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NEW: Whitehouse—Debt Vote ‘Difficult and Unpleasant’

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has issued a statement on the debt vote, saying there was much he didn’t like about it, but that it was necessary to avoid a default on the country’s financial obligations.


Whitehouse said the compromise plan is “far from perfect” but he said it reduces deficits and avoids cuts to benefits for seniors. He faulted it for doing “nothing to close one single tax giveaway to special interests and billionaires.”


“This is a difficult and unpleasant vote, but the House Republicans threat to put the country into default must be avoided. The President’s plan is far from perfect, but we must avoid default.

“Throughout this debate, I’ve heard from seniors asking me to fight against cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits. I was proud to lead that fight in the Senate, and the good news is that this plan doesn’t make any cuts to benefits for our seniors.

“I also heard from many people in Rhode Island who are frustrated that this does nothing to close one single tax giveaway to special interests and billionaires. All I can say is that we didn’t win today but I’ll continue fighting with all my heart to end these sweetheart deals for the special interests and close the loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas.

“Most important, with the threat of government default removed, it is time for Congress to take on the most important issue facing Rhode Island: growing our economy and creating jobs.”

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i think these cuts are great!!!

Comment #1 by john paycheck on 2011 08 03

Typical Sheldon being Sheldon...of course you and Cicilline use the same playbook. The scare the seniors book! Nice to see you dems all agree on kicking the can further down the road and increasing taxes. What's the matter 1.3 GDP isn't low enough for you? I want to know what makes you tick? Do you, Cicilline, and Chafee all drink the same water?

Comment #2 by jack flash on 2011 08 03

Actually Sheldon, there was an agreement in principal between Boehner and Obama back in May until Senate Democrats such as yourself threw out a plan that increased revenue beyond what Boehner was willing to allow and provided no real cuts. Boehner walked away when Obama then raised the revenue demand again. So who was actually threatening to put the country in default. It takes two to tango. Could you also clarify your party's stance on raising taxes? Is it the 'rich' (250K+), millionaires (1,000,000+), or billionaires (1,000,000,000+)? You keep sending mixed messages.

Comment #3 by Max Diesel on 2011 08 03

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