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Poll: Most Rhode Islanders Support Ban on Assault Weapons

Friday, February 01, 2013


A day after Public Policy Polling (PPP) released a poll that showed where Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee stood among potential opponents in the 2014 governor’s race, the organization has released another survey that touches on a hot-button issue in the Ocean State.

PPP announced today that, in its latest poll of Rhode Island residents, 64 percent of individuals in the state support a ban on assault weapons.

“Even 38% of Republicans favor it, more than in most states where we've polled on it,” PPP said. “Unsurprisingly voters in the dark blue state have a very dim view of the NRA- 31% see it positively to 56% with a negative opinion, and they trust President Obama over the NRA on gun issues by a 59/30 margin.”

Speaking of the President, Obama has a nearly 60-percent approval rating in Rhode Island as 59 percent of voters are pleased with his efforts compared to the 36 percent that don’t. Of course, it’s not all good news for the President as 44 percent of Republican participants want him impeached.

“We've polled this in several states over the last few weeks and found that Republicans everywhere want to impeach Obama...for what I'm not sure,” the organization said.

Obama’s approval rating is strong in Rhode Island but not nearly as strong as one particular politician who appears to have an easy path to re-election … nearly two years before he has to run again.

“Jack Reed may be the least vulnerable Senator in the country up for reelection next year,” PPP said. “Reed is one of only eight Senators who we find with an approval rating at 60% or higher in our polling, with 62% of voters giving him good marks and only 32% of voters disapproving of him. He leads by at least 29 points in hypothetical match ups against 5 different Republicans we tested.”

Reed’s toughest opponent, it appears, would be Brendan Doherty and, even in that scenario, he still leads by a 63-34 percent margin.

Reed also leads Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian 60-30 and Cranston Mayor Allan Fung 63-29.

PPP even had a little fun with this poll, seeing how former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling would do. Not surprisingly, following the 38 Studios controversy, many Rhode Islanders aren’t fans.

“We also- just for fun- tested Curt Schilling as a possible foe against Reed,” PPP said. “The result is the most lopsided general election Senate poll result we've ever found in the history of PPP- Reed would lead Schilling 75-10.

The 38 Studios mess has destroyed Schilling's reputation- only 9% of voters in the state have a positive opinion of him to 74% with a negative one.”

To see the full results of the PPP poll, click here.


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Luckily this is not about mob rule it's about personal freedom.

What were the percentage of gun owners, if you are asking people that have nothing to lose why would they care? If you don't own a skateboard do you care if they're outlawed?

I can understand the want to impeach the President, I don't think it's reasonable. The lies and non-reporting, from the press have to stop. Example: When President Clinton was impeached the press insisted it was over sex, I'm sure this raised ratings but the truth is he lied under oath to a federal judge and the judge found him in contempt. The PPP saying they don't know a reason to impeach President Obama just shows where their sympathies lie. One reason would be his recess appointments when the Senate wasn't recessed, he just lost this case. It was unConstitutional, for a Constitutional expert he's not doing too well.

Questions remain about "Fast and Furious", Bengazi ("what does it matter now"Sec. Clinton) and now another ATF blunder "Fearless Distributing", apparently they lost a machine gun, that's right a fully automatic firearm.

Comment #1 by Wuggly Ump on 2013 02 01

MOST Rhode Islanders?
I don't remember being asked.

Just more garbage from golocal

Comment #2 by pearl fanch on 2013 02 02

MOST citizens take their constitutional rights quite seriously, including Rhode Islanders! Stop pushing the progressive agenda, golocal!

Comment #3 by jane collins on 2013 02 02

Assault weapons are already banned. Liberals like to play fast and loose (or should I say furious) with definitions when it suits them. Semiautomatic weapons are not "Assault Weapons" under even the loosest realistic definition. This is another case of "I know what I don't like" from liberals.

Comment #4 by Michael Trenn on 2013 02 03

@Michael - I do agree with you I just need to make a point.

We can reduce that down to "assaults are already banned." This way, since a weapon can be anything we can take the "thing" out of the equation. Now we get to the root of it, only people can "assault" another person, not a thing.

Let's not let the liberals define the debate.

Comment #5 by Wuggly Ump on 2013 02 03

The same people who want to register gun owners don't want to register sex offenders-two legislators come to mind-Ajello and Handy.If majority rule on rights will be the order of the day I see no reason why the people of RI can't vote on gay marriage.
I wasn't asked-this does indeed appear to be another opinion piece from GoLocal masked as a legitimate survey.
How about majority rule on illegal aliens?I think if there really was a poll it was taken on the East Side by Seth Yurdin

Comment #6 by Joseph Bernstein on 2013 02 03

Most Rhode Islanders have been deceived by the marxstream media, too. They don't know what an assault weapon is because it's a fiction, a meaningless phrase coined by an anti-gun huckster as a gimmick to get money.

An 'assault weapon' is anything one uses to commit an assault, from a firearm to a fist to a frozen turkey.

Most Americans have now seen thru the left's latest anti-gun putsch. The anti-gun crowd pushed it too hard this time and instead of fooling people into supporting their anti-liberty agenda, citizens woke up and smelled the communism.

The anti-gun crowd, as the left always does, underestimated the reach and power of the internet which citizens used to bypass the media's stale anti-gun lies.

Support for any kind of new gun laws was never much beyond twenty five percent, and it's rapidly dwindling.

The feckless, craven release of that absurd stooge photo of the president holding a shotgun with which he is clearly not shooting skeet proved the anti-gun crowd to be the same old bunch of leftist phoney-balonies they've always been.

Don't worry, the regime will now find new 'crises too good to waste'.

Comment #7 by paul zecchino on 2013 02 04

It's not the Bill of Polls nor is it the Bill of Needs, as in 'you don't need ten bullets to kill a deer'. It's instead called the Bill of Rights.

Here's another poll, 'four out of five doctors recommend Bufferin for pain relief'. Or was it Dristan? Or Anacin?

Another meaningless poll from the anti-gun left. Why, in this Netcentric information era, does the Left still think that using 1917 verbage and 1930s type stooge pictures and junk surveys will still fool anybody?

Talk about trapped in the rhetoric of centuries past and minds blinded by the fouled diaper of socialist ideology wrapped snugly around their heads...

Everywhere the left goes, it's the same old lies and the same old genocidal results.

Comment #8 by paul zecchino on 2013 02 04

most of those don't what an assault weapon is. they only know what the media has fed them.in realty anything used in an assault could be deemed an "assault weapon".

Comment #9 by bob ingerson on 2013 02 06

Commenting is not available in this channel entry.