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NEW: URI Economist: Wind Turbines Do Not Reduce RI Property Values

Monday, December 23, 2013


A study conducted by a University of Rhode Island economist has found that the planning, construction and operation of wind turbines in Rhode Island does not decrease nearby property values.

The results

Corey Lang, URI assistant professor of natural resource economics, analyzed the sale prices of 48,000 homes in Rhode Island over the last 15 years and compared homes near one of the state’s 12 wind turbines to homes far from the turbines. He found that the turbines may cause a drop in property values of 0.4 percent for those homes within a half mile of a turbine, which is well within the study’s margin of error.

“Proximity to a turbine has no statistical effect on property values,” said Lang, who has done a number of studies of housing markets and environmental values.

Lang presented the results of his study to about 60 people at a public meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 17, sponsored by the URI Outreach Center and the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, which funded his research.

The wind turbine debate

Rhode Island’s first wind turbine was constructed in 2006, and since that time another 11 turbines at 10 sites have been built. Lang’s analysis included property value comparisons before construction was announced at each site, following the announcement, during construction and during each turbine’s operation. He found no statistically significant negative effects on house prices during the post-announcement or post-construction time periods.

“Construction of most of the wind turbines in Rhode Island took place during the period of the housing market downturn, so there was a general downward trend for housing prices for much of the period I studied,” Lang said. “But that downward trend was similar for those properties far away from the turbines as well as for those up to a half mile from the turbines.”

“One of the reasons that wind turbines are so contentious in Rhode Island is that our population density is high and there are so many houses all around turbine sites. That worries people,” he said. “However, that density provides me with much more data than other studies have had access to.”

“What I’m hoping is that my analysis provides additional input for future decision making,” Lang said. “I hope that people understand the results and take them seriously as they continue the debate about wind turbine siting.”

Other studies

According to Lang, a number of other related studies elsewhere in the country have drawn conflicting conclusions, with some finding large negative effects of wind turbines on property values and others finding no effects. But all previous research has examined large wind farms in sparsely populated areas like Iowa and Texas, circumstances that are very different than in Rhode Island.

Additionally, Lang said that a similar study is underway in Massachusetts, where the circumstances are similar to those in Rhode Island – a densely populated area with single turbines being constructed in scattered locations around the state. The results of the Massachusetts study are due in the next six months.

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paul zecchino

Yeah. Right. The Left is desperate. The Left has been peddling these something-for-nothing solar/wind/gerbil-on-treadmill 'green energy' scams for decades, since it conjured them up during mescaline-fueled all night 'philosophy teach in's at Poison Ivy League day kare tzenters while Viet Name was calling.

They don't work. They never will work. They do, however, serve as terrific money laundries - think Solyndra - for leftist causes.

The UK is quietly running from its failed wind schemes. Spain has for several years suffered reduced property values on account of ghost towns which were supposed to be centers of great prosperity thanks to solar panels. The solar panels didn't pan out. Neither did the rest of the uptopian pipe dream.

You mean to tell me a windmill won't affect my property values, with its unsightliness, droning, groaning, and repeated service vehicles on the site to fix the bloody thing? The dead, shredded birds won't affect property values? Good. Then let this professor stud his property with them. When his values remain the same or appreciate, gimme a call.

Until then, nice try. But the Left's serial, intergenerational scams are unraveling. Citizens have caught on to the gag and the Left has no more fanciful tales to peddle.

Perhaps they can all us 'racists' or 'haters' for daring to question these scams.

Steam driven turbines augmented by gas-fired turbines and heat exchangers have been time proven for thirty years as sound means of power production. Their refinement required centuries, and countless hours and monies expended by both teams and men working along into the night.

The fatal conceit of the Left has always been that it audaciously claims to have the monopoly on truth, and that established scientific fact is bunco, having been replaced by 'new socialist science'.

This idiot, genocidal ideology locked up half the world for the past hundred years. China is good at slave labor, looting, and copying, but thanks to gangster mao's 'cultural revolution' and the leaders he slew, china doesn't innovate.

Leave that to Americans, who've developed the best means of power production in the world.

Leave it to the Left to take issue with that.

A few years ago, weren't the regimeniks boasting that they could generate megawatts from seaweed? Whatever happened to that? Perhaps the Left smoked the stuff and forgot about the electricity.

Sorry, an America studded with buzzing windmills, slathered in ugly solar panels is not going to happen.

Wuggly Ump

As long as the Assistant Professor Lang is doing a cost effectiveness study, let him do one on wind turbine actual cost per KW. Including maintenance, compared to coal, natural gas and even hydro.
There are several dams in place across the state. The larger ones already have a lock system for harnessing the power.
I frequently travel thru Providence and Rt 4, there are many times the wind turbines are stopped. I'm sure there are batteries in place that have been charged by the turbine to keep power constant. How long do they last? What is their cost effectiveness? Including Hazardous Waste disposal. Was this study just for land based windmills or for the ones they're considering off Block Island? I'm sure the maintenance of water based windmills would be pretty high.

joe pregiato

How could an article about wind turbines in RI be written without a mention of the biggest wind mill fiasco---right in out backyard: The Kennedy compound, not in my backyard, property value, limosine liberal, hypocrisy of all time. How old are you Cory? 12?

joe pregiato

And Cory, riddle me this; two houses exactly the same. One is a mile from a turbine, the other is 100 yards from the backyard. You would pay only $1000 more for the house without the giant fan? (.4% on a $250k house) Silly boy.

Fruma Efreom

Does this depend on which way the wind is blowing when the potential buyer sees the house? I worked next to a wind turbine and the noise from the blades was very loud and unpleasant if the wind was blowing in certain directions. It might only happen one day every other week but watch out when it did. Ask the realtors. Do they have to time their visits to these houses? Do they stay on the market much longer? Personally, I wouldn't buy a house near one regardless of the price and I would be very upset if a neighbor wanted to build one near me.

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