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NEW: Taveras Taps Sepe as Director of Operations

Monday, January 14, 2013


Less than a month after senior executive advisor J.R. Pagliarini left City Hall to take a position with the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation (EDC), Providence Mayor Angel Taveras has found his replacement within his administration.

Taveras’ office announced today that Alan Sepe, formerly the acting director of public property, has taken a newly-created position as Director of Operations in the Mayor’s Office. Sepe will oversee the Department of Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Purchasing, Public Property and will be the administration’s primary point of contact with the Providence Water Supply Board.

Sepe will report to the Mayor’s Director of Administration and Acting Chief of Staff Michael D’Amico and the new position will reportedly not come as a new cost to the city as Taveras consolidated the Director of Operations and Director of Administration positions when he took office.


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anthony sionni

If Taveras consolidated the director of administration and director of operation and D'amico was doing that for 175k and now sepe takes over the newly elected director of operations for 118k, how does that not cost any more money?

Is Damico going to get a cut in pay or did sepe get an increase in pay?

last year or so, ortiz was quoted in golocal prov, (D’Amico earns about $175,000, but Ortiz notes that his position represents a consolidation of the director of administration and director of operations roles.)"

frank bentley

big joke, huge mistake...why not hire someone who lives in the city? HACK HALL OF FAMER...but he'll keep his job at "WIRE" plant

jon paycheck

startk contrast between fing and avadesian and tavares.

taveras - layers and layers of hack jobs - not reeally serious oabout any kind of budget reform - just tax and spend - more government - a democrat

anthony sionni

He was making less money before to, what cracks me up is taveras says he consolidated all these positions, then why do we need this one, we have director of operations, administration and chief of staff, this isn't the pentagon!

Also Sepe was making less money before, over 10,000 less than this new rate of pay . Taveras is blowing a lot of smoke!

Ed Jucation

I thought Angel was still in "my country" for his tradtional month-long vacation after the holidays. Is he working from the D.R.?

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