video: Rep. Serpa “Horrified and Furious” Following Latest Melee at Training School

Saturday, July 29, 2017


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Rep. Serpa

House Committee on Oversight Chairwoman Patricia A. Serpa said she “is horrified and furious” with the situation at the state’s Training School for juvenile offenders after two recent incidents saw numerous staff and residents sent to hospitals.

“This situation is beyond unacceptable as we continue to see more failures on DCYF’s part in protecting the staff and residents of the Training School.  These horrendous events will not be swept under the rug and the House Oversight Committee will continue to hold DCYF accountable until they start doing their job and we are no longer reading about violent and dangerous events involving children under their watch at the Training School,” said Representative Serpa.

Violence at Training School

Earlier this week, several staff and residents were sent to the hospital after a violent incident that involved as many as 20 youth residents attacking Training School staff. 

The State Police were called in to restore order in the Training School after the attack. 

A similar event happened in May which also saw staff members sent to the hospital, with one suffering a broken jaw. 

Director Piccola said during the meeting that almost half of the staff is out on medical leave at any given time, leaving the Training School vastly understaffed which results in incidents such as the attack this week.

Training School Union president Jerry Minetti joined GoLocal LIVE earlier this week to talk about the event. 



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