Kilmartin has gone after a range of guilty parties: corporations that scam us, corrupt elected officials and gang members.

Comment #11 by Jack Francis on 2014 02 15

Campaign finances should be treated as taxable income.

Comment #12 by donatello gori on 2014 02 15

Francis, Ryan and Jones - One can hardly imagine how far from Pawtucket any of you have strayed. I suggest you start your analysis by examining what Dawson has done in the General Assembly and the battles he has fought for transparency and good government.

Next, ask yourself why the AG has not come out and answered about his travel or why his spokesperson is the fourth highest paid person in the AGs office with no law degree or advance degree to speak of. Does he value the spokesperson more than the head of public protection?

As for Dawson being a rich kid, who knows where that they came from but he its laughable. His family sells turf - any idea how lucrative that job is not?

Dawson has prosecuted far more felonies than that do-nothing AG - in fact the AG has NEVER prosecuted a case.

The AG says he his tough on Open Meetings violations yet let the Properties Commission off with a finger wave?

He did not prosecute Moreau as he professes - it was all Federal, but Kilmartin wrestled Neronha for the media pulpit.

Lastly, only Hodgson stands between us and the State's continued spiral in the toilet at the hands of the GA.

SO before you swear your continued Guinness drinking allegiance to the Pawtucket Mob - read a paper, watch the GA's TV - or least stop talking about things you clearly have no idea about.

Comment #13 by David Allen on 2014 02 15

Letourneau, your comment is so uninformed, there is no starting on that one... He spent the money out of his State - in his real home state of Florida - can you follow that?

Comment #14 by David Allen on 2014 02 15

@David Allen

David, you are laughable. Let's take a look at Dawson's track record in the GA in 2013. He has been the lead sponsor of 19 bills. Of that, 5 were for celebratory citations. The only 3 signed into law were on behalf of the town of EG. The rest didn't pass at all. Big Time leader eh? The guy literally goes on talk radio, says a bunch of crap, and can never accomplish any of what he says. He hasn't fought a single battle and won. Just a bunch of smoke.

AS for the prosecution argument, that's bull. The AG is in charge of every case at the AG's office. You can't make an argument that he isn't prepared to be AG when he has been for the pass three years. What a dumb statement.

I have no clue how much sod sells for but I'll tell you this. He apparently has enough money to race yachts:


I don't what you think, but I don't know too many young prosecutors that can afford yachts with out help of mommy and daddy. Nice of him to try and portray he's a simple son of farmer but neglect to say his hobbies are far from simple.

Comment #15 by Kendrick Jones on 2014 02 15

David Allen is auditioning to be Dawson's spokesperson.

I asked for one specific prosecution or one specific piece of legislation that Dawson was involved in. I guess Allen couldn't come up with one because he changed the subject.

Comment #16 by Thomas Ryan on 2014 02 16

Ryan and Jones - Obviously you two are quite happy with the way things are going... I can imagine. Keep voting for Paiva Weed and Fox - they have done so much for this State.

As for the AG, the fact of the matter is he wouldn't know where to sit, if he were ever to enter a court room. But look, I would hate to see to one of your Irish mafia, Smith Hill, Pawtucket pals lose a "money for nothing job", so vote for him, Weed and the same old same old. How many retired Pawtucket cops now have cushy do nothing jobs in the AG's office, on that bloated payroll? What about the Spokesperson and her $124,000 job? More than everyone in the office but four lawyers.

The fact is, the AG has never prosecuted one case. Not one. Deny that?

As far as getting things done in the GA, try being one of five Senate Republicans and get something meaningful passed - like a 38 Studios review? I cannot imagine why the GA wouldn't want it - why the AG wouldn't undertake a Grand Jury? Because he is tainted and conflicted and doesn't want to throw his Guinness drinking, bar-stool sitting pals in front of the bus.

Listening to you two argue for "the same old" just certifies how stupid the population of this State is. We deserve what we get...Worst economy, worst unemployment rate, declining population...Thanks Guys. I bet you want to keep the master lever too? To lazy to do anything put yank it once...Perhaps you get to visit the AG in his home State of Florida?

Comment #17 by David Allen on 2014 02 16

By the way, if you look at the laundry list of money, above, that Kilmartin's spokes-lady reports he "won" for the state, don't be misled...this website tells every AG what their mission is and how to sign up for joining lawsuits...http://www.naag.org/

He admits his office investigates NOTHING.

Comment #18 by David Allen on 2014 02 16

So David, I know this may be hard but I think you are capable of doing this. Just like you did with putting up the NAAG link, you should also link to other parts of your argument.

Take for note what I did above. Like saying his office investigates nothing... I posted a link to an NPR story with Colonel O'Donnell, superintendent of the State Police, saying that the State Police along with the AG's office were investigating 38 Studios. The same scenario has happened with the Sports Institute and the gang leader of MS-13.

Please link to an article or program where the AG admits his office investigates nothing.

Further, the AG was the Officer in Charge of Prosecution for the Pawtucket Police Department.


The strategy of going after legal experience didn't work 4 years ago and won't work now. It's just stupid to make the argument. Not only that, Peter also has management experience, something Dawson does not have. Being the head of a department relies more on good management kills than being a junior prosecutor.

As for the spokesperson, let's take a look at neighboring states. I for one would like to see if the salary is comparable between AG's office. Well, what do you know. If you take a look at Mass, the salary is certainly comparable.


So Dawson's 38 Studio's bill isn't going to pass...because it is not needed. The feds have already taken a look at the 38 Studios and the State Police says they are too. That's a political move by Dawson. You told me to look at his record in the GA, so I did, and he has done nothing significant. Is that what you wanted me to find? Now that I did your going to use the Republican Senator excuse? Look at Senator Algiere who is respected by members of both parties and actually does more than just talk. My own Mayor Fung, who I will be supporting for Governor, is another example of a reasonable Republican who can accomplish goals. Dawson is a blowhard. The kid needs to grow up.

Also, I'm from Cranston so I don't vote for Fox and Paiva Weed. Sorry but you can't push that on me.

Comment #19 by Kendrick Jones on 2014 02 16

Jones, I will try not to be as pedantic as you. But, I went to the AG payroll in Mass... How is it that Martha Coakley makes $133,644 and her bureau chiefs and her bureau chiefs and bureau directors make between $90K and $120K. The deputy first assistant makes $125K. The press assistants make $54K.

Amy Kempe's salary is $124,118?

That is on par with the press assistants?

Comment #20 by David Allen on 2014 02 17

As for legal experience, you cannot deny the fact that Hodgson has prosecuted more felonies than the AG - pure and simple. Can't refute that - it is what it is.

Police prosecutors don't even need to be lawyers - they don't prosecute anything - they do arraignments. So your pal Kilmartin did nothing but arraignments as a police prosecutor. Funny. Cops without law degrees now do the same thing. Although that may change.

Who did Kilmartin supervise prior to joining the AG's office?

Comment #21 by David Allen on 2014 02 17

David, Mass has four press "assistants" which means they are reporting to someone too. Combine the salaries of just the assistants and that is more than what Amy makes.

If Hodgson was such a good prosecutor, why didn't he move up the ranks? The guy was stuck for five years in the "beginners" area of the AG's Office. Don't forget, the AG also had a private practice in an actually building. Dawson is running his "practice" out of a PO Box. I would imagine he isn't making any money and is still living off his mom. Too bad she can't hook him up with office space like she hooked him up with that yacht.

So in the hierarchy of police departments, Captains supervise those below them, usually a unit or division. Peter was a Captain, therefore supervised officers below them.

The AG's Office pays for itself anyways. The number of lawsuit settlements by and large pays for the cost. As for your NAAG link above, yes it is true that AG's partner with each other. It is a way of more effectively protecting United States citizens from fraud, deception, criminal actions, etc.

Comment #22 by Kendrick Jones on 2014 02 17

Spokewoman Kempe should be paid every penny to combat the level of ignorance and misinformation exhibited by the likes of David Allen. Look at the salaries of press secretaries and chief of staffs for the governor. It is more than comparable.

The Office has talented skilled prosecutors who handle the cases. It has a leader in Kilmartin who can actually manage the Department, execute the mission and provide a vision.

Comment #23 by Thomas Ryan on 2014 02 17

Jones, you are admitting facts not in evidence. You directed me to the Mass website and I looked, no boss for four press assistance to report to. Is it possible Jones, that the spokesperson provides "additional services" that we are not aware of?

The last I knew, Hodgson had a law office in Wickford...Main Street or thereabouts.

As for Ryan, I have to assume you are the benefactor of one of those sweet AG investigator jobs after retiring from Pawtucket, or you too would be demanding an explanation as to why the spokesperson's pay is so high, YET, she cannot answer to his whereabouts 1/3 of the year. Apparently a TV station in Sarasota can. Still silent since the MLK weekend...maybe he is not back from Florida yet?

As for the likes of me, nothing ignorant about me. I demand accountability from our elected officials. I not only want to see criminal charges from the 38 Studios nonsense, but I want to know what happened behind closed doors in the GA and at whose direction. I would also like to see the SEC civil charges for knowingly file false documents in connection with the bond float and perhaps a 1001 charge. I would also like to know why such effort in the GA to ignore it and the AG's failure to investigate. Very simple stuff. I am not satisfied with what I have heard so far.

Its a shame that the talented prosecutors generally make half of what the spokes-lady makes. That is criminal.

Comment #24 by David Allen on 2014 02 17

Also Jones, find someone in the know and ask whether you are right about this:

"The biggest difference for this AG is he doesn't try to grab the spotlight like TV".

The fact is Kilmartin and Neronha and Kilmartin and O'Donnell have had some bloody fist fights over fighting for the podium. In fact, a recent one involved a case that Kilmartin wasn't yet involved with and he wanted to have the press party. Check with your connected friends about it - the date range is the last four weeks.

The biggest difference between Lynch and Kilmartin is the fact that Lynch has brains...

Comment #25 by David Allen on 2014 02 17

David, you didn't respond to my comparison between the Governor's Office press and the AG's press secretary salaries. Dodging specifics again.

Look, Dawson couldn't crack it as a junior prosecutor so he moved on to the State House. Problem was he couldn't get along with anyone up there (which has little to do with being a Republican and a lot to do with personality) so he ended up as a failure. Failed to pass anything. Meanwhile, he thought he could have a nice private practice on the side. Problem was, he couldn't attract any real clients. So that wasn't working out either. So our pal Dawson thought he'd run for AG. He's asking the voters to promote him to the highest level of his incompetence. Peter Principle.

Comment #26 by Thomas Ryan on 2014 02 17

David, again with the no links to to back stuff up. I don't know what you don't understand about that. The fours press assistants need to report to someone, but that isn't the point. The point is that combined they make more than Amy. So Amy is able to fulfill the job of four people is what I am trying to say. You same to really have it out for Amy... did she snub you when you asked her out on a date or something?

Unlike you, I can provide links. Here is the link to Dawson's law office website... address a PO Box http://hodgsonlawoffice.com/

AS for 38 Studios, I again refer you to the article I linked above which Colonel O'Donnell does say that 38 Studios is under investigation by the State Police and the AG's Office. I suppose you are not a lawyer, otherwise you would know that you shouldn't be talking about open investigations. I believe the SEC has and continues to look into 38 Studios. The Feds have and found nothing according to the US Attorney.

Hell, Dawson flat out told Dan Yorke that bad business decisions don't necessarily mean criminal wrongdoing. You can find that at this link http://www.630wpro.com/common/page.php?pt=Dan+Yorke+Show+PODCasts&id=3962&is_corp=0#

Please link to this supposed "bloody fist fight" because with the rest of your supposed "facts" you have nothing to back them up. However, it is particularly interesting that talk about this press party. It seems to me you have some information that the rest of us don't have which leads me to my final point.

I am busting you up because I think you are one of three things. You are not David Allard. You are either Dawson himself, his campaign manager Frank Maher, or a campaign volunteer who has drank too much of the kool-aid. I don't usually debate with people who post comments because the research shows they are nuts. But you're different. There is no tea party knee jerk bull crap that the rest of the people on this site type about. You regurgitate Dawson's talking points almost word for word. It's obvious that you work for Dawson, so I'm going to bust you up.

Comment #27 by Kendrick Jones on 2014 02 17

So in 2010 the AG's spokesperson makes $101,471. In 2011 her salary goes up to $116,108. In 2012, her salary again rises to $124,118. In 2013, her salary then rises again. In three years she added almost $24,000 to her salary. Not offended by that?

Now the Governor's press person in 2012 was Christine Hunsinger. She made $89,460 in 2012. I still don't see your point.

Kempe's salary is more on par with Linc Chafee, who made $129,000 in 2012.

Comment #28 by David Allen on 2014 02 17

Jones, reading is FUNdamental:

"Please link to this supposed "bloody fist fight" because with the rest of your supposed "facts" you have nothing to back them up. However, it is particularly interesting that talk about this press party. It seems to me you have some information that the rest of us don't have which leads me to my final point."

To which I already said:

Also Jones, find someone in the know and ask whether you are right about this:

"The biggest difference for this AG is he doesn't try to grab the spotlight like TV".

"The fact is Kilmartin and Neronha and Kilmartin and O'Donnell have had some bloody fist fights over fighting for the podium. In fact, a recent one involved a case that Kilmartin wasn't yet involved with and he wanted to have the press party. Check with your connected friends about it - the date range is the last four weeks."

You have to live a bit, Jones. Not every CSI crime is solved in an hour and not every blog post can be answered with a WIKI link.


Comment #29 by David Allen on 2014 02 17

David Allen was accused of being Dawson Hodgson and didn't deny it! Is he following the example of his buddy Nick Kettle??

If you are Dawson, you should immediately apologize for your terrible comments directed at Irish American and the people of Pawtucket.

Comment #30 by Thomas Ryan on 2014 02 17

Mr. Jones, as for this:

"But you're different. There is no tea party knee jerk bull crap that the rest of the people on this site type about. You regurgitate Dawson's talking points almost word for word. It's obvious that you work for Dawson, so I'm going to bust you up."

Why is it so hard to believe that someone who is not a whacky tea party nut can also be against the machine in RI? This State is not mine, but by marriage. I love and hate the place. To me, the D-run GA, the weak Governor's office no matter who is in and the Unions have ruined this place. The only check and balance in this State we could possibly have is in the AG's office and his claim to fame for public corruption is a Psycho Police Chief who shakes a paramour for $50. So what we need in this State is an Eliot Spitzer-type thinker (get past the hotel room in DC and he is a very smart and accomplished guy).

Kilmartin is not a thinker, he is not proactive, and the salary he pays his spokes-lady demonstrates awfully poor judgment. I don't need to spell that out for you, Mr. Jones - you're a smart guy.

Comment #31 by David Allen on 2014 02 17

I never admitted to killing Kennedy either - doesn't mean I did it. But to placate, I did not kill Kennedy and I am not Hodgson.

Comment #32 by David Allen on 2014 02 17

Jones: I know Frank Maher. Frank Maher was my Senator. And let me tell you, Frank Maher is too dumb to use the Internet, never mind create fake names on this site.

Sounds like David Allen is Dawson. What he said about Irish Americans is reprehensible and Dawson should be ashamed. Just no place for that.

Comment #33 by Jack Francis on 2014 02 17

Allen, the Eliot Spitzer comparison is the exact one that Dawson made to Ian Donnis on NPR.http://ripr.org/post/tgif-12-things-know-about-rhode-island-politics-media-18

You're really distancing yourself from those talking points.

Machine politics? You're really a throwback.

Comment #34 by Thomas Ryan on 2014 02 17

I guess we could call the General Assembly "OC Politics" if that is better - either way, it is shameful the way things get done there... Shameful.

We could use a strong, honest, forward thinking AG. Period.

Comment #35 by David Allen on 2014 02 17

Lighten up Francis.

Comment #36 by David Allen on 2014 02 17

I think we have one--his name is Peter Kilmartin.

If Dawson was so strong, why was he never given any real responsibility while in the AG's Office?

If Dawson was so forward thinking, why couldn't get work with both parties in the legislature and pass some good legislation?

If he was so honest, why is he playing politics with ongoing investigations?

Comment #37 by Thomas Ryan on 2014 02 17

Well, I disagree, Mr. Ryan. Kilmartin is a signer-on-er. He has exhibited no initiative to get anything done.

I cannot explain Hodgson's time in the AG; I can assume as a youngster that he was one of several hundred faceless AAG's in the office. The office in size has boomed from 40 AAGs in the 70s to over 200 today. Its a bloated office that regularly seats two AAG's for the simplest motion hearings.

As for Legislation, in 2013 he tried to pass the bill to create the Office of Inspector General - committee held for further study; Master Lever - committee held for further study; bill to vest judge nominations in exclusive power of the Gov, with Senate advice and consent - held by committee for further study. So you see, a small handful of bills to increase scrutiny and reduce graft gets side-swiped by the GA's "held for further study" process in the GA. They don't want transparency.

Playing politics with ongoing (or not) investigations is demanding accountability and provoking thought. Those not doing anything would be offended and feel politics at hand, I guess.

Comment #38 by David Allen on 2014 02 17

Maybe I should "lighten up." I just don't think we should make light of discrimination.

The Irish Machine died in 1974 with Joe Doorley's last campaign for mayor of Providence. It was well before Dawson's time, so I get your confusion.

If you can't explain Dawson's time as an AAG and you've been defending him through all these posts, who can? Being a faceless youngster doesn't inspire confidence.

Comment #39 by Jack Francis on 2014 02 17

The real tell in 2014 will be to see if the AG and GA supports his legislation to require mandatory sentencing for anyone caught with a stolen or illegal handgun.

Comment #40 by David Allen on 2014 02 17

@David (Frank or Dawson) or whoever you are.

All I asked for was a link to whatever you are referring to. Sorry that I'm not with the "in" crowd like you. Which one of us supports the machine again?

I honestly think you are just making stuff up. I'm glad you feel that the office is "bloated" with the 20,000 hours of uncompensated time they put in. http://www.riag.ri.gov/administrative/index.php I'm sure all the lawyers there will run in droves to Dawson to give them heavier caseloads.

So making a Child Abuse Unit is not forward thinking by Peter? http://www.ri.gov/press/view/15357

I bet family members of abused children would not agree with you on that... It's probably of greater importance protecting children then putting on a show by introducing a doomed 38 studios bill or saying that you would investigate 38 studios even it was barred by the statutes of limitations. That Dawson is a real forward thinker....

His bills were swept aside because they were terribly written bills. Peter was able to make significant changes to the APRA law which did provide for increased transparency. Just because Peter doesn't hop on Dan Yorke's show or tweet Ted Nesi every five minutes does that mean he is not making accomplishments. Hell, Peter has a stronger legislative background providing bills that ACTUALLY HELPED ORDINARY CITIZENS, unlike Dawson.

I love this State too and I think changes are needed. The problem is I don't see anything from the Republican side (with the exception of Fung) who are providing any viable solutions. All we get is this right to work crap which has no statistical data showing it would help the economy here. I'm a data driven guy. Show me some data David and maybe you can convince me. Otherwise you are just blowing smoke.

There is absolutely nothing that justifies Dawson being AG.

Comment #41 by Kendrick Jones on 2014 02 18

On a side note, I also agree with Jack, you should apologize to Irish Americans for your insults towards them.

Comment #42 by Kendrick Jones on 2014 02 18

Where was Dawson Hodgson when AG Kilmartin passed this forward thinking ban on synthetic drugs?

Synthetic pot and bath salts were resulting in fatalities. The AG stood up and passed the bill to promote public safety. If Dawson were serious, he would offer crime/public safety bills like that instead of focusing on institutional reforms he know won't pass.

Comment #43 by Thomas Ryan on 2014 02 18

Investigating the root cause of 38 Studios is of paramount importance, as well as investigating the failed and abused historic tax credit programs. The fact of the matter is, the largest opportunity to the State had to invest in a business cratered and no one wants to take blame. How could we ever expect to draw any business to the State if we cannot figure out why this happened and assign responsibility.

Comment #44 by David Allen on 2014 02 18

Well let's hope the gun bill passes: S2387.

Comment #45 by David Allen on 2014 02 18

The root cause is easy. The EDC made an incredibly bad decision and made an investment in a company with no track record and no distributor lined up. It's a bad business decision. Do you honestly think that if Peter Neronha had the chance to prosecute a member of the General Assembly, especially the Speaker, that he would give that up? He would make the history books. Like you have already said on Dan Yorke, a bad business decision does not mean it's criminal. Please explain to me why Peter Neronha passed at the opportunity if you are so convinced there is criminal action. I think there is plenty of blame to go around but people like you want a head on a silver platter. That's not always the case.

Comment #46 by Kendrick Jones on 2014 02 18

It's nice of Dawson to start introducing actually public safety bills now that he is running for AG. I'm looking forward to see how the bills turnout. Too bad it took him a political race to get him going.

Comment #47 by Kendrick Jones on 2014 02 18

If there is an ongoing investigation of 38 Studios, do you think it helps that Dawson is tossing the issue around like a political football?

If there isn't an ongoing investigation, and no criminality was found, are you suggesting the US Attorney, the SEC, and the RI State Police and the AG all independently failed?

Comment #48 by Thomas Ryan on 2014 02 18

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