Pichardo Blasts Elorza for “Bending to the Pressure of Self-Serving Interest”

Friday, November 03, 2017


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Former State Senator Juan Pichardo

Former State Senator and long-time member of the Board of Licenses Juan Pichardo took to social media to blast Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza and announce he was quitting the Board of Licenses. Early this week, the Mayor's office had pushed a coup d'état of the members of the Board to strip Pichardo of his chairmanship.

The Board of Licenses has been under extensive and ongoing criticism for the decisions and lack of enforcement. 

Pichardo's Statement:

For the past 4 1/2 years, it has been the honor to serve the residents of the city of Providence on the Board of Licenses as a member, vice chair, and chair. Together over the years, we have accomplished good work and improved the process.

On Monday, in a highly politicized move, Mayor Elorza engineered my removal from the position of Chair while taking credit for the very accomplishments that I, our Board and Staff had put in place during my leadership. I regret the uncomfortable position the mayor placed my colleagues in pushing for a vote to remove me as Chair.

My colleagues and I have worked well together and I am proud of the work that my colleagues on the board and I, along with our staff have accomplished and the positive measures we have implemented to bring a fairer, more deliberative and open process.

The Mayor’s Choice to care more about politics then due process is unfortunate and his decision to bend to the pressure of self-serving interest is not representative of the leadership the community deserves from the leader of their city.

During today's’ Board meeting, I have resigned my position as commissioner on the board of licenses.


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